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5M Cultural Day – Puppet Theatre

The 5M students recently had a cultural day at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. During our visit, we learned interesting facts about the building, saw the workshop where puppets are created, and discovered the various types of puppets. A highlight of our trip was witnessing the famous puppet theatre clock from the inside.; every hour, figures emerge at the top of the theatre in Krekov Square to ceremoniously announce the arrival of the new hour, a significant Ljubljana attraction. Janja Videc
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5M Sports Day – Athletics

On Wednesday, June 20, we had a sports day with the 5M class focusing on athletics. We held the event at the Žak Stadium (Šiška) in collaboration with the MASS athletic club. Although there were only 12 of us, we had a great time. The students competed in 5 athletic disciplines: 60m run, 600m run, high jump, long jump, and vortex throw. We discovered a lot of talent, and everyone gave their and achieved their personal bests. Congratulations! More in the photos. Well done, 5M. Ms Jasna
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1M Anglo – Slovene Postcard/Letter Project

In the last month or so, the 1M pupils have been discovering various text formats, and two of them were postcards and letters. During the break, they sent postcards back from their holidays, and, when back in school, they also sent one to a school in England, Great Britain, talking about themselves and asking questions about school in England. The English pupils replied likewise and inquired about the languages 1M speak. 1M were delighted with their letter, and think that Great Barford, the village where the school is, is very pretty. The 1M Pupils and Ms Klavdija would like to thank the Owls class and Ms Lauren for their lovely letter and correspondence, and we wish them fantastic summer holidays! The 1M Pupils
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1M & 5M Reading Buddies’ Celebration

This year, 1M and 5M paired up as reading buddies, enhancing their communication skills and building the community. To thank the fifth graders, the first graders invited them for a special day, featuring a hands-on activity: making fruit salad. This project applied their knowledge of plants and teamwork.  The day ended with everyone enjoying the fruit salad and celebrating their successful collaboration and the strong bonds formed. Thank you, 5M, for your leadership and kindness! 1M Pupils
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Library Under the Treetops

The MYP students spent one of their last English lessons this year reading under the treetops. Though some of the books might have been engaging, most of the students preferred to spend the time relaxing outside, chatting with their classmates while catching a page or two from their books. Either way, it was a pleasant experience for all Tina Frelih
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Literary Treasure Hunt

The MYP pupils spent their last library lesson of the year participating in a literary treasure hunt. They were familiarising themselves with the book Fairy Trails of Slovenia written by Irena Cerar. It is an excellent guide for exploring Slovenia and includes tales connected to the places mentioned. The students were navigating the school grounds searching for clues, reading the tales and completing the tasks. After successfully completing the tasks, they received the promised treasure. Tina Frelih
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A Day in the MYP

On 17 June, grade 5 students spent an entire day in the MYP, getting to know some of their future teachers and experiencing new subjects such as science, humanities, design, and theatre. The pupils were very enthusiastic, asking numerous questions, sharing concerns, and offering suggestions about the next year. We hope they had a wonderful time and look forward to getting to know them even better in the next school year! The MYP Team
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8M & 8I School Finale

Dear DKIS community,

We celebrated a major milestone as our 8M & 8I students concluded their elementary education. The event was filled with joy and pride, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Our pupils have grown tremendously, both academically and personally, and are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. Congratulations to all our students on this special day—we are looking forward to seeing what you achieve next! Best wishes,
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Issuance of Report Cards After the End of Classes

In accordance with Article 14 of the Rules on the School Calendar for Primary Schools (UL RS, No. 50/12), we inform you that a report card, which could not be awarded to a student at the end of classes, can only be personally collected by the student or their parents. This can be done from the end of classes until June 30 and from August 22 to August 31, 2024, during the official hours of the main school office in Building 2, between 8:00 - 10:30 and 12:00 - 13:00.
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PYP Sports Event – Mini Planica 🗓

On Friday 21st June, the PYP students will take part in the event, Mini Planica. Each grade will participate for one lesson, during the other lessons, the pupils will have additional activities. The day will finish at 12.05. The afternoon programme and lunch will take place as usual. You should bring extra underwear, trousers and normal shoes or sport shoes, no flip flops! Grade 1 and 2 students can bring hiking shoes (if you have them), so it will be easier to put on the skies. Denis Divjak
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Kindergarten Cultural Day – The Natural History Museum

On 12 June, the kindergarten went to the Natural History Museum. The visit began with a guided tour with a knowledgeable guide who introduced us to the fascinating world of ocean animals. We marvelled at the massive whale skeleton suspended from the ceiling. We were also given the opportunity to touch and feel some of the exhibits. After the guided tour, we were given the freedom to explore the museum on our own. We were particularly captivated by the birds, a bear and a wolf. The trip was an interesting experience that sparked our curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Sonja Može
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PYP Exhibition

On Tuesday, 11th June, the PYP 5 pupils concluded their, at times, intense and gruelling exhibition process, displaying their outstanding projects to parents and peers. Under the guidance of mentors M Tina and Mr Andy, the students showcased their hard work and dedication. The exhibition truly demonstrated the pupils' ability to think critically, solve problems, and communicate effectively, along with evidencing their sustained strength and resolve. A huge congratulations and round of applause to all! Denis Divjak Denis Divjak
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5M Cultural Day – Puppet Theatre 🗓

The 5M pupils will have a cultural day on Tuesday, 18 June. We will gather at the school at 08:00 a.m., and from there, we will proceed to Lutkovno gledališče, Ljubljana, where we will have the opportunity to explore the hidden places at the backstage of the puppet theatre. We anticipate returning around 12:00, followed by a reflection session and a brief workshop on creating simple puppets in the art classroom.
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7M & 7I Cultural Day – Song of the Sea

On 11 June, the 7M and 7I pupils had a cultural day at the cinema. The day began in school where they participated in two workshops. During the first lesson they were inquiring into various aspects of Irish mythology. The second lesson was dedicated to storytelling through film and the students created their own storyboards for possible films based on Irish mythology. Both workshops prepared them for the film Song of the Sea, a Celtic tail about selkies and other characters borne of Irish mythology. Most of the pupils gave the film a 4/5 rating as they found the story, animation and music captivating. Tina Frelih
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6M, 7M & 7I Sports Day – Beach Volleyball 🗓

On Friday, June 21st, 2024, 6M, 7M & 7I will have a sports day at the Ludus Center, which will feature net games. The pupils will participate in an organized beach volleyball tournament with their peers. The students should arrive at school as usual at 08:20 and collect their snacks. Afterward, we will walk to the Ludus Center, where activities will take place from 09:00 to 12:00. We will return to school around 13:00, and lunch will be organized as usual.
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Kindergarten Spring Camp – Day Three

After a good night's sleep, we packed our bags and tidied our rooms. The morning sun shone brightly as we set out on our adventire. Our first activity was a treasure hunt. We searched high and low, our eyes scanning the landscape for any sign of the hidden treasure. Finally, we stumbled upon a chest of bee stamps which we stamped on our hands. Before lunch we played at the playground in front of the house, engaging in a variety of activities. Some of us played football, while others enjoyed a game of ping pong. We also drew pictures with chalk on the ground and skipped over a rope. After lunch, we boarded the bus and were on our way home. We were happy to see our families again, but we knew that we would never forget this trip. Sonja Može
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Kindergarten Spring Camp – Day Two

After. A hearty breakfast, we ventured into the forest, where we collected branches for the fire. Once we had our wood, we constructed the fire. Then we placed the bread on the fire. The delicious bread, the warmth of the fire and the joy of being with friends created a very special moment. Later we tried our artistic skills and were given a really unique opportunity to paint on beehive panels. In the afternoon we took a break from our artistic endeavors and we rode scooters through obstacle courses. In the evening we enjoyed a pyjama party with disco lights and dancing. When it was time for bed we all fell asleep quickly, our dreams filled with the visions of the day.
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MYP Science Day – Škofija Loka

On May 5, we embarked on an unforgettable journey to explore the historic town of Škofja Loka and delve into the wonders of the Slovenian Alpine Museum. Our Science Day excursion was a resounding success, offering students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Slovenia's rich mountaineering history while nurturing their research skills. Throughout the day, the pupils actively engaged with their surroundings, asking insightful questions and keenly observing their surroundings. By delving into the depths of Škofja Loka and the museum, the students gathered valuable information. Our Science Day was a celebration of curiosity, exploration, and learning. We look forward to future adventures that will continue to expand our horizons and deepen our understanding of the world around us. Klemen Strmljan
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International Day

On Saturday, June 1, our DKIS community came together to celebrate International Day at Camp Menina, a vibrant and joyous event that highlighted the rich cultural diversity within our school. The day was filled with colorful displays, performances and activities that showcased the unique traditions and heritage of our students and their families. The celebration was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of our students, the unwavering support of our parents, and the dedication of our teachers. Together, they created an unforgettable experience that brought our community closer and fostered a deeper appreciation for the diverse backgrounds that make DKIS so special. A special mention goes to our wonderful Parent-Teacher Association, whose hard work and planning were instrumental in organising the event. We are particularly grateful to the PTA Chair, Mrs Lake, whose leadership and commitment were the key in making the day a success. Thank you to everyone who joined us and contributed to making International Day a memorable occasion. We look forward to many more events that celebrate the unity and diversity of our DKIS community.
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Kindergarten Spring Camp – Day One

We arrived at CŠOD Čebelica eager to start our adventure. After settling in, we took a break to enjoy a snack and recharge. The playground was next, we had a blast playing together. After lunch we ventured into the forest, where we built houses out of sticks. As we explored the meadow, we observed and discovered all sorts of fascinating things, from tiny insects to colourful flowers. By the end of the day we were all exhausted but exhilareted by the experiences we had shared. Sonja Može
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5M Sports Day – Athletics 🗓

On Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 5M will have a sports day focused on athletics. We will go to the ŽAK stadium, where coaches from AD MASS will be waiting for us. We will try out five athletic disciplines. All disciplines will also be measured so that we can see everyone's results at the end. We will meet at 08:20 in front of the school, where we will pick up our snacks, and then we will take the city bus to the stadium. We expect to return around 12:15. See you soon. MS Jasna
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6M & 7M Retirement Home & Kindergarten Visit

Grade 6 students have been visiting the Retirement Home in Bežigrad this year as part of their Service as Action project. The Students and residents baked cookies and participated in sport activities. They had to think and communicate while playing various mental games board games and participating in a quiz. Before the Christmas holidays, they also made holiday decorations together. Both the pupils and the residents had fun and enjoyed each other's company and the project was a great success for the second year running. Furthermore, pupils from grade 7 participated in a similar intergenerational service project with our international kindergarten that started this year. The students prepared some fun activities for the children such as dancing, board games, decorating cookies, a treasure hunt, puzzles, sport activities, origami, creating autumn booklets and sock puppets and more. The grade 7 students enjoyed teaching the younger pupils and they had fun learning from the older pupils. This project was also a great success and we hope to continue with it next year. Tina Frelih
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7M & 7I Storytelling Theatre

Last week grades 7I and 7M had their fila Theatre performances. They presented their own storytelling sessions. Each group chose a fable and portrayed it with sounds, animal noises, and an original theme song, which served as an introduction into the story. The audience were active participants through activities following the storytelling, as well as questioning regarding the morals of the story and what they would do in the place of the protagonists.  Well done to all of the groups! Ms Mateja Kores & Ms Kristina Štemberger
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5M Kavka Field Trip – Homeward Bound

Today is the last day of Kavka and the 5M students are leaving. Most of the pupils are really happy because they miss their parents. In the morning, all of the students started packing all their things and made sure not to forget anything. After that, everyone had breakfast, today we had bread with butter and honey and for our drink we had milk. Then, we had 40 minutes of free time, everyone had fun and enjoyed it. Then we had an hour and a half to work on our PYPX, where I am writing this article. Later, we will go to Kobarid to have ice cream and then we will eat our packed lunch in Most na Soči . We will then continue the journey back to Ljubljana. Overall, Kavka was a fun experience for the students and teachers and all of us will miss it. By Timur, 5M
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8M & 8I Sports Day – Bohinj Adventure 🗓

On Wednesday, June 12, 2024, there will be a sports day (volleyball, rowing on Lake Bohinj, climbing, and cycling). We will gather at 07:45 at the carpark behind TUŠ supermarket. The bus will depart at 08:00 and we will return at around 17:00 to the same location. Please bring two swimsuits, a towel, sports clothes and shoes, and in case of bad weather, additional spare clothes. Pac Sports will provide the rest of the necessary equipment (wetsuits and boots, safety harnesses, etc.). The pupils are required to follow the instructions of the instructors and accompanying teachers. In case of inappropriate behaviour or the endangering of oneself or others, parents will be notified and will have to come to pick up their child in Bohinj. Luka Sterle, PE teachers and 8I/M and 9th graders homeroom teachers
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5M Kavka Field Trip – Day Four

Today we did not go anywhere far away from dom Kavka but some students went on a morning run. After, we went outside to try archery, climbing and while we waited for our turn we played football. Then we were working on our speeches and all of us finished them. It was hard and challenging; however, I finished it. Everyone also presented their speeches and mostly all of us gave them very well. It was a very good lunch today we had good soup and for the main dish we got mashed potato and chicken. For dinner we had vegetable casserole, and for the sweet we got a mini cake and it was very tasty. After dinner, Kavka´s teachers prepared a fun activity for us. We were playing different games, the Slovenian school vs our School. Written by Nikita, 5M
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2M Science Day – Ecosystems 🗓

The 2M pupils will have a science day on June 7th. The day will focus on the world of ecosystems. The students will learn about different ecosystems and enjoy hands-on experience by exploring the school garden as well as creating their own miniature ecosystem. The day will start at 08:10 and finish at Midday, with Afternoon programme and lunch continuing afterwards. Please start gathering various natural elements to be used for building ecosystems – collect small pebbles, stones, twigs, small branches, shells, amongst other things. Teja Klavs, 2M Homeroom Teacher
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7M & 7I Cultural Day – Song of the Sea 🗓

In connection with their unit on World Mythology in English and their unit on Storytelling in Theatre, The 7M pupils will visit the cinema on Tuesday, 11 June. We will meet at school where the students will spend their first two lessons participating in workshops. After snack, we will take the bus to Kinodvor where they will watch an animated film based on the Irish legend of the selkies Song of the Sea (2014). We will be back in school by 13:00. Tina Frelih
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5M Kavka Field Trip – Day Three

So today, everybody was really tired when they woke up, but after a little morning PE we were all energetic. Afterward we had breakfast, but many people were sad because they replaced the chocolate spread with jam croissants. Then, everyone filled up their backpacks with food and water, because we were going on a 2-hour hike to Italy! When we came back, everybody was tired, and lucky for us we had a break. After that we had lunch, and everyone said it was the best meal yet! After that, we worked on our PYP exhibition for 3 more hours, and when we finished, we had time with our phones. Then, we had dinner, which was also delicious. After that, we were playing board games in the dining room for an hour and a half, and by then, the only thing everybody wanted was to go to sleep. So we prepared for bed and went to sleep. I hope tomorrow will be as exciting as today! By Irena, 5m
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Athletics – Regional Finals

Selected students who qualified for the regional finals on Wednesday, May 29th, went to the ŽAK stadium in Ljubljana to compete in various athletic disciplines such as the 60m dash, 1000m run, 600m run, long jump, high jump, vortex throw, amongst others. The competition was intense, and all our school's students did their best, showing perseverance and healthy competitiveness. Aleksandar Jovanović from DKIS even made it to the podium, winning the vortex throw competition for younger boys. Congratulations to all the pupils for demonstrating good sportsmanship and representing DKIS in the best possible way. Mitja Uršič
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MYP Science Day – Škofija Loka 🗓

Meeting point: Tuš carpark, 08:00. The snack monitors will bring snack from school to the departure point. The students will visit Škofja Loka and the Slovenian Alpine Museum. The trip aims to provide pupils with a hands-on learning experience, exploring the rich history and science behind mountaineering as well as the cultural heritage of Škofja Loka. The students need to be dressed and equipped according to the weather conditions on that day. They also need a small backpack, a pencil case and a small bottle of water. During the fieldtrip, smart phones will not be allowed. The return to school will be at around 13:00.
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1M – 5M Sports Day – Atlantis 🗓

We meet at 08:10 in the classrooms. We will take snack with us and leave the school at 08:20. We will travel by bus. Activities will start at 09:00 and finish at 11:30. Sports day will finish at around 12:15. Lunch and AP will take place as usual. The pupils that have lunch at school will take the school packed lunch to Atlantis and eat it there. Things to bring: sports clothes, small backpack, swimming trunks, a towel, hair dryer, and bottle of water.
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6M Shadow Puppet Performances 🗓

The pupils of 6M have prepared 6 short shadow puppet performances through an interdisciplinary unit combining Language and Literature and Theatre. The stories are based on well-known fairy tales, but they have been given a modern or unexpected twist, that should peak your interest! Through the acquisition of acting skills at Theatre, the stories have come alive with interesting characters, sounds, and effects. We will stage them on 12th June in the school's auditorium, lessons 4 and 5. Parents and family welcome! We will also have guests from another school in the audience, who have shown an interest in experiencing theatre in English! We are very proud to have the opportunity to welcome them to the shows. We are looking forward to seeing you there! Ms Tina Frelih, Ms Mateja Kores, Ms Kristina Štemberger
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5M Kavka Field Trip – Day Two

Today, we woke up with a beautiful sunrise but nobody knew what weather we would have to go through. After we woke up everyone went to the dining room to have a peaceful breakfast. Surprisingly we had a full buffet with various food choices. My personal favourite was the bread with chocolate spread. After the breakfast, we were called into the blue room for Danile Kumar to continue with our PYPX and we thought it would be short and sweet, but we were wrong. We did the PYPX for 6 hours straight. Of course, we had 10-30 min breaks. Lunch was very loud but all the people in our class decided that it was THE BEST. After lunch, we did PYPX for 1 hour and we finally finished. After PYPX, we finally relaxed, freshened up, had dinner, and got ready for bed. I hope that everyone will sleep tight and stay tuned to our website to get updated on tomorrow. Bye-Bye :). Written by Pranav 5m.
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5M PYP Exhibition Presentation 🗓

On Tuesday, 11 June, from 08:25 to 09:05, 5M students will, in a short speech, present their PYP Exhibition work to parents, family members, and members of the PYP community in the school’s auditorium. Then, at 09:10, the parents of the 5M pupils are invited to attend the presentation in the hallway of building 2, and the rest of the school community is welcome from 10:30 to 12:05. Please encourage your children and other students by providing positive feedback. Parents are requested to turn off their mobile phones during the presentations since other students will be presenting their research in the hallway at the same time.  The afternoon programme will take place as usual. Mr Andy and Ms Tina
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4M Cultural Day – Roman Emona 🗓

We will be taking our 4M students on a journey through the world of Emona on Wednesday, June 12th, 2024. In Ljubljana's city centre they will explore the remains of Roman Emona with a knowledgeable guide. Please ensure your child arrives at school as usual, at 08:20. We will depart from the school at 08:45, using public transport to reach the city centre. Your child will need a water bottle and a small backpack. Snacks will be provided. The cultural day will conclude at 12:05, followed by the start of the afternoon program. Anja Plut
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5M Kavka Field Trip – Day One

On Monday, 27 May, 5M embarked on a journey to the far west of Slovenia, and dom Kavka, amidst the lush green mountains and forests. On arrival, everyone prepared their beds, and were summoned to a meeting about the rules and regulations of the residence. Lunch was taken, then we delved into kavka cave, a slippery underground grotto, with interesting rock formations. After dinner, we hiked around the local area, and discussed biodiversity. Then we returned to our temporary home, showered and went to bed. Samarth, 5M
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English Exchange – Day Five

We spent the last day as a full group of pupils, teachers, and parents at the Cotswolds Waterpark.  The students and those brave of heart suited up in wetsuits and declared war on an inflatable obstacle course. They had a brilliant time splashing around. Chapeau to those who refused to be skittish of the cold waters. After an active morning, Mr Nathan lit up the grill and gave us a barbecue feast. Most host families joined us and our host pupils prepared lovely goodbye gifts for everyone.  Tomorrow is a family day, so make sure you check on your children on the Padlet.  Sunday morning we head to London, where we will see the most notable sights before heading off to the airport and back to Slovenia. Ms Mateja & Ms Tina
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International Beach Volleyball Tournament – Velden am Wörthersee

On Friday, May 24, selected students from the MYP department went to Velden am Wörthersee to participate in an international Beach Volley Tournament. The students displayed sportsmanship and showcased their volleyball skills on the courts. It was a successful event and we hope the pupils will cherish the experience, make new friendships, and maintain healthy lifestyles. Although the boys' team fell just short of the finals, one of our girls' teams finished second. Congratulations to all the participants! Mitja Uršič
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English Exchange – Days Three & Four

On Wednesday we visited the Bard's hometown and, despite the rain, managed to complete a portion of the scavenger hunt, which led us past all the historically important landmarks of Stratford Upon Avon. The charming town is truly a gem, harboring history, idyllic streets offering a stroll down history lane.  The day was rounded up by a visit to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and we watched a play that will, to say the least, be memorable.  Today we explored Gloucester and its Quays as well as the Cathedral. We stopped by The New Inn, the oldest building, which is said to be haunted. Ms Frelih and I are staying here and we are sadly reporting that as of now no spirits have taken an interest in us and have not paid us a visit yet. Hope still remains.  After boarding our two minibuses we headed to the Slad Valley, home to a town of the famous writer Laurie Lee, who lived locally and vividly described his upbringing in this neck of the woods. We walked plenty and enjoyed the vista from the nearby hills and then headed to the cricket grounds even higher up, where the pupils enjoyed a sporty and cultural experience playing England's famous sport.  We can say that today we are all happy to rest in our beds as we released a lot of energy and have to ponder these experiences, either awake or in our dreams.  Ms Mateja Kores
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Portfolio Night

On Thursday, 23 May, the PYP and MYP pupils presented their portfolios to their parents, guardians and other family members.  While the PYP students presented their complete collection of work, the pupils in the MYP organised their assessments and assignments into 10 categories, each representing an ATL skills cluster. This means that they presented the work they believe best demonstrates the progress they have made throughout the year in their communication, organisation, critical thinking, creative thinking, and transfer skills, amongst others. Anja Dežman
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1M – 4M Science Day – Ljubljana Marshes

On Monday, May 20, 2024, the pupils from grades 1M to 4M enjoyed an educational field trip to the Ljubljana Marshes (Ljubljansko Barje), immersing themselves in nature and history. The youngest students, from grades 1M and 2M, focused on six endangered species native to the marshland. They learned about the impact of human activities on these species and the importance of preserving their habitats. Engaging activities helped the children understand the critical balance needed to maintain biodiversity. The older pupils, from grades 3M and 4M, explored the marsh's rich history, delving into the lives of prehistoric pile dwellers. They walked through the marshlands, visited reconstructed dwellings, and learned about the ancient techniques used by early inhabitants to adapt to their environment. This field trip provided a hands-on learning experience, deepening the students' appreciation for both the environment and local heritage. Anja Plut
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English Exchange – Day Two

Today we boarded two minibuses and headed to the picturesque city of Bath, the filming location of Bridgerton and parts of Downton Abbey. We, however, were not on a TV star hunt, but explored a self-guided tour of the Roman Baths. The incredibly well preserved and impressive spa built above a natural thermal spring dating back to 60–70 AD, gave us a good glimpse into the lavish Roman lifestyle of the time.  The afternoon was marked by an authentic English experience with afternoon tea - we had English tea, lovely sandwiches, scones and an assortment of desserts. Practicing the appropriate royal way of drinking tea, and the infamous little finger were an obligatory part of the ritual.  It was a lovely day and the city of Bath treated us extremely well.  Ms Mateja Kores and Ms Tina Frelih
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Athletics Competition

On Monday, May 20, 2024, a regional athletics competition took place at the Žak Stadium in Ljubljana. Several of our students participated and achieved very good results. Practically all the pupils from the international school were among the top 10 in their respective disciplines. They competed in the high jump, 60m run, 600m run, 300m run, and long jump. Congratulations to all competitors! Ms Jasna
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English Exchange – Day One

The first day after an eventful journey led us to the Wotton House International School. We experienced a typical Wotton school day.  The students participated in regular lessons and electives, and got the first taste of MYP 4 and 5.  They spent a lot of quality active and social time in the school's beautiful and spacious grounds. It seemed their nervous system adapted well to the strict no phone policy.  We are looking forward to reflecting on what they liked about the school curriculum and which aspects they found challenging.  On to day 2! We will be sending daily reports with some visual support, and in the meantime, you are welcome to browse the Padlet that Ms Ule kindly set up for us.  https://padlet.com/katarinaule/slovenia-uk-exchange-2024-oax0j5yxtwyq8cw2 Ms Mateja Kores and Ms Tina Frelih
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Cycling Assessment 🗓

Pupils who are part of our annual cycling course will have their final assessment for cycling in traffic on Thursday, May 30th. For those who are not successful the first time, there will be a second assessment on June 6th. The students have already practised riding bicycles on a course around the school and during the assessment six teachers will evaluate them at different points along the route. The exam will take place from 13:15 to 14:30, so students will need to stay in school a bit longer on that day. Wishing all the students the best of luck! Warm regards, Mitja Uršič
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Salzburg Trip

Students from grades 7 and 8 who learn German took part in a one-day excursion to the sat mine in Hallein and the city centre of Salzburg. We had a lovely sunny day and enjoyed all the activities planned. We are looking forward to go sightseeing and exploring other sights in Austria next year! Ms Petra
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English Exchange 🗓

We are returning the visit to our partner school in the exchange programme with Wotton House International School in Gloucester, The United Kingdom.  We are spending the week of 19th to 26th May on the road exploring the beautiful English countryside and deepening the relationships that we forged here is Slovenia in February.
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Teachers Complete 12.5 km Run

On Saturday, May 11, 2024, a few of the PHE teachers represented Danila Kumar School at the 12.5 km running competition, in which you needed to run in groups of three. It was in part a commemorative event for the "Pohod po Poti ob žici" (Walk along the Wire) that takes place every year, organized by the City Municipality of Ljubljana around May 9th, marking the end of the Second World War across Europe. In addition to preserving historical memory, the annual running competition encourages people to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle, socialize, and care for the environment in which they live, so these were the things that drove the teachers to delve in. DKIS PHE teachers
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Italian Excursion

The pupils learning one of the Romance languages had the option of spending  Friday, 10 May, in Italy. We visited  Miramare Park, enjoyed the view from Duino castle, learned a little bit about the history of Trieste and attended the Van Gogh exhibition. Do you know how many paintings the famous artist sold during his lifetime? We do now.  The students also compared the key words from our excursion in Italian, Spanish and French and competed in a short quiz. Overall, we had a very enjoyable and informative trip. Tea Jelnikar
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School Choirs Annual Concert 🗓

We are inviting you to a concert in the school auditorium on Wednesday, 29 May, at 17:00. Performing: Otroški pevski zbor Sovice (Slovenian department Children’s Choir “Sovice”) Orffova skupina (Slovenian department Orff instruments group) Otroški pevski zbor Navihani intervali (Slovenian department Children’s Choir “Navihani intervali”) PYP Choir Mladinski pevski zbor (Slovenian department Youth Choir) School band Come and spend the afternoon enjoying the gift of music with us! P.S. Pupils who like participating and performing in events such as this are invited to consider actively joining PYP and MYP Choir next school year. Ms Kristina Štemberger & Ms Sara Štranca
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Help Our Schoolmates 🗓

We kindly invite you to this year’s HELP OUR SCHOOLMATES charity fair on Thursday, 23 May 2024, at Danila Kumar International School. The event will take place on the grass playground of building II and it will begin at 17:00. with the Slovenian grade 1 performance. The Grand opening ceremony and fair with companion programme will start at 17:00. and afterwards we will continue with the performances of Slovenian grades 2, 3, 4, 5. The auction will start at 18;30. (In the event of rain, the programme will take place in the sports dome and in the school hall).
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MYP Volleyball & Tennis Tournament (Selected Pupils) – Carinthia, Austria 🗓

On Friday, May 24, 2024, we will have a Beach Volleyball and Tennis Tournament in Carinthia, Austria. The pupils need to be at the BUS station behind TUŠ supermarket at 07:30 sharp, from where we will depart for Velden. The tournament will last approximately from 09:00 to 14:00. We need around one hour to get to Carinthia, and the students require documentation for international travel. At 14:30, we will return to Ljubljana. As these activities are outdoors, the pupils need to bring a water bottle, some spare sports clothes, cap, and sunscreen. Snack and lunch boxes will be provided, although they can take a healthy snack with them. Mitja Uršič
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Cooking Club – Bon Appetit 🗓

On 23rd May the cooking club students will help raise donations during the school fair “Help our Schoolmates” for the school fund.  They will test their acquired skills in cooking and serving. They will prepare Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian pancakes) and paella (traditional Spanish sea-fruit and chicken rice dish). All will be prepared outdoors on the spot. The paella will be primarily cooked by a professional chef. Come hungry! Ms Katarina & the PYP cooks
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7M & 7I Theatre Storytelling Sessions 🗓

The Year 7 pupils will present their final performances at Theatre on 28th and 29th May.  In groups of three they have prepared a storytelling session based on a chosen fable.  7I will perform on 28th May, lessons 1 and 2 7M will perform on 29th May, lessons 2 and 3 All the performances will take place in the school auditorium.  Family and friends are welcome! The rest of the day will be according to their timetables. Snack and lunch will take place as usual.  We are looking forward to immersing ourselves into the world of storytelling and will be thrilled to see you there! Ms Mateja Kores & Ms Kristina Štemberger Theatre teachers
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Kindergarten Scavenger Hunt 🗓

On Wednesday 29th of May we are going to have a scavenger hunt in Tivoli park. We are going to leave school at 08:20, and use the city bus No. 8, so please be in school by 08:15. Make sure students the pupils have breakfast at home and are dressed appropriately. Everyone needs a small backpack with a water bottle in witchwhich they are going to carry the snack provided by school. Lunch is going to be served at 12:30. In case of bad weather, trip is going to bethe trip will be postponed.
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5M Field Trip – Kavka 🗓

Grade 5 studentsThe 5M Pupils will go on a 5-day field trip to Kobarid from Monday, 27 to Friday, 31 May 2024. On Monday we meet at the Tuš parking space at 9 amcarpark at 09:00, and on Friday we will be return there at around 15:00 pm. In Kavka students the pupils will be working on the PYP Exhibition, and some sports activities will be organised as well. Ms Tina
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1M – 4M Science Day – Ljubljana Marshes 🗓

On Monday, May 20, 2024, pupils from 1M to 4M  will visit the Ljubljansko Barje Landscape Park. 1M and 2M will explore six endangered animal species, learn about the human impact on the changes in the Ljubljansko Barje, and understand the challenges of preserving suitable habitats for endangered species. 3M and 4M will take a walk through the mosaic of the marshes into prehistory and the life of pile dwellers. The pupils should gather at 08:10 at the school, where they will receive snack; departure for the bus stop will follow at 08:20. We will return around 12:05. The students should bring a small backpack and a water bottle with them. In case of sunny weather and high temperatures, they should bring a hat and sunscreen, and it is also recommended they protect themselves from mosquitoes and horseflies. Anja Plut
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World Book & Copyright Day

The MYP pupils participated in different activities in their Language and Literature lessons last week to commemorate World Book & Copyright Day, which is officially celebrated on the 23 April. The 6M pupils read poems in a variety of languages and expressed their creativity and feelings in an artistic response to them. 7M presented the myths or the myth inspired books which they have been reading throughout their third unit connected to world mythology. Similarly, the 8M pupils reported on the horror, fantasy and science fiction books they have been reading in their current unit on imaginative fiction. The lessons were very interesting and gave us some ideas for our next holiday reading experiences.
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PYP & MYP Sports Day – Pot ob žici

On Friday, May 10th, 2024, the PYP and MYP departments embarked on a sports day adventure. We explored various segments of the Path of Memory and Comradeship, an area designated to commemorate the annual event "Walk along the Path of the Wire." This event, organized by the City Municipality of Ljubljana, occurs every year on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday around May 9th, commemorating the end of the Second World War across Europe. In addition to honouring historical memory, our annual hike fosters an active and healthy lifestyle, social interaction, and environmental stewardship. Warm regards, PHE Teachers
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5M Cultural Day – The Art of Presenting

On Friday, 10 May, 5M were treated to a morning with the prominent expert in public speaking, Andreja Jernejčič. Upon arrival, at her beautiful premises in Ljubljana, we were welcomed with beverages and appetizers, to prepare us for learning about performing in front of an audience. First, Ms Jernejčič gave a richly informative presentation about public speaking, noting non-verbal communication, preparation, and knowledge as some key aspects. There was also the trick of trying to talk with a pencil in your mouth, which helps you open your mouth fully. The pupils then practiced, using their newly acquired knowledge, and performed, in front of camera, their opening lines for their PYP Exhibition speeches. Ms Jernejčič, then gave us the benefit of her insightful feedback, which was very encouraging for the students, and the teachers too. We would like to thank Ms Jernejčič for a warm, wonderful and informative morning, as well as for the chocolate! Thank you!
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PYP Earth Day – Ljubljana Botanical Gardens

On Monday, 22 April, the PYP pupils celebrated Earth Day by visiting the Botanical Gardens in Ljubljana. We were warmly welcomed by a host of green-fingered guides, who took each class around the various environments showcased by the gardens, including the tropical greenhouse and typical outdoor Slovenian fauna. The pupils also had gardening workshops, including planting their own seedlings and making a carnivorous pitcher plant from paper, of which they were allowed to take home. The day concluded in the classroom with a discussion on the importance of the conservation of nature and natural resources, followed by a reflection on the day. Let's make Earth Day everyday.
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Peace Run

On Friday, April 26th, our school welcomed the Peace Runners with open arms. The pupils sang, danced, and shared in a message of peace. The day culminated in a symbolic lap run together, fostering unity and spreading inspiration throughout our school community. Denis Divjak
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Project Kuhanpato

4 PYP pupils took part in a cooking event which was co-organized by SPAR Slovenia and project Kuhnapato. This year's theme focused on preparing dishes from leftovers. Sometimes we cook too many potatoes or have old bread that nobody wants to eat.  What can we do? Prepare dumplings with butter bread crumbs. We also brought herbs from our school garden to make the sour cream sauce and we prepared tea from the school garden's mint. It was a great event – the students learned new skills and promoted the cooking of all leftovers, so nothing gets wasted. All in all, a very good day.
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1M Cultural Day 🗓

On Wednesday, 8 May, 1M will have an in-school cultural day connected to their current Unit of Inquiry. We will meet at 08:10 in the classroom and focus on different text formats, their various parts and characteristics as well as different books. We will finish at 12:05. Afternoon Care and lunch will take place as usual.
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Portfolio Night 🗓

Dear parents,

On Thursday, 23 May 2024, we invite you to our second portfolio night. It's a chance to view your children's work from this school year, tracking their learning journey. Take this opportunity to witness their progress and offer support for their future endeavours. The event will take place in their homeroom classrooms, starting at 16:00 and lasting until 17:30, which means you can attend the event together with your children at any time during this time slot. We are looking forward to your visit! The PYP & MYP team
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1M & 2M Swimming Course – Atlantis 🗓

We meet at 07:50 in your classroom. We will take school snack and board a bus at 08:00.   Do not be late! The swimming course will start at 08:30 and finish at 11:30. The pupils will be tested and then divided into groups according to their swimming skills. Each group will have their own swimming instructor. Things to bring: small backpack, swimming trunks, a towel, hair dryer. We should be back to school at around 12:10. Lunch and afternoon program will take place as usual.
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6M Cultural Day – Puppet Theatre 🗓

The 6M pupils will have a Cultural Day on 14th May 2024.  We will gather at school at 08:00, have snack and take a public bus to the city centre. A brief walk will lead us to Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana. At 09:30 we will watch the puppet performance Samson and Roberto: Baywatch. The performance lasts about 50 minutes. “This is a place for all eccentrics, outcasts and dreamers: the utopic land of quirky characters and lonely souls, where life is characterised by the spirit of friendship, acceptance and camaraderie. Everyone is welcome at the Baywatch.” We will return to school after the performance and conclude with a reflective circle, pondering the message of the story and analysing puppetry skills, which will come in handy for the students' own performances in June.  The day will finish at 13:00. Lunch will take place as usual.  Ms Mateja Kores Theatre Teacher
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5M Cultural Day – Public Speaking Workshop 🗓

On Thursday, May 18, 5M students will have the opportunity to meet Ms Andreja Jernejčič, whose expertise is teaching how to give public speeches. The students will join her in her recording studio in BTC, where Ms Jernejčič will provide some advice on giving speeches and eliminating stage fright. We would like to thank Ms Jernejčič for her time. Students will leave school at 08:45 and return around 12:00, and then continue with lessons. Ms Tina
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The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run 🗓

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1987, is now the longest and largest global peace torch relay in the world. An international team of runners carries the torch, symbolizing the collective pursuit of peace, to countries around the world. The torch is passed from hand to hand, and its symbolic message goes from heart to heart. Many join the runners on their journey. Millions of people have held the torch and joined the calls for peace. The Peace Run is an initiative that connects people in a shared desire for harmony and friendship, and is the aspiration of many individuals to start building global harmony, first in our hearts, in our relationships, and in our communities.This year, the international team of runners will arrive in Slovenia from Italy, carrying the torch of peace from April 25th to 29th, 2024. We will welcome the Peace Run team to our school this Friday, April 26th at 13:00!  Source: Children | The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run. (n.d.). Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run. https://www.peacerun.org/eu/children/
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Language Acquisition Excursion 🗓

On 10 May 2024, Danila Kumar Primary School will once again organise an excursion to Italy and Austria for the national and the international departments. The sStudents learning French, Spanish or Italian will visit Trieste and its surroundings, while the students of German will go to Salzburg. The purpose of this optional, one-day trip is for the students pupils to visit a country where a Romance or a Germanic language is spoken and gain new experience of the language and culture. Students The pupils who will do not take part in the excursion will have a sports day. All the additional information is included in the application, which the students have received at school.
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DKIS Sports Days – Pot ob Žici 🗓

On Thursday, May 9, 2024, the kindergarten children, together with their teachers, will embark on the “POT OB ŽICI”. The pupils will have breakfast at school, and then set off around 10:00. They will return at around 12:00 p.m., so lunch and afternoon activities will remain unchanged. On Friday, May 10, 2024, the entire international department of Danila Kumar Elementary School will also undertake part of the route, with the exception of class 5M, which who will have a sports day in on their field trip. The sStudents will should gather in front of the school at 08:00 a.m., where they will receive a snack, and then proceed to individual points of the “POT OB ŽICI” with their teachers. Each class will have its own section of the trail. We will return at around 12:30 p.m., so lunch will take placebe organized as usual. THE STUDENTS NEED TO WEAR SPORTs CLOTHES AND SHOES FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITY! Jasna Lavrenčič and Mitja Uršič
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Kindergarten Cycling Day 🗓

On 16th of May the kindergarten students are going to have a cycling day.  The students should bring their bicycles/push bikes or scooters to the kindergarten. They also need to bring their helmets as they will not be able to participate without them.   The activities are going to take place on the Forca playground near school from 09:30 onwards. Breakfast and lunch are going to be served as usual.
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