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Earth Day – Dušica Kunaver Visit

On 22 April, the MYP students commemorated Earth Day with the visit of Ms Dušica Kunaver. She is a famous Slovene researcher and writer of myths and legends. She read the famous Slovene story Zlatorog to us, as well as the ideas that Slovene mythology has for humanity in connection to nature. The myths tell of truth in their messages: that nature will always have the final say and that no amount of human greed, power, science or any other human endeavour can know better than nature. A message we should really keep in mind these days. The students listened with interest and 45 min flew by in an instant.
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MYP Pre – Earth Day

On 15 April the MYP pupils helped with the school garden to commemorate Earth Day. They prepared the soil for planting the first seeds of the year. A lot had to be done and we were quite efficient. Throughout the spring the students will be tending the gardens during the main breaks - what a great way to de-stress, connect to nature and acquire some new skills.  Katarina Čepič
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4M Sports Day – Cycling

On Monday, April 15, 4M and other pupils who are part of the 23/24 cycling course, had a sports day connected with cycling skills. There were three mentors from the Pogi Team who prepared a variety of obstacle courses for the students, so they could demonstrate their knowledge of riding a bicycle under various conditions. Although some students were still struggling at the start of the day, I believe that each of them progressed during the practice and showed improvement by the end of the activities. We had a lovely sunny day full of new cycling experiences that will have a positive impact on our abilities, enabling us to become better cyclists. Yet we all know there is still a lot to learn! 
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Udine Football Tournament

On April 11, in Udine, Italy, a school soccer tournament took place, in which our school participated. The boys and girls performed and competed well against the Italians, Austrians, and the neighboring Lisa school. Both teams (girls and boys) recorded two wins and two losses, with one match ending in a draw. Thus, both the boys and girls secured fourth place in their respective categories. Congratulations! Jasna Lavrenčič
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MYP Sports Day – Bit Center

On Wednesday, April 10, the MYP students went to the Bit Center for their sports day. They participated in organized activities such as squash, squash volleyball, badminton and others. connected to the current PHE unit. The pupils also experienced how sports can influence our wellbeing and mindfulness. 
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7M Science Day – Energy

On Friday 5 April, the 7M pupils had a two-pronged schedule, first travelling to the Medvode Hydroelectric Power Plant located on the River Sava, in the town of Medvode. At the run-of-the-river hydroelectric facility, the students were given a guided tour of the complex by the Manager, who explained how this type of energy is generated and its benefits while answering questions along the way. He also introduced and spoke about the solar power facility, also situated on the premises. The day culminated in a visit to the Jozef Stefan Institute – Reactor Centre. There, the pupils were guided through carbon friendly energy sources as well as information on nuclear energy. The pupils also got to test a geiger counter, and play interactive games involving making nuclear energy in a nuclear reactor.
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Easter Bazaar

Dear DKIS Community, We are delighted to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all students, parents, and teachers who contributed to the resounding success of yesterday's Easter Bazaar, organised by the PTA. From the colourful decorations to the delectable treats, from the engaging activities to the lively atmosphere, each aspect of the bazaar reflected the collaborative effort and enthusiasm of our community members. A special acknowledgment goes to Mrs Miša Lake, the PTA chair, whose passion and leadership were the driving force behind the bazaar. To every volunteer, donor, and participant, thank you for your invaluable contributions in making the Easter Bazaar a resounding success. Your support enriches and strengthens the bonds within our DKIS community. With sincere appreciation, DKIS
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Celebrating Success: Dominant Owls Excel at Robotic First LEGO League Competition

Once again, our Dominant Owls school team has left an indelible mark on the robotics stage, showcasing their remarkable talents and unwavering dedication. We are thrilled to announce their outstanding achievements at the State Finals of the First LEGO League competition held on 16th March in Puconci. The journey leading to this momentous occasion has been nothing short of extraordinary. Our team's growth in various facets, including knowledge, innovation, inclusion, impact, discovery, teamwork, robot design, and coding, has been truly commendable. These qualities were not only recognized but celebrated at the State Finals. Among the myriad of impressive endeavours undertaken by our team, their project shone brightly – "ARE ALL BOOKS LOST." This project, which secured second place in the Adria Finals category, epitomizes the spirit of creativity and purposeful action. Tasked with popularizing a common interest among teenagers, our students embarked on a mission centred around promoting reading. Understanding the challenge inherent in promoting reading among their peers, the team conducted extensive research into reading habits and the inclination towards reading among teenagers. Armed with insights, they set out to create their own bilingual book entitled "Those Who We Meet" (Oz Tisti, ki jih srečamo) in English and Slovene. Leveraging the power of AI, they brought the book to life through captivating animations. In a brilliant display of innovation, the team conducted experiments to discern the preferred format among their peers – traditional books or animated versions. The culmination of their efforts led to the creation of "LETTERS to a Young Reader," a book featuring contributions from notable personalities sharing their favourite books and the reasons behind their love for reading. The project on reading was just one facet of our team's multifaceted participation in the competition. They also showcased their prowess in demonstrating Core Values, Robot Technical Design, and Robot Game. It is with immense pride that we announce the accolades garnered by our team, including second place in the Project and first place in Core Values. The success achieved by the Dominant Owls school team not only underscores their exceptional abilities but also serves as a testament to the collective effort, passion, and perseverance of our students, mentors, and the entire school community. Congratulations! Mentors: Uroš Medar and Lojzka Lušin
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