Important Dates

Important Dates at Danila Kumar International School

As a general rule, school begins on September 1st and ends on June 24th. Dates shown below apply to the 2020/21 school year.

 First Term: September 1 to January 31
1 September Start of the school year
26 Oct. – 1 Nov. One week autumn holidays
with All Saint’s Day
25 Dec. –  2 Jan. New Year holidays
Second Term: February 1 to June 24
22 – 26 February One week winter holidays
5 April Easter Monday
26 April – 2 May Spring holidays with May Day holiday
15 June Ending of the school year for Grade 8
24 June Ending of the school year for Grades 1 to 7

Kindergarten Calendar

There is no kindergarten programme on public and school holidays.


Students and parents should not hesitate to contact the teachers in order to discuss progress and achievements. Students should always feel free to ask for a meeting time with any of the teachers and should arrange for these interviews directly with the teacher. Parents can meet with the teachers at monthly parent-teacher conferences, which are held from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.

September 23 – 24 Joint grade meetings for parents
October 22 Curriculum Night
November 19 Individual Interviews
December 17 1st Portfolio Day
January 21 Individual Interviews
February 18 Individual interviews
March 24 – 25 Joint grade meetings
April 22 2nd Portfolio Day
May 19 Individual interviews