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Danila Kumar International School Parent-Teacher Association

The PTA is an association of parents and teachers who work together for the well being of our children and the school. The PTA is a great contributor of ideas, actions and support for the school and its activities. These pages will be used to facilitate communication between the PTA and all parents in our international community. Every parent or guardian who has a child in the school has the opportunity to become an active member of the association. The PTA provides a very important communication link between the parents and the school and a continuing positive representational presence of parents in the day-to-day activities of the school.

Purpose of the PTA

· To promote the welfare of children in the school and community

· To provide support to the parents through orientation, education and other services

· To create friendly and social relationships and promote communication between the school staff and parents, so that the parents and teachers may cooperate actively in the education of the students.

· To advance the education of the students at the school by assisting in special projects and activities and providing funding for activities that are not normally provided through the school budget.

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