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World Book Day – Book Exchange 🗓

Have you got any books that you’ve read, grow out of and don’t need any more? You may swap or donate them. Bring your book and exchange it for another used book. You may donate up to three books and choose as many as you have donated. We will be collecting books for the exchange in our Library from Tuesday, 16th April to Friday, 19th April. The book swap will take place on 23rd April, WORLD BOOK DAY,                in the Hall of Building 2. Reading is a gift you will never forget.
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Cooking Competition – Kuhanpato 🗓

On 26th of April from 09:00 to 12:00, four of our 4M and 5M students will cook in the renowned Kuhnapato project which focuses on reinventing traditional Slovene cuisine.  This year it is held in honour of the International Day of Food Loss & Waste. It is to raise awareness about the importance of not wasting food, but creating new dishes with it.  They will be preparing fruit dumplings. Dumplings are a type of food which can be made from leftovers – e.g. mashed potato and fruit which is already very ripe. They will cook at the entrance to the City Park Spar shop along with other schools from Ljubljana. If you have time, drop by!
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Second-hand Clothes Day 🗓

Did you know that the fast-fashion industry with its waste water can be one of the biggest massive chemical pollutorspolluters on theis planet? Whatever chemicals we release uncontrollably into the environment, we end up eating and drinking them. These substances effect all of our body systems. Can you name some brands which that are responsible for the towards environment and are eco-friendly? In order to commemorate and be more aware of the importance of keeping our planet healthy and clean, we will wear second-handsecond-hand clothes on FridayMonday, 22 April.4., one day before Earth Day. This is also a call to change our fashion habits and show that reusing some items can be cool and – even – cooler! What is your favourite second-hand item? Ms Maja K. And Ms Katarina Č.
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EARTH DAY with Ms Dušica Kunaver 🗓

Slovene mythology is very rich and one story particularly stands out. It is about Zlatorog – Goldhorn, the guardian of Slovene mountains and the way he is challenged by men. We will look at the messages Slovene myths and legends carry for us in connection to our relationship towards nature. The workshop will be lead by Ms Dušica Kunaver, one of the most famous Slovene ethnologists and collectors of Slovene stories and songs. She was also the 2023 Grand Prize winning author at the Slovenian Book Fair for the Book of the Year - 100 Slovene stories. The lecture will be for grades MYP 1-3. Katarina Čepič
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World Book & Copyright Day 🗓

World Book & Copyright Day is celebrated around the world each year on 23 April. It has been organised by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing, and copyright since 1995. The MYP students will dedicate an English lesson to the day during which they will present the books they have read, connected to their units, and try to encourage their classmates and teachers to read the books as well. The 6. M students will also read poems from around the world. We hope that the entire school community will spendt part of the spring break reading and enjoying a good book they enjoy. Tina Frelih
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MYP Football Tournament – Udine 🗓

On Thursday, 11 April, 2024, we will have a Football Tournament in Udine, Italy. The students picked for the school team are listed below in the table. The tournament will last approximately from 09:00 to 14:30. We need around two hours to get to Udine, and the pupils require the necessary documentation for international travel. They also need proper sports shoes with them and a water bottle. Snack and lunch boxes will be provided. The exact timetable will be sent in due course. Kind regards,  PHE teachers
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Organised by the PTA

WHEN­? THURSDAY, March 28th

WHERE? SCHOOL PLAYGROUND (in good weather), THE DOME (in case of bad weather) TIME? 2PM TO 4PM Parents and students – bring books, toys, Easter decorations, Easter bouquets, cooked foods and other items to the Bazaar and help your classes! Parents, children and siblings are kindly invited to sell, shop and play. Easter games and music will take place! All profits from the Easter Bazaar will go towards the organisation of our final event – INTERNATIONAL DAY!

8M & 8I Workshops 🗓

Both classes will have a workshop about empathy but they will take place on different dates. On Monday, 8th of April, during the 6th lesson we will have a workshop for 8I (MYP 3). On Monday, 8th of April, during the 6th lesson we will have a workshop for 8m (MYP 3). The objectives of the workshop are to:
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