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Carnival – Pust

Tuesday February 13th saw the culmination of the Carnival period (Pust in Slovene), with most pupils donning a fresh array of masks for the annual celebration. There was dancing, singing and laughter to animate the various characters on display. Carnival is celebrated in many countries, and this specific day is also known as Mardi Gras and Shrove Tuesday, with the following day being Ash Wednesday, marking the start of Lent.
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Kindergarten Sports Day – Ice Skating

On Monday, 5 February, the kindergarteners tried their hand at, for many of which was a new sport – Ice Skating. Pogačarjev trg was the host for the children who impressed their teachers and many passers-by with their energy and moves. On the way back to the bus, they also took the opportunity to take a picture with Slovenia's most celebrated poet, France Prešernen, in honour of Prešen Day, Slovenia's cultural holiday on 8 February.
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PYP Sports Day – Bled

The sunlit lake invited the pupils to Bled for a short hike, and to take in the clamnessess of the water's edge and the vista of the clifftop castle, along with the surrounding mountainscape. Then, to Bled's Ice Hockey rink for some skating, where some of the PYP's Ice hockey players were passing on their expertise in sprinting on the ice.
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5M – Newspaper Article Headlines & Leads

In the Unit of Inquiry SOS Students Under Stress, the 5M students are working on writing newspaper articles and they wrote 5 different headlines and leads about the events they participated in. Here is what they produced: 5M Classroom Falls Asleep by the Power of Pranayama! By: Pranov, Matic, Max In Danila Kumar International School, during the second lesson on the 25th of January, 2024, Mrs Pragna Shivamurthy introduced the 5M classroom to diverse Pranayama breathing techniques to calm down our bodies, mind and souls. 5M Buzzing with Breathing Techniques By: Luka, Nikita, Veronika, Tim, Journalists, Ljubljana Today on the 25th of January, 2024, in the 5M classroom during the 2nd lesson, Mrs Pragna Shivamurthy was teaching 5M students a breathing technique called Pranayama, because 5M students are learning how to deal with stress. Calm, Relaxing, Easy Breathing Methods By: Sofia Stetiukha, Haripriya Bhasin, Zar Skofic, Neza Logar, Ljubljana, Slovenia On the 25th of January at school during the second lesson, Mrs Pragna Shivamurthy was explaining the different breathing methods. She taught us Pranayama to teach us how to deal with stress. Instructor Teaches Breathing Techniques By: Sophie Gisch, Mateo Bozhinovski, Irena Braku, OŠ Danila Kumar International School, Ljubljana, Slovenia On the 25th of January, 2024, in the 5M classroom at Danila Kumar, Mrs Pragna Shivamurthy and the 5M students met at 09:15 to practice Pranayama breathing techniques, helping to deal with stress. Stress Relief - The Indian Way By: Sasha, Samarth, Gaya It’ll Make You Want To Do Yoga In the morning of January 25th, 2024, the yoga instructor, Mrs Pragna Shivamurthy came to the 5M classroom in Danila Kumar International School, which is on Gogalova Ulica 15. She visited the fifth graders to teach them more about deep breathing and relieving stress, the Indian way - Pranayama, because the fifth graders have a unit about stress.
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Portfolio Night

Thursday 18th January saw the hosting of parents and family members for Portfolio Night, an evening in which the pupils show the extent of their efforts in the first term thus far. Along with reporting their achievements, they also outline their goals for the coming year. Following this, the parents and family members were invited to write a reflection and self reflection of the event, which the pupils did also. The event is one of the ways for the school community to come together to celebrate learning and encourage the facilitation of it.
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FLL – Dominant Owls Success

With pride, we announce that our school's team, Dominant Owls, achieved remarkable success at the First Lego League qualifications. The students excelled in all four competition categories, securing first position among the four teams that qualified for the final state round. The team comprises three students from the national department (Lucas Zakrajšek, Živa Meža, and Julija Trkman) and five students from the international department (Maria Madeleine Svetlana Magnus, Eden Kismet Bahri, Alina Mia Vavpotič, Gala Vavpetič, and Egor Morozov). They demonstrated outstanding Lego core values, such as inclusion, teamwork, discovery, innovation, and respect. They were highly successful in the robot game, the technical aspects of the robot, and coding. Above all, they impressed the judges with their project presentation entitled "Are All Books Lost?" Congratulations to all involved! Ms Lojzka Lušin
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7M Science Day – Robotics

On Thursday, 11th January, grade 7 students visited Technopark Celje. They were playing with a humanoid robot called Pepper and producing some code using simple commands with text, images, sound, and animation. Later, they interacted with her. They also used BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) technology, sometimes called a brain-machine interface or smart brain. It is a direct communication pathway between the brain's electrical activity and an external device, most commonly a computer. In the end, they explored the Science and Entertainment Park, conducted experiments, used VR glasses, and played with optical illusion settings. They enjoyed it a lot. Ms Lojzka Lušin
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