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Year 8 Poetry & Prose Recital

The year 8 pupils worked hard during their first unit to inquire into and learn about the esteemed English poet and playwright, William Shakespeare, and his style of writing. For their summative assessment they had to use their acquired knowledge to create their own unique, imaginative and poetic sonnets and soliloquies, on the timeless theme of love. The students shared their love for various things including the seasons, sports, family, cars and food. To conclude the unit appropriately, they invited the school community to a recital, during which they proved to be risk-takers when presenting their work. The recital was followed by a tea party where they had a chance to chat with each other, their parents and teachers. We congratulate them on their creativity and hard work. Tina Frelih Tina Frelih Tina Frelih
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Sewing Circle – Decorating Christmas Trees in the City Centre

On Friday, 1 December, our Sewing Circle made their way to Ljubljana's city centre to decorate some Christmas trees with their hand-sewn ornaments. The children decorated two of the many trees dispersed around town, which are situated alongside the statue of France Prešeren. After hanging their ornaments on the trees, they visited the Town Hall and were offered a sweet treat. All the children felt very proud, and had a wonderful time. Sonja Križman Launay
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Kindergarten Cultural Day – Kinodvor

As a part of the Animateka International Film Festival, the Kindergarten pupils were invited to come and see The Elephant in Competition I , a program of six short films in which the main characters embark on exciting adventures travel and overcome their fears and dangers. Two of the filmmakers also attended the event and took part in a short Q & A session with the young enthusiastic audience. The textual summary of all the films can be accessed here. Source: https://www.kinodvor.org/en/film/slonov-tekmovalni-program-i-2023/
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First Lego League – Training Session

On Friday 24th November, the school’s First Lego League competition team attended the Masterpiece robot game training session at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Ljubljana.  The goal of the training session was to demonstrate the completed solutions produced by individual teams up to now, collaborate with other teams by sharing ideas, learn through the judges’ feedback, as well as socialize and have fun while assembling innovative robots and coding them. Our students were amazing – we were working for four hours but they were consistently demonstrating high concentration and innovation skills, and executed many creative ideas.  It was hard work, but fun. Lojzka Lušin
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Curriculum Night

The parents of the pupils attending Danila Kumar International School were invited to attend Curriculum Night on Thursday 23 November. The aim of the event was to outline the key characteristics which distinguish IB schools from other educational institutions. The evening started with an introduction by the headmaster and the coordinators in the auditorium, and then progressed to individual year classrooms, in which the pupils themselves, presented the various aspects of the curriculum. For more information about the curriculum, please go to the menu heading Programmes.
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3 & 6M Field Trip – Debeli Rtič

On November 13, the 3rd and 6th-grade students of Danila Kumar International School embarked on a historic journey to the coastal town of Debeli Rtič for a 5-day field trip. This marked the first time in the history of Danila Kumar that students participated in such an event. The program included a swimming course and various workshops such as: "The Coast in the Palm of Your Hand," a cooking workshop, a magician performance, musical instrument crafting, team-building activities, an evening lantern walk, and an orienteering sports day. During free time, the children engaged in sports games, socialized in their rooms, and enjoyed singing together. The experience was fantastic, as evidenced by the accompanying photographs. Jasna Lavrenčič
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The Halloween Party

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Greetings, my fellow mischief-makers and party enthusiasts, I trust you're all still recovering from the mind-boggling spectacle that was yesterday's Halloween extravaganza at DKIS, orchestrated by our extraordinary PTA. What a day of chaos, laughter, and spine-tingling surprises it was! As your very own Joker, I must express my gratitude to the PTA for the relentless effort, dedication, and masterful planning that went into crafting such a fiendishly fun and unforgettable event. Your commitment to creating an atmosphere of mayhem and joy is nothing short of commendable. But let's not forget the parents and teachers who joined in the carnival of craziness. Your enthusiasm and participation took our Halloween party to new heights. The students had a positively insane time, and it's clear that, once again, we've demonstrated the astonishing power of our community when we come together for a cause. Your support is the Joker up our sleeves, and with it, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. So, to the PTA, parents, and teachers, I say, "You're all a bunch of jokers!" But the best kind, the ones who make life in Gotham DKIS truly extraordinary. Your Joker for the day, Klemen Strmljan
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3M Halloween Poem

3M would like to share their scary seasonal poetry with you:[br][br] It's a lovely autumn day, 3M students want to play. Ghosts and zombies are awake, Scary night is on the way. Witches flying in the air, Spiders crawling everywhere. Pumpkinheads are on the way, Ghosts and zombies say, "we'll stay!" As the frisbee flies away, Scary trees keep it away, Ms Živa tries to make them stay, But 3M students run away! 3M
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