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Kindergarten Visit to the National Gallery  🗓

On Thursday 14th December, theKindergarten students will go to the National Gallery.  The gallery staff will prepare a workshop called "Where is Gal" based on the Story Gal in the Gallery by S. Makarovič.  We will leave school at  09:00 and take the city bus to the city and back. Lunch will be served at 12:30. Make sure you arrive at school on time as we will have breakfast at 08:30.
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On the 19th of December during the Christmas bazar there will be a charity event for under-privileged children. Prizes included. Entry fee - 2€. Please register for the tournament before 17th of December. Participants will get 2 Christmas gingerbread biscuits for free. The exact place and time of the event are still to be announced. The application form is available here - https://forms.office.com/e/e39yc0Kbtq?origin=lprLink Kind regards, Egor Morozov, 8M (Organiser)

Year 8 Poetry & Prose Recital

The year 8 pupils worked hard during their first unit to inquire into and learn about the esteemed English poet and playwright, William Shakespeare, and his style of writing. For their summative assessment they had to use their acquired knowledge to create their own unique, imaginative and poetic sonnets and soliloquies, on the timeless theme of love. The students shared their love for various things including the seasons, sports, family, cars and food. To conclude the unit appropriately, they invited the school community to a recital, during which they proved to be risk-takers when presenting their work. The recital was followed by a tea party where they had a chance to chat with each other, their parents and teachers. We congratulate them on their creativity and hard work. Tina Frelih Tina Frelih Tina Frelih
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Sewing Circle – Decorating Christmas Trees in the City Centre

On Friday, 1 December, our Sewing Circle made their way to Ljubljana's city centre to decorate some Christmas trees with their hand-sewn ornaments. The children decorated two of the many trees dispersed around town, which are situated alongside the statue of France Prešeren. After hanging their ornaments on the trees, they visited the Town Hall and were offered a sweet treat. All the children felt very proud, and had a wonderful time. Sonja Križman Launay
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First Lego League – Training Session

On Friday 24th November, the school’s First Lego League competition team attended the Masterpiece robot game training session at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Ljubljana.  The goal of the training session was to demonstrate the completed solutions produced by individual teams up to now, collaborate with other teams by sharing ideas, learn through the judges’ feedback, as well as socialize and have fun while assembling innovative robots and coding them. Our students were amazing – we were working for four hours but they were consistently demonstrating high concentration and innovation skills, and executed many creative ideas.  It was hard work, but fun. Lojzka Lušin
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Kindergarten Cultural Day – Kinodvor

As a part of the Animateka International Film Festival, the Kindergarten pupils were invited to come and see The Elephant in Competition I , a program of six short films in which the main characters embark on exciting adventures travel and overcome their fears and dangers. Two of the filmmakers also attended the event and took part in a short Q & A session with the young enthusiastic audience. The textual summary of all the films can be accessed here. Source: https://www.kinodvor.org/en/film/slonov-tekmovalni-program-i-2023/
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Curriculum Night

The parents of the pupils attending Danila Kumar International School were invited to attend Curriculum Night on Thursday 23 November. The aim of the event was to outline the key characteristics which distinguish IB schools from other educational institutions. The evening started with an introduction by the headmaster and the coordinators in the auditorium, and then progressed to individual year classrooms, in which the pupils themselves, presented the various aspects of the curriculum. For more information about the curriculum, please go to the menu heading Programmes.
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Science day in 1M – Me  🗓

On Tuesday, 5 December 2023, the 1M students will participate in a science day as well as in a variety of activities at school from 08:20 to 12:05. They will explore their senses and try to use them to describe the environment around them. Their focus will also be on body parts, body systems and they will inquire into different organs. The pupils will also investigate different mindfulness techniques and try to find the one that suits them the most. The students should bring an empty half litre plastic bottle with the label removed. Activities will take place in our classroom. AP and lunch will be organised as usual. 
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Year 8 English Tea Party – Poetry & Prose Recital 🗓

Dear DKIS community, You are cordially invited to a tea party during which our grade 8 students will recite their love sonnets and soliloquies. These texts are the culmination of our first unit in Language and Literature, in which the students explored the concept of creativity through the analysis of William Shakespeare’s poetry and prose, and used the timeless topic of love to express their own thoughts and feelings. As the pupils have been working diligently to prepare their verse, it is only right to celebrate their achievement with an English tea party. The event will take place on Thursday, 30 November 2023, at 12:20 in the auditorium. You are all warmly welcome! 8 grade students and their English teachers
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Announcing a Night in School for PYP 5 – MYP 3!  🗓

On December 8-9 we are organising a night in school, which will feature fun and engaging activities, cooking, and a movie.   The number of students who can participate will be limited to 30 – First come first serve. The pupils who have exhibited unprincipled behaviour will not be allowed to take part.  Please get in touch with Ms Frelih, Ms Dežman or Ms Kores if you are interested in participating or have any questions, or fill in the APPLICATION FORM here and hand it in to Ms Mateja Kores.   Please download the file before filing it in!   We are looking forward to another successful and holiday-themed event!  Ms Frelih, Ms Dežman, Ms Kores
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3 & 6M Field Trip – Debeli Rtič

On November 13, the 3rd and 6th-grade students of Danila Kumar International School embarked on a historic journey to the coastal town of Debeli Rtič for a 5-day field trip. This marked the first time in the history of Danila Kumar that students participated in such an event. The program included a swimming course and various workshops such as: "The Coast in the Palm of Your Hand," a cooking workshop, a magician performance, musical instrument crafting, team-building activities, an evening lantern walk, and an orienteering sports day. During free time, the children engaged in sports games, socialized in their rooms, and enjoyed singing together. The experience was fantastic, as evidenced by the accompanying photographs. Jasna Lavrenčič
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Our MYP 2 and MYP 3 students can once again take part in the English language competition organized by the National Education Institute Slovenia. The students will first participate in the school round, with the best students then qualifying for the national round. Students will be tested on their: reading comprehension use of language (grammar and vocabulary) written task The school round will take place on Tuesday, 21 November 2023 at 13:00. The national round will take place on Wednesday, 3 April 2024 at 14:00. The students who would like to take part in the competition should contact Ms Anja Dežman for an application form and hand it in by 17 November. *Students whose mother tongue is English and who have lived in an English-speaking *Students whose mother tongue is English unfortunately cannot participate in this competition. Ms Anja Dežman & Ms Tina Frelih

Kindergarten Cultural Day – Kinodvor 🗓

The kindergarten students will visit Kinodvor in Ljubljana on Monday, 27 November 2023, where they will watch the Animateka Animated Film Festival at 09:00. We will leave the school at 08:00 and then take the city bus to the city centre. Lunch will be served  at 12:30. The individual ticket costs 3.20€, the city bus fare is free of charge for children under 6 years of age. We kindly ask parents to give children waterproof clothes and boots in case of rain or snow. Lunch will be served  at 12:30. The individual ticket costs 3.20€, the city bus fare is free of charge for children under 6 years of age. We kindly ask parents to give children waterproof clothes and boots in case of rain or snow.
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The Halloween Party

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Greetings, my fellow mischief-makers and party enthusiasts, I trust you're all still recovering from the mind-boggling spectacle that was yesterday's Halloween extravaganza at DKIS, orchestrated by our extraordinary PTA. What a day of chaos, laughter, and spine-tingling surprises it was! As your very own Joker, I must express my gratitude to the PTA for the relentless effort, dedication, and masterful planning that went into crafting such a fiendishly fun and unforgettable event. Your commitment to creating an atmosphere of mayhem and joy is nothing short of commendable. But let's not forget the parents and teachers who joined in the carnival of craziness. Your enthusiasm and participation took our Halloween party to new heights. The students had a positively insane time, and it's clear that, once again, we've demonstrated the astonishing power of our community when we come together for a cause. Your support is the Joker up our sleeves, and with it, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. So, to the PTA, parents, and teachers, I say, "You're all a bunch of jokers!" But the best kind, the ones who make life in Gotham DKIS truly extraordinary. Your Joker for the day, Klemen Strmljan
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3M Halloween Poem

3M would like to share their scary seasonal poetry with you:[br][br] It's a lovely autumn day, 3M students want to play. Ghosts and zombies are awake, Scary night is on the way. Witches flying in the air, Spiders crawling everywhere. Pumpkinheads are on the way, Ghosts and zombies say, "we'll stay!" As the frisbee flies away, Scary trees keep it away, Ms Živa tries to make them stay, But 3M students run away! 3M
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Ljubljana Marathon

Again it is the time of year that all runners come together. On Saturday, 21st of October, over 100 of our students ran the Ljubljana Marathon for younger runners. As the weather was not too hot and all of our students well prepared, everybody completed the course. Sincere congratulations to all of the competitors who had the courage and strength to apply and put all of their effort into running the event. Let’s continue to strengthen our healthy lifestyles with sports and thus a better tomorrow! Unofficial Results Regards, PHE teachers
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French Exchange – Final Day

The last day we spent together was filled with the cultural monuments of Ljubljana and some free time in the city centre. Upon the return we prepared presentations and posters for the parents and we had a lovely gathering and farewell in the auditorium. The French school left on Thursday morning at 07:00. We are really looking forward to visiting them in March! Ms Katarina, Ms Irena
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French Exchange

On Friday, 13 October, the French students and their partners spent their first day at our school. They visited some lessons and had different workshops (cooking, dance, singing, sports, arts..). It was a very active day, filled with new experiences and many pleasant moments. The weekend was spent with the host families. We all hope they had a wonderful time. Katarina Čepič
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4M Science Day – Tropical House

The students first had the chance to get up close and touch a centipede in the Tropical House. They reviewed the concepts of who's the prey and who's the predator, the typical features of these animals, and the connections between animals and plants. Later, they saw chinchillas, porpoises, spiders, frogs, monkeys, snakes, and other exotic animals. They also entered the room with lemurs and observed the environment where they lived. We had a great day enjoying the company of tropical animals and their living environments. Anja Plut
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French Exchange

Last night at 11. o'clock our French friends from St Joseph College, Challans arrived. We are looking forward to spending the week with them! The French students will stay with their host families throughout the visit. Ms Katarina, Ms Irena & Ms Nataša
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PYP Sports Day – St Ana & St Primož Hikes

On a cloudy Monday, 9th of October, our fearless Students form grades 1M, 2M, 3M and 4M went hiking on St. Primož, near Kamnik, and St. Ana, on which you can ascend from Podpeč lake. There was a cheerful mood during the ascent and although the way was, at times, quite steep all of our pupils made it to the top. On the top we had snack. Some played around spontaneously, while others just enjoyed the nice view. Some of the Students were really true inquirers and found many Knafelc blazes on the trees which helped us to find our way up and down the hill. We were greeted on the way by some goats and cows. It was really fun to test our stamina and endurance, and I believe all of us are looking forward to refilling our batteries again in nature soon.  Mitja Uršič
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MYP Cultural Day – The Slovenian Ethnographic Museum

Friday, 6th October was marked by culture and the hands on experiences of the MYP students. While MYP 1 and 3 had their own interesting workshops, grades 7M and 7I visited SEM (The Slovenian Ethnographic Museum), where they became acquainted with Slovenian Cultural Heritage and History. In addition, they participated at a pottery workshop in which they fashioned small clay vessels by hand and tried a pottery wheel. The photos are a testament to this wonderful and interesting day.  Mateja Kores
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MYP Cultural Day – Straw Museum

To commemorate the Cultural Heritage Week in Slovenia, the MYP students had a cultural day on 6 October. The theme of the week is Precious knowledge and skills; therefore, the 6M pupils visited the Straw museum in Domžale, which represents the traditional Slovenian craft of making hats out of straw. They had a tour of the museum and learned where the craft came from and when, as well as the process of how to make a hat out of wheat. They spent the second part of the day trying to make their own braids out of wheat straw. The visit was interesting and we all learned that making a straw hat is a lot more complicated than we thought at first! Tina Frelih & Kristina Štemberger
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MYP Cultural Day – European & Slovenian Cultural Heritage Week

In the frame of celebrating The week of European and Slovenian cultural heritage, the students of the MYP visited various towns and museums to get to know some of Slovenia's most known handicrafts. The pupils of 8M and 8I, went to Ribnica, a Slovenian town which is very known for pottery and woodcrafts. They visited the museum Rokodelski center of Ribnica/Handicraft Centre of Ribnica, and participated in workshops involving pottery and basket making. The students of 7M and 7I visited The Ethnographic Museum of Ljubljana and participated in a pottery workshop. The 6M pupils took the train to visit Domžale, which is known for straw hat making. They visited 'Slamnikarski muzej' or the Straw Museum and learnt how to make a simple braid, which, in large numbers is needed for one hat to be completed. Anja Podreka
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MYP Cultural Day – Community Project

On Wednesday, the students of MYP 3 had a collapsed day dedicated to the Community Project. They had different workshops where they could exchange views and give each other feedback on their plans and ideas. They learned to evaluate sources and identify reliable sources through a library lesson. Mostly, they worked hard on hashing out the details of their projects and catching up with work. The first stage of the project is thus coming to an end and we are embarking on the new chapter this coming Monday. The students will work on their planning and write a research paper. Exciting times!
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Kindergarten House of Illusions Visit 🗓

On Wednesday 11th October, we are going to the House of Illusions. The sStudents should be in school no later than 08:15, when breakfast is going to be served. We will go to the city centre via public transport (bus no. 6) at around 08:50 and will return back normally for lunch at 12:00. Make sure the students have appropriate footwear as we are going for a short stroll through the city centre after our time is done in the House of illusions. *Students do not need any additional snack.
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4M – Science Day 🗓

Students from 4M will visit the Tropical House in Celje on Friday, October 13. The students will learn about plants and animals and their roles within an ecosystem, how living things are interdependent, and how prey and predators differ (physical characteristics and adaptations to their environment, their dependence on each other - healthy populations, the movement of substances in nature, birth, life, and death (number of offspring, stable ecosystems, etc.). The students should be at school by 08:10. Our return will be between 12:00 and 12:30.  They must bring a small backpack and a water bottle. Snacks are provided at school. We are looking forward to seeing many exotic animals and plants.  Ms Anja
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French Exchange Visit 🗓

From 12 to 19 October international and national families will host 30 French students from St. Joseph College, Challans, France. The French exchange is a two year project and this is already our third year!  The students will take part in daily school life, and learn about Slovenian and international culture, language and habits. We will also take daytrips to the Gorenjska region and to Ljubljana. We are really looking forward to finally meeting them! Mme Katarina & Irena
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MYP – Week of Slovenian Heritage & Culture 🗓

TECHNICAL DAY: 10 October The MYP students will be able to choose between four different workshops, and will be led and organised by their teachers. Lessons will start 08.20 in their homeroom classes with an introduction lesson, then the students will be divided into workshops and have two lessons to complete their work. We will finish our day with a gallery walk and a reflection. They will also have snack and lunch in school. For any questions, please email: podrekaa@os-danilekumar.si Anja Podreka & Tadeja Galonja
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MYP – Week of Slovenian Heritage & Culture 🗓

CULTURAL DAY: 6 October The students will visit various museums of Slovenian heritage and culture. There they will visit exhibitions with different Slovenian traditional arts & crafts, pottery, hats, baskets and other handmade traditional objects. All students will also take part in different workshops, guided by museum guides. Each MYP grade will visit a different place and museum. Therefore, please see the itineraries below: 8M & 8I: Ribnica Rokodelski Center (BUS): START: 07:30 (the bus leaves)                                                      : beginning of workshops & museum: 09:00                                                      : finishing of workshops & museum: 12.30                                                      : back in school: 13:30 (approximately) Students will take the snack in school and return for lunch at 13:45. 7M and 7I: Ethnographic Museum Ljubljana (LPP BUS) :START: 08:20 (homeroom classes)                                                                             :  beginning of workshops & museum: 09.30                                                                      : finishing of workshops&museum: 12.30                                                                      : back in school: 13:00 (approximately) Students will have snack and lunch in school. 6m: Domžale - Straw Museum/Slamnikarski muzej (Local train:  08.43 Ježica - 09:00 Domžale)                                                             : START: 09:15                                                             : beginning of workshops & museum: 09.30                                                             : finishing of workshops & museum: 12:10                                                              : train leaving Domžale: 12.40 – arriving back at Ježica: 13:05                                                              : back in school: 13:15 (approximately) Students will take snack from school and have lunch in school. Students who miss the train can be  taken to the Domžale
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PYP Sports Day – Hiking 🗓

Unfortunately we have to cancel our hiking sports day for tomorrow due to the bad weather report. It will now be held on Monday, 9th October 2023. The schedule will be the same.On Wednesday, 4th of October 2023, the PYP department will have a hiking sports day. This means that students should be in school according to the schedule below. 1. Group (3M and 4M) will go hiking on St. Primož Students of 3M and 4M should come to school at 08:05 and wait in front of school. We will then take snack and go to the back of TUŠ supermarket. At 08:20 the bus will take us to Kamnik, Stahovica, from where we will start our assent. At around 10:20, we should reach the top. There is approximately 1h10min of walking to reach St. Primož. At 12:30, we should be on the bus heading back to school. At 13:15, we will be in school. Lunch and extracurricular activities follow as usual. The students should have a spare t-shit with them to change into and should be dressed in sports clothes and hiking shoes according to the weather forecast. They can have a wind jacket with them and a cap in case it is windy. Remember to take a water bottle. 2. Group (1M and 2M) will go hiking on St. Ana Students of 1M and 2M should come to school at 08:20 and wait in front of school. We will then take snack and go to the back of TUŠ supermarket. At 08:40, the bus will take us to Podpeško jezero, below St. Ana. At around 09:10 we should start the assent and there is approximately a 35 min walk to the top. At 11:15, we should be on the bus heading back to school. At 12:00, students should be in school. Lunch and other activities follow as usual. The students should have a spare t-shit with them to change into and should be dressed in sports clothes and hiking shoes according to the weather forecast. They can have a wind jacket with them and a cap in case it is windy. Remember to take a water bottle. In case of bad weather, we will cancel the sports day. Kind regards, Mr Mitja
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1M Cultural Day – Slovenian School Museum

This Wednesday, 27 September, Grade 1 students traveled into the past. They visited The Slovenian School Museum and experienced what school was like more than a hundred years ago. It was interesting to try to write on the little blackboards, to see the toys that children used to play with, and exciting to try some of the punishments in the old classrooms. At the end of the day, the students admitted that it was fun for a day; however, they prefer their own school, classroom, and toys. Klavdija Čuk
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MYP Language Acquisition Day

The MYP students enjoyed a diverse cultural day on 25th September, celebrating the Language Acquisition Day and the European Day of Languages. They circulated between five different workshops: Chinese writing system, French language workshop, sign language, language facts and proverbs. We hosted guests from Etnika in collaboration with Festival jezikov (Festival of Languages). The workshops were a great success! As we like to say in Slovenian: Več jezikov znaš, več veljaš! Can you find the equivalent phrase in your language? Try it! Mateja Kores
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Athletics Competition

On Monday, September 25 some students from the MYP department competed in an athletics competition held at the ŽAK stadium in Ljubljana. The conditions were perfect for performing in all athletic disciplines. I believe that all the competitors showed to be true risk takers in trying to compete with other schools in the area, and proved to be principled in giving their maximum effort. Sincere congratulations to all those who represented the school in the best way.  Mitja Uršič
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1M Police Visit 🗓

On Wednesday 20 September, Some Police Officers will visit 1M during the third lesson. They will discuss safety in the community, street safety and how to act safely and responsibly in traffic. The students should be equipped with their yellow scarves as we will go on a walk around the school's local area accompanied by the police officers.
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General Meetings

The General meetings were a chance for Teachers and parents to meet one another, discuss the beginning of the school year, school practises, what the coming months will bring, and various other issues.
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Ljubljana Marathon 🗓

Saturday, October 21, 2023 The start will be at 12:45 (1 – 5 grade) and at 13:45 (6 – 9 grade), on Slovenska cesta, the finish will be on Kongresni trg. There will be an 1800m run for grades 6 to 8, a 1350m run for grades 3 to 5 and a 600m run for grades 1 and 2. More info at: Promocijski tek | Volkswagen Ljubljanski maraton (vw-ljubljanskimaraton.si), Osnovnošolski tek | Volkswagen Ljubljanski maraton (vw-ljubljanskimaraton.si) Students from grade 1 to 5 will meet at 12:10, and students from grade 6 to 8 will meet at 13:15 both in front of the entrance to Maximarket. This year you will get your race number and a chip in school the day before the event. After all the races, parents should wait for their children at the finish line to pick them up.  Students run alone and parents are responsible for students at all times.
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MYP Language Acquisition Day 🗓

The MYP students will have a Language Acquisition cultural day on 25 September in school.   They will enjoy several language and creative workshops, partly prepared in cooperation with Festival Jezikov.   Snack and lunch will be provided as usual.   The students will rotate between 5 workshops, each lasting approximately 45 min.  The cultural day will end at 13:00.   We are looking forward to a communicative and internationally minded day!  Language Acquisition Team
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European Mobility Week 🗓

SAVE ENERGY! – Var(č)ne poti – Trajnostni transport – Sustainable transport European mobility week is a project, organised by the European Union to raise awareness about sustainable ways of travelling and transport and the importance of saving energy. Today, with the emergent and obvious effects of climate change it is important to reconsider our habits. Do we use public transport, bike, car share? Us adults  are role-models and those who are held accountable in the end. So, let’s do it right! At school there will be different activities taking place in light of recent events. The dance school Kazina is promoting movement and sport through dancing activities, the city of Ljubljana is organizing a cycling tour… Let’s move sustainably! Ms Katarina and the “Sustainable School Gang!”
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2M Cultural Day 🗓

On Wednesday, September 20th, the 2M students will have cultural day. All activities will start at 08:20 and will finish at 12:05. The students will inquire into social games, practice various ATL skills and recognise and apply PYP profiles. All activities will take place in the 2M classroom. The Afternoon programme will start after the fourth lesson, and will follow the usual timetable.
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5M Cultural Day – Concert 🗓

Symphonic matinee Z glasbo v vesolje Collapsed day for 5m On Wednesday, September 20th, 2023, the 5M students will have a collapsed day. The 1st and 2nd lessons will be preparation for a concert in their home classroom. Snack will be at 09:55 and at 10:20 we will leave for the September 7 bus stop. We will go to Cankarjev dom to see the concert Z glasbo v vesolju. Our return to school will be around 13:30. Lunch will be available for students as usual. The ticket cost is 6€. Kind regards, Kristina Štemberger, Music Teacher
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PYP Cultural Day 🗓

Thursday, September 21 The PYP students will have a cultural day about internationalism. They need to bring their pencil cases, and an object that represents them and their country/culture. They may also bring or think of a book or a story, game and a song from their country. The students will meet in their classes at 08:20 and will finish the program at 12:05. Lunch and Afternoon Programme will take place from 12:10 on.
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1M School Museum Visit 🗓

On Wednesday, 27th September 2023, grade 1 students will visit the School Museum in the city centre of Ljubljana as part of their current unit. The students should come to school as usual, at 08:20, they should bring a small backpack and a bottle of water; snack for us will be prepared at school. We will briefly discuss what we expect to see, and depart from school. We will travel by public bus. The students will experience a lesson from the past and what school life was like more than a hundred year ago. After the visit to the museum, we will have snack and  return to school by 12:05. The afternoon programme, co-curricular activities and lunch will take place as usual. Klavdija  Čuk & grade 1 teachers
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Reading under the Trees

According to the students, reading under the trees is relaxing and fun, and because Slovenia has been promoting the culture of reading outside since 2004, both the students of the PYP as well as the MYP spent an English lesson reading in the shade of the trees in the school's green playground. The younger pupils reflected on how they liked being outside as well as how they enjoyed reading itself. On the other hand, the older students reflected on how they were principled by reading instead of chatting as well as being prepared and focused on the lesson. Moreover, they also found principled and unprincipled characters in the books they were reading. We encourage the whole school community to take advantage of the last warm and sunny days and enjoy a good book under the trees. Leopoldina P. Hočevar Eve & Tina Frelih
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Kayaking and Canoeing on The Ljubljanica River 🗓

Kayaking and Canoeing on The Ljubljanica river On Monday, September 11th, all MYP students will go to the Kayak and Canoe Club in Ljubljana, where there will be professionals who will show them the basics of kayaking and canoeing. Students should come to school at 8:10, and at 8:40 we will take the bus to get to their facilities. There will be three activities (kayaking, canoeing and team sports activities) between which the students will interchange. Students need to bring with them: - swimsuits - a towel - shorts - T-shirt - sports shoes for water or an old pair of sports shoes - water bottle - cap for sun Bring some extra sports clothes with you since you will most probably get a bit wet, so you can change there. Students must not bring any money, mobile phones, or other valuable things with them on the sports day. Students will take snack with them in the morning and lunch will be available at school as usual. We will be back at school at 13:15. Kind regards, Mitja Uršič and Jasna Lavrenčič
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The New School Year has Arrived 🗓

Dear DKIS Community, I hope you all doing well and are excited about the start of a brand new school year at DKIS. I wanted to say hello and offer my warmest wishes as we embark on this exciting journey together. Regrettably, I couldn't make it to the opening ceremony today because I was busy doing something really special – I was there to personally escort my little one to Grade 1. It's such a big milestone for all of us parents, and I'm sure many of you can relate to the mix of emotions that come with it. As parents, we're a vital part of our children's education, and your involvement and support are absolutely invaluable. The teachers and staff here at DKIS are dedicated to providing a safe and enriching environment for our kids, and I have no doubt that they're in great hands. I'm excited to share that we've been working on upgrading our school website, which is still a work in progress. We want it to be a valuable resource for all parents and students, and we're open to your ideas to make it even better. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate to share them with us. If you ever have questions, suggestions, or just want to chat about how the school year is going, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or the school administration. Your feedback and ideas are always welcome. Here's to a fantastic start to the school year filled with fun, growth, and cherished memories. Best wishes, Klemen Strmljan
Read MoreThe New School Year has Arrived 🗓

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