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Italian Excursion

The pupils learning one of the Romance languages had the option of spending  Friday, 10 May, in Italy. We visited  Miramare Park, enjoyed the view from Duino castle, learned a little bit about the history of Trieste and attended the Van Gogh exhibition. Do you know how many paintings the famous artist sold during his lifetime? We do now.  The students also compared the key words from our excursion in Italian, Spanish and French and competed in a short quiz. Overall, we had a very enjoyable and informative trip. Tea Jelnikar
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World Book & Copyright Day

The MYP pupils participated in different activities in their Language and Literature lessons last week to commemorate World Book & Copyright Day, which is officially celebrated on the 23 April. The 6M pupils read poems in a variety of languages and expressed their creativity and feelings in an artistic response to them. 7M presented the myths or the myth inspired books which they have been reading throughout their third unit connected to world mythology. Similarly, the 8M pupils reported on the horror, fantasy and science fiction books they have been reading in their current unit on imaginative fiction. The lessons were very interesting and gave us some ideas for our next holiday reading experiences.
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PYP & MYP Sports Day – Pot ob žici

On Friday, May 10th, 2024, the PYP and MYP departments embarked on a sports day adventure. We explored various segments of the Path of Memory and Comradeship, an area designated to commemorate the annual event "Walk along the Path of the Wire." This event, organized by the City Municipality of Ljubljana, occurs every year on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday around May 9th, commemorating the end of the Second World War across Europe. In addition to honouring historical memory, our annual hike fosters an active and healthy lifestyle, social interaction, and environmental stewardship. Warm regards, PHE Teachers
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5M Cultural Day – The Art of Presenting

On Friday, 10 May, 5M were treated to a morning with the prominent expert in public speaking, Andreja Jernejčič. Upon arrival, at her beautiful premises in Ljubljana, we were welcomed with beverages and appetizers, to prepare us for learning about performing in front of an audience. First, Ms Jernejčič gave a richly informative presentation about public speaking, noting non-verbal communication, preparation, and knowledge as some key aspects. There was also the trick of trying to talk with a pencil in your mouth, which helps you open your mouth fully. The pupils then practiced, using their newly acquired knowledge, and performed, in front of camera, their opening lines for their PYP Exhibition speeches. Ms Jernejčič, then gave us the benefit of her insightful feedback, which was very encouraging for the students, and the teachers too. We would like to thank Ms Jernejčič for a warm, wonderful and informative morning, as well as for the chocolate! Thank you!
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PYP Earth Day – Ljubljana Botanical Gardens

On Monday, 22 April, the PYP pupils celebrated Earth Day by visiting the Botanical Gardens in Ljubljana. We were warmly welcomed by a host of green-fingered guides, who took each class around the various environments showcased by the gardens, including the tropical greenhouse and typical outdoor Slovenian fauna. The pupils also had gardening workshops, including planting their own seedlings and making a carnivorous pitcher plant from paper, of which they were allowed to take home. The day concluded in the classroom with a discussion on the importance of the conservation of nature and natural resources, followed by a reflection on the day. Let's make Earth Day everyday.
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Peace Run

On Friday, April 26th, our school welcomed the Peace Runners with open arms. The pupils sang, danced, and shared in a message of peace. The day culminated in a symbolic lap run together, fostering unity and spreading inspiration throughout our school community. Denis Divjak
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Project Kuhanpato

4 PYP pupils took part in a cooking event which was co-organized by SPAR Slovenia and project Kuhnapato. This year's theme focused on preparing dishes from leftovers. Sometimes we cook too many potatoes or have old bread that nobody wants to eat.  What can we do? Prepare dumplings with butter bread crumbs. We also brought herbs from our school garden to make the sour cream sauce and we prepared tea from the school garden's mint. It was a great event – the students learned new skills and promoted the cooking of all leftovers, so nothing gets wasted. All in all, a very good day.
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