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5M Cultural Day – Puppet Theatre

The 5M students recently had a cultural day at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. During our visit, we learned interesting facts about the building, saw the workshop where puppets are created, and discovered the various types of puppets. A highlight of our trip was witnessing the famous puppet theatre clock from the inside.; every hour, figures emerge at the top of the theatre in Krekov Square to ceremoniously announce the arrival of the new hour, a significant Ljubljana attraction. Janja Videc
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5M Sports Day – Athletics

On Wednesday, June 20, we had a sports day with the 5M class focusing on athletics. We held the event at the Žak Stadium (Šiška) in collaboration with the MASS athletic club. Although there were only 12 of us, we had a great time. The students competed in 5 athletic disciplines: 60m run, 600m run, high jump, long jump, and vortex throw. We discovered a lot of talent, and everyone gave their and achieved their personal bests. Congratulations! More in the photos. Well done, 5M. Ms Jasna
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1M & 5M Reading Buddies’ Celebration

This year, 1M and 5M paired up as reading buddies, enhancing their communication skills and building the community. To thank the fifth graders, the first graders invited them for a special day, featuring a hands-on activity: making fruit salad. This project applied their knowledge of plants and teamwork.  The day ended with everyone enjoying the fruit salad and celebrating their successful collaboration and the strong bonds formed. Thank you, 5M, for your leadership and kindness! 1M Pupils
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1M Anglo – Slovene Postcard/Letter Project

In the last month or so, the 1M pupils have been discovering various text formats, and two of them were postcards and letters. During the break, they sent postcards back from their holidays, and, when back in school, they also sent one to a school in England, Great Britain, talking about themselves and asking questions about school in England. The English pupils replied likewise and inquired about the languages 1M speak. 1M were delighted with their letter, and think that Great Barford, the village where the school is, is very pretty. The 1M Pupils and Ms Klavdija would like to thank the Owls class and Ms Lauren for their lovely letter and correspondence, and we wish them fantastic summer holidays! The 1M Pupils
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Library Under the Treetops

The MYP students spent one of their last English lessons this year reading under the treetops. Though some of the books might have been engaging, most of the students preferred to spend the time relaxing outside, chatting with their classmates while catching a page or two from their books. Either way, it was a pleasant experience for all Tina Frelih
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Literary Treasure Hunt

The MYP pupils spent their last library lesson of the year participating in a literary treasure hunt. They were familiarising themselves with the book Fairy Trails of Slovenia written by Irena Cerar. It is an excellent guide for exploring Slovenia and includes tales connected to the places mentioned. The students were navigating the school grounds searching for clues, reading the tales and completing the tasks. After successfully completing the tasks, they received the promised treasure. Tina Frelih
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8M & 8I School Finale

Dear DKIS community,

We celebrated a major milestone as our 8M & 8I students concluded their elementary education. The event was filled with joy and pride, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Our pupils have grown tremendously, both academically and personally, and are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. Congratulations to all our students on this special day—we are looking forward to seeing what you achieve next! Best wishes,
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A Day in the MYP

On 17 June, grade 5 students spent an entire day in the MYP, getting to know some of their future teachers and experiencing new subjects such as science, humanities, design, and theatre. The pupils were very enthusiastic, asking numerous questions, sharing concerns, and offering suggestions about the next year. We hope they had a wonderful time and look forward to getting to know them even better in the next school year! The MYP Team
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