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PYP Sports Event – Mini Planica 🗓

On Friday 21st June, the PYP students will take part in the event, Mini Planica. Each grade will participate for one lesson, during the other lessons, the pupils will have additional activities. The day will finish at 12.05. The afternoon programme and lunch will take place as usual. You should bring extra underwear, trousers and normal shoes or sport shoes, no flip flops! Grade 1 and 2 students can bring hiking shoes (if you have them), so it will be easier to put on the skies. Denis Divjak
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6M Shadow Puppet Performances 🗓

The pupils of 6M have prepared 6 short shadow puppet performances through an interdisciplinary unit combining Language and Literature and Theatre. The stories are based on well-known fairy tales, but they have been given a modern or unexpected twist, that should peak your interest! Through the acquisition of acting skills at Theatre, the stories have come alive with interesting characters, sounds, and effects. We will stage them on 12th June in the school's auditorium, lessons 4 and 5. Parents and family welcome! We will also have guests from another school in the audience, who have shown an interest in experiencing theatre in English! We are very proud to have the opportunity to welcome them to the shows. We are looking forward to seeing you there! Ms Tina Frelih, Ms Mateja Kores, Ms Kristina Štemberger
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5M PYP Exhibition Presentation 🗓

On Tuesday, 11 June, from 08:25 to 09:05, 5M students will, in a short speech, present their PYP Exhibition work to parents, family members, and members of the PYP community in the school’s auditorium. Then, at 09:10, the parents of the 5M pupils are invited to attend the presentation in the hallway of building 2, and the rest of the school community is welcome from 10:30 to 12:05. Please encourage your children and other students by providing positive feedback. Parents are requested to turn off their mobile phones during the presentations since other students will be presenting their research in the hallway at the same time.  The afternoon programme will take place as usual. Mr Andy and Ms Tina
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Cycling Assessment 🗓

Pupils who are part of our annual cycling course will have their final assessment for cycling in traffic on Thursday, May 30th. For those who are not successful the first time, there will be a second assessment on June 6th. The students have already practised riding bicycles on a course around the school and during the assessment six teachers will evaluate them at different points along the route. The exam will take place from 13:15 to 14:30, so students will need to stay in school a bit longer on that day. Wishing all the students the best of luck! Warm regards, Mitja Uršič
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School Choirs Annual Concert 🗓

We are inviting you to a concert in the school auditorium on Wednesday, 29 May, at 17:00. Performing: Otroški pevski zbor Sovice (Slovenian department Children’s Choir “Sovice”) Orffova skupina (Slovenian department Orff instruments group) Otroški pevski zbor Navihani intervali (Slovenian department Children’s Choir “Navihani intervali”) PYP Choir Mladinski pevski zbor (Slovenian department Youth Choir) School band Come and spend the afternoon enjoying the gift of music with us! P.S. Pupils who like participating and performing in events such as this are invited to consider actively joining PYP and MYP Choir next school year. Ms Kristina Štemberger & Ms Sara Štranca
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Help Our Schoolmates 🗓

We kindly invite you to this year’s HELP OUR SCHOOLMATES charity fair on Thursday, 23 May 2024, at Danila Kumar International School. The event will take place on the grass playground of building II and it will begin at 17:00. with the Slovenian grade 1 performance. The Grand opening ceremony and fair with companion programme will start at 17:00. and afterwards we will continue with the performances of Slovenian grades 2, 3, 4, 5. The auction will start at 18;30. (In the event of rain, the programme will take place in the sports dome and in the school hall).
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MYP Volleyball & Tennis Tournament (Selected Pupils) – Carinthia, Austria 🗓

On Friday, May 24, 2024, we will have a Beach Volleyball and Tennis Tournament in Carinthia, Austria. The pupils need to be at the BUS station behind TUŠ supermarket at 07:30 sharp, from where we will depart for Velden. The tournament will last approximately from 09:00 to 14:00. We need around one hour to get to Carinthia, and the students require documentation for international travel. At 14:30, we will return to Ljubljana. As these activities are outdoors, the pupils need to bring a water bottle, some spare sports clothes, cap, and sunscreen. Snack and lunch boxes will be provided, although they can take a healthy snack with them. Mitja Uršič
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Cooking Club – Bon Appetit 🗓

On 23rd May the cooking club students will help raise donations during the school fair “Help our Schoolmates” for the school fund.  They will test their acquired skills in cooking and serving. They will prepare Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian pancakes) and paella (traditional Spanish sea-fruit and chicken rice dish). All will be prepared outdoors on the spot. The paella will be primarily cooked by a professional chef. Come hungry! Ms Katarina & the PYP cooks
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7M & 7I Theatre Storytelling Sessions 🗓

The Year 7 pupils will present their final performances at Theatre on 28th and 29th May.  In groups of three they have prepared a storytelling session based on a chosen fable.  7I will perform on 28th May, lessons 1 and 2 7M will perform on 29th May, lessons 2 and 3 All the performances will take place in the school auditorium.  Family and friends are welcome! The rest of the day will be according to their timetables. Snack and lunch will take place as usual.  We are looking forward to immersing ourselves into the world of storytelling and will be thrilled to see you there! Ms Mateja Kores & Ms Kristina Štemberger Theatre teachers
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