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MYP Pre – Earth Day

On 15 April the MYP pupils helped with the school garden to commemorate Earth Day. They prepared the soil for planting the first seeds of the year. A lot had to be done and we were quite efficient. Throughout the spring the students will be tending the gardens during the main breaks - what a great way to de-stress, connect to nature and acquire some new skills.  Katarina Čepič
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4M Sports Day – Cycling

On Monday, April 15, 4M and other pupils who are part of the 23/24 cycling course, had a sports day connected with cycling skills. There were three mentors from the Pogi Team who prepared a variety of obstacle courses for the students, so they could demonstrate their knowledge of riding a bicycle under various conditions. Although some students were still struggling at the start of the day, I believe that each of them progressed during the practice and showed improvement by the end of the activities. We had a lovely sunny day full of new cycling experiences that will have a positive impact on our abilities, enabling us to become better cyclists. Yet we all know there is still a lot to learn! 
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World Book Day – Book Exchange 🗓

Have you got any books that you’ve read, grow out of and don’t need any more? You may swap or donate them. Bring your book and exchange it for another used book. You may donate up to three books and choose as many as you have donated. We will be collecting books for the exchange in our Library from Tuesday, 16th April to Friday, 19th April. The book swap will take place on 23rd April, WORLD BOOK DAY,                in the Hall of Building 2. Reading is a gift you will never forget.
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Cooking Competition – Kuhanpato 🗓

On 26th of April from 09:00 to 12:00, four of our 4M and 5M students will cook in the renowned Kuhnapato project which focuses on reinventing traditional Slovene cuisine.  This year it is held in honour of the International Day of Food Loss & Waste. It is to raise awareness about the importance of not wasting food, but creating new dishes with it.  They will be preparing fruit dumplings. Dumplings are a type of food which can be made from leftovers – e.g. mashed potato and fruit which is already very ripe. They will cook at the entrance to the City Park Spar shop along with other schools from Ljubljana. If you have time, drop by!
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Second-hand Clothes Day 🗓

Did you know that the fast-fashion industry with its waste water can be one of the biggest massive chemical pollutorspolluters on theis planet? Whatever chemicals we release uncontrollably into the environment, we end up eating and drinking them. These substances effect all of our body systems. Can you name some brands which that are responsible for the towards environment and are eco-friendly? In order to commemorate and be more aware of the importance of keeping our planet healthy and clean, we will wear second-handsecond-hand clothes on FridayMonday, 22 April.4., one day before Earth Day. This is also a call to change our fashion habits and show that reusing some items can be cool and – even – cooler! What is your favourite second-hand item? Ms Maja K. And Ms Katarina Č.
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Udine Football Tournament

On April 11, in Udine, Italy, a school soccer tournament took place, in which our school participated. The boys and girls performed and competed well against the Italians, Austrians, and the neighboring Lisa school. Both teams (girls and boys) recorded two wins and two losses, with one match ending in a draw. Thus, both the boys and girls secured fourth place in their respective categories. Congratulations! Jasna Lavrenčič
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MYP Sports Day – Bit Center

On Wednesday, April 10, the MYP students went to the Bit Center for their sports day. They participated in organized activities such as squash, squash volleyball, badminton and others. connected to the current PHE unit. The pupils also experienced how sports can influence our wellbeing and mindfulness. 
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Individual Interviews & 5M General Meeting 🗓

Dear DKIS community,

Individual meetings are scheduled for Thursday, April 18, from 16:00 to 17:30. To sign up, please provide your child's name, last name, and your email using the following link: INDIVIDUAL MEETINGS From 16:00–16:30, 5M will have a general meeting regarding the Kavka field trip. The sign-up list will be available until 12:00 on Wednesday, April 17. We kindly request that you adhere to your chosen time slots. If you are unable to secure a slot between 16:00 and 17:30, we encourage you to take advantage of our teachers' weekly meetings. Our teachers are available for one lesson per week, every week. You can find information about individual teacher time slots here: TEACHERS Teachers on duty will assist and guide you to your scheduled meeting.
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2M Sports Day – Mind & Body Activities 🗓

The pupils will embark on a journey of physical and mental prowess. They will participate in an array of activities designed to explore the body and mind. Our sports day will focus on the exploration of stability, stamina, heart rate, mindfulness and the fascinating realm of brain rules. We will start activities, on Thursday, April 18th, at 08:20 and finish at 12:05. Snack and afternoon programme will take place as usual. Teja Klavs & Denis Divjak Location]We will start with activities, on Thursday, April 18th, at 08:20 and complete finish at 12:.05. Snack and afternoon programme will take place as usualare organized as usually. Teja Klavs and & Denis Divjak Location]
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KIndergarten Science Day – Visit to the ZOO 🗓

On Wednesday 24th of April our pupils will visit Ljubljana ZOO. Make sure the students have their breakfast at home as they need to be at school at 08:00, as we have an early bus departure to our destination. We will take the city bus number 18. Snack will be provided by school, so the pupils need a small backpack with a water bottle, in which they will carry the provided food. The students need to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the trip. Ticket price is 7,50€. Lunch will be served at 12:45 at school. In case of bad weather the trip will be postponed.
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Project – Active Days 🗓

This project is now in its eighth year. The point of this project is to motivate students to be more physically active. To successfully participate and complete this project, students the pupils have to be active for 100 days during the current school year. The pParents have to sign their child’s student’s agenda and write what they did. Some students have already completed this project, . Great jobfor which they are to be commended.! The deadline for the completed project is the end of May. The sStudents have to hand in the completed chart to Mr Denis.
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PYP Science Day – Earth Day, Ljubljana Botanical Gardens 🗓

On Monday, 22 April, all the PYP pupils (1M to 5M) will spend the day at the Botanical Gardens. There they will explore the gardens, learn about the different plants and ecosystems and take part in some workshops. The pupils need to be equipped with a small backpack and pencil case and have weather appropriate clothes. At 07:50 gather at school and take snack At 08:00 leave the school by bus From 09:00 to 11:30 workshops at the Botanical Gardens 12:45-13:00 return to school Lunch and Afternoon program will be provided as usual. Organised by Ms Maja Kastelic
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4M Sports Day – Cycling Obstacle Course 🗓

On Monday, April 15, 2024, the 4M pupils and others that are part of this year’s cycling course will have a sports day connected to cycling skills. This means they need to come to school as usual, and we will start the sports day at 08:30 on facilities in the nearby vicinity. The instructors will prepare two obstacle courses and four stations where all will be able to test their skills and develop proper safe cycling techniques. Snack will be provided as usual from 10:10 until 10:30 in the dining room. We will finish the activities at 12:00. Lunch and afternoon program will follow. The pupils who are yet to bring their bicycles to school need to bring one along with a helmet and a positive attitude. We have five bicycles and a few helmets that you can borrow from school. During the activities, I will be assessing the student’s skills and proficiency. If they pass, they will be able to move on with our yearly course and test themselves in traffic in the upcoming weeks in our weekly Thursday lessons. Kind regards, Mitja Uršič
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EARTH DAY with Ms Dušica Kunaver 🗓

Slovene mythology is very rich and one story particularly stands out. It is about Zlatorog – Goldhorn, the guardian of Slovene mountains and the way he is challenged by men. We will look at the messages Slovene myths and legends carry for us in connection to our relationship towards nature. The workshop will be lead by Ms Dušica Kunaver, one of the most famous Slovene ethnologists and collectors of Slovene stories and songs. She was also the 2023 Grand Prize winning author at the Slovenian Book Fair for the Book of the Year - 100 Slovene stories. The lecture will be for grades MYP 1-3. Katarina Čepič
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World Book & Copyright Day 🗓

World Book & Copyright Day is celebrated around the world each year on 23 April. It has been organised by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing, and copyright since 1995. The MYP students will dedicate an English lesson to the day during which they will present the books they have read, connected to their units, and try to encourage their classmates and teachers to read the books as well. The 6. M students will also read poems from around the world. We hope that the entire school community will spendt part of the spring break reading and enjoying a good book they enjoy. Tina Frelih
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7M Science Day – Energy

On Friday 5 April, the 7M pupils had a two-pronged schedule, first travelling to the Medvode Hydroelectric Power Plant located on the River Sava, in the town of Medvode. At the run-of-the-river hydroelectric facility, the students were given a guided tour of the complex by the Manager, who explained how this type of energy is generated and its benefits while answering questions along the way. He also introduced and spoke about the solar power facility, also situated on the premises. The day culminated in a visit to the Jozef Stefan Institute – Reactor Centre. There, the pupils were guided through carbon friendly energy sources as well as information on nuclear energy. The pupils also got to test a geiger counter, and play interactive games involving making nuclear energy in a nuclear reactor.
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Easter Bazaar

Dear DKIS Community, We are delighted to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all students, parents, and teachers who contributed to the resounding success of yesterday's Easter Bazaar, organised by the PTA. From the colourful decorations to the delectable treats, from the engaging activities to the lively atmosphere, each aspect of the bazaar reflected the collaborative effort and enthusiasm of our community members. A special acknowledgment goes to Mrs Miša Lake, the PTA chair, whose passion and leadership were the driving force behind the bazaar. To every volunteer, donor, and participant, thank you for your invaluable contributions in making the Easter Bazaar a resounding success. Your support enriches and strengthens the bonds within our DKIS community. With sincere appreciation, DKIS
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Celebrating Success: Dominant Owls Excel at Robotic First LEGO League Competition

Once again, our Dominant Owls school team has left an indelible mark on the robotics stage, showcasing their remarkable talents and unwavering dedication. We are thrilled to announce their outstanding achievements at the State Finals of the First LEGO League competition held on 16th March in Puconci. The journey leading to this momentous occasion has been nothing short of extraordinary. Our team's growth in various facets, including knowledge, innovation, inclusion, impact, discovery, teamwork, robot design, and coding, has been truly commendable. These qualities were not only recognized but celebrated at the State Finals. Among the myriad of impressive endeavours undertaken by our team, their project shone brightly – "ARE ALL BOOKS LOST." This project, which secured second place in the Adria Finals category, epitomizes the spirit of creativity and purposeful action. Tasked with popularizing a common interest among teenagers, our students embarked on a mission centred around promoting reading. Understanding the challenge inherent in promoting reading among their peers, the team conducted extensive research into reading habits and the inclination towards reading among teenagers. Armed with insights, they set out to create their own bilingual book entitled "Those Who We Meet" (Oz Tisti, ki jih srečamo) in English and Slovene. Leveraging the power of AI, they brought the book to life through captivating animations. In a brilliant display of innovation, the team conducted experiments to discern the preferred format among their peers – traditional books or animated versions. The culmination of their efforts led to the creation of "LETTERS to a Young Reader," a book featuring contributions from notable personalities sharing their favourite books and the reasons behind their love for reading. The project on reading was just one facet of our team's multifaceted participation in the competition. They also showcased their prowess in demonstrating Core Values, Robot Technical Design, and Robot Game. It is with immense pride that we announce the accolades garnered by our team, including second place in the Project and first place in Core Values. The success achieved by the Dominant Owls school team not only underscores their exceptional abilities but also serves as a testament to the collective effort, passion, and perseverance of our students, mentors, and the entire school community. Congratulations! Mentors: Uroš Medar and Lojzka Lušin
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The Kindergarten Goes Shopping

On Friday 29 March. the kindergarten students went to a nearby shop to buy some new toys to play with in the sandboxes. They were on their best behaviour while in the store and we are very proud of them. When we came back to school they were all very eager to go out and play with their new toys. Sonja Može
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French Exchange – Day Seven

On the last day of our stay on the programme we were very busy. The first half of the day was spent in school, the students created different types of adverts to promote the exchange. The presentations were really interesting. After lunch in the canteen we went for a scavenger hunt in the seaside town of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie. We also immensely enjoyed some rays of sun on the beach as well. The conclusion of the evening was festive, since we cheered for the Challans team in a basketball match against Le Havre. A very nice and, again, sunny day! 
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French Exchange – Day Six

The students returned from the weekend activities with their host families in good spirits and with wonderful memories. The Danila Kumar teachers also visited the host teachers and got to know their families. We spent the day in sunny Nantes. It is a lively city of great history, Jules Vernes and of one of the greatest memorial sites connected to the abolition of slavery in the world. We had a day of walking, discovery and a little bit of shopping. Due to the amount of nice boutiques it would be nice to have an extra hour ????. All in all, another great day!
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The World Scholar’s Cup

Last weekend, 23 and 24 March, the students who attend the Debate ECA participated in a debate competition called The World Scholar's Cup. On Saturday, the pupils took the train to Trebnje Elementary School where they first attended the opening ceremony. Subsequently, they had a long and challenging day as they participated in three different events: writing compositions, a test and debating. They showed that they were excellent communicators, as well as being very knowledgeable and principled while working as a team and competing against other scholars. Sunday's events were held in Festivalna dvorana in Ljubljana. The day was less demanding, but started with an extensive quiz nevertheless. This was followed by a debate showcase in which the best debaters from the previous day showed their skills. The competitors had fun participating or supporting the contestants in the talent show as well. The competition concluded with the award ceremony in which our pupils proved to be very successful.  Alina Mia Vavpotič: 1st place Champion Scholar, 2nd place individual in Team Debate Raya Mincheva: 1stplace individual in Team Debate Kyrylo Stoianov: 1st place in History and Science and Technology Challenge  Neda Nikolova: 2nd place individual in Collaborative Writing Raya Mincheva, Neda Nikolova, Kyrylo Stoianov: 1st place in Team Debate, 3rd place overall Maks Sretenoski, Eden Kismet Bahri, Alina Mia Vavpotič 2nd place in Scholar's Bowl Alessia Ottino, Karin Isabel Vavpotič, Selim Ersavci: 2nd place in Team Debate Congratulations to all the scholars! Mentors: Anja Dežman and Tina Frelih
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MYP Football Tournament – Udine 🗓

On Thursday, 11 April, 2024, we will have a Football Tournament in Udine, Italy. The students picked for the school team are listed below in the table. The tournament will last approximately from 09:00 to 14:30. We need around two hours to get to Udine, and the pupils require the necessary documentation for international travel. They also need proper sports shoes with them and a water bottle. Snack and lunch boxes will be provided. The exact timetable will be sent in due course. Kind regards,  PHE teachers
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7M Science Day – Energy 🗓

The pupils will take their snack and head towards the bus (Tuš carpark). The main goal of this science day is to become acquainted with energy sources, energy conversions, efficiency, and practical solutions for converting energy sources into electrical energy. The students will visit the hydro-power plant in Medvode. We will see a solar power plant and a hydro power plant in action. After the visit in Medvode there will be time for snack. Next on the agenda will be the TRIGO Nuclear reactor at Brinje, near Ljubljana. There we will have a presentation about Low carbon energy sources and climate change, a workshop about radioactivity and nuclear decay, and see an interactive exhibition about nuclear technology and energy. The students need to be dressed and equipped according to the weather conditions on that day. They also need a small backpack, a pencil case and a small bottle of water. During the field trip the pupils will not be allowed to use their smart phones (it is best if they leave them at home). If your child will be excused from the field trip please inform the homeroom teacher in advance. The return to school will be at around 13:30.
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1M – 4M Cultural Day – Musical Animal Kingdom 🗓

On Tuesday, 9 April, grades 1M to 4M are going to see a symphony orchestra matinee at Cankarjev dom. The concert will be performed by The Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, the dance group Harlekin and the narrator and actor Andrej Rozman Roza. With music, movement and most importantly, specific orchestra instruments they will present different animals which inspired composers in the 19th and 20th centuries. As this is a classical music event at a cultural institution, the students should dress nicely for the occasion. The timetable for the day is: 07:50 – gathering at school and picking up school snack 08:00 – leaving school for Cankarjev dom by bus 09:00 – performance 09:45 – snack at Cankarjev dom 10:05 – return to school by bus 11:05 – 12:05 – lesson for reflection 12:05 – end of cultural day / lunch, AP If you have any questions, please get in touch with your homeroom teacher or send an email to strancars@os-danilekumar.si. Sara Štrancar
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French Exchange – Day Three

On day three we spent some time at school and we saw what a French school day looks like. The lessons are longer (55 min) and the students stay at school until about 17:00.  However, the breaks are longer, too. The students agree that there are advantages and disadvantages to this system. After a delicious lunch in the school canteen (they had an international week of food, so there was British fish 'n' chips on today's menu), we had an orientation run in the forest and some time at the sunny beach. The pupils will spend the weekend with their families and the official exchange school programme will continue on Monday. Katarina Čepič
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Organised by the PTA

WHEN­? THURSDAY, March 28th

WHERE? SCHOOL PLAYGROUND (in good weather), THE DOME (in case of bad weather) TIME? 2PM TO 4PM Parents and students – bring books, toys, Easter decorations, Easter bouquets, cooked foods and other items to the Bazaar and help your classes! Parents, children and siblings are kindly invited to sell, shop and play. Easter games and music will take place! All profits from the Easter Bazaar will go towards the organisation of our final event – INTERNATIONAL DAY!

French Exchange – Day Two

Today was a perfect postcard picture day. We visited the island of Noirmoutier by bus, where we tried brioche, oysters, played games on the beach Plage des Dames and enjoyed the city of Noirmoutier en Ile. We also saw the disappearing road which gets covered by the sea twice a day, so the inhabitants have to use a bridge to cross to the mainland. Our students are really exploring the French culture and habits and making new friends.  Katarina Čepič
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French Exchange – Day One

We started our journey to St Joseph College, Challans, France early in the morning. We took the coach to Milan and then flew to Nantes. We reached the French school at 16:00. The French students, teachers and parents warmly welcomed us with songs, dance and home-made goods. The students then joined their host families. It was a demanding day, but a successful one. Katarina Čepič
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PYP Science Day – Županova Jama

On Wednesday, 20 March, all of our PYP students enjoyed a wonderful day of cave exploring and forest hiking. They visited the Mayor's cave (Županova jama) near Grosuplje and witnessed all the wonders and beautiful sights of the cave world. They learned a lot about the Kras area, how stalactites and stalagmites are formed, which animals live in the cave, including bats, and more. A hike through the surrounding forest was then had, observing diverse flowers and trees.  The weather was beautiful and sunny so it really was a day to remember. Oliver Frlić
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MYP Sports Day – Mindfulness      🗓

On Wednesday, April 10, 2024, the entire MYP department will have a sports day. We will be going to the BIT Sports Centre, where we will be introduced to MINDFULNESS through various sports activities. The pupils should arrive at school by 08:00 to allow a departure time of 08:20 from the bus stop 7. Septembra. The sports day will last until 12:00, at which time we will begin the journey back to school, and expect to arrive at around 12:30. Lunch will take place as usual. The students should bring sports equipment, a water bottle, sports shoes (especially for indoor use), and a pen. Best regards, Jasna Lavrenčič and Mitja Uršič
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Kindergarten Cultural Day – A Mouse Called Julian

On Monday 18 March, the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre invited the kindergarten pupils to come and see an adaptation of the picture book A Mouse Called Julian by prize-winning author and illustrator Joe Todd-Stanton. There are many themes raised in the play like acceptance, overcoming fear and the important of friendship, which the actors conveyed emphatically through their puppetry skills, delighting the young and animated audience.
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French Exchange 🗓

From the 20th to 27th March 2024, 12 international and 18 national students will finally visit the 30 French exchange students and families from St. Joseph College, Challans, France, who visited us in October, earlier this year.   The students will take part in daily school life, visit many places like Nantes, and Ile de Noirmoutier, and learn about French food, culture, language and habits. We are really looking forward to meeting them again! Mmes Katarina, Nataša & Irena
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8M & 8I Workshops 🗓

Both classes will have a workshop about empathy but they will take place on different dates. On Monday, 8th of April, during the 6th lesson we will have a workshop for 8I (MYP 3). On Monday, 8th of April, during the 6th lesson we will have a workshop for 8m (MYP 3). The objectives of the workshop are to:
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4M Workshop 🗓

On Monday, 25th of March, during the 5th lesson, a workshop about psychological peer-to-peer violence will take place for the students of 4M (PYP 4). The objectives of the workshop are to: become familiar with the term psychological peer-to-peer violence, learn about the triangle of roles a person can take in the process of violence, discuss and learn about actions a student can take if they are a part of the process or a passive observant and how to help
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The Kindergarten students will go to the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre on Monday 18 March. They are going to see the puppet show Mišek Julijan. The price is 4€ per child. We will travel by public bus. The children should be at school at 08:00, as we will leave at 08:15. They should bring a small backpack for snack, which will be provided by school. Lunch will be served at the usual time of 12:30.

Culture Fair

In light of the holiday of St. Gregory, the beginning of spring in the old calendar and the Slovenian version of Valentine’s day, and its accompanying tradition of setting small handcrafted boats with lights inside so-called ‘barčice’ or ‘gregorčki’ into the water and burning them, the 6M students spent their homeroom lesson sharing their own family or national cultural traditions and celebrations. The pupils presented many different things. We learned about the Hungarian tradition of sprinkling water on maidens for good luck, making your own pencil and ensuring you use it until the end for good luck, traditional Slovenian handcrafting of lace, how to celebrate The Chinese New Year, Ukrainian traditional clothes, its money and flag, the Turkish symbol of good luck and about the Russian matryoshka,the Olympic games in Sochi and also about its traditional sweets. The students were excited about sharing their cultures with the class and we have all learned something new. Tina Frelih
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4M Cultural Day – Religion

On Tuesday, March 5, the 4M students went on a tour of religious sites in the centre of Ljubljana. First, we visited the Kadam Meditation Centre, where they practice the Buddhist religion and its rituals. They taught us about Buddhism and the Buddha, and then we also participated in a short meditation session. After having breakfast in Prešeren Square, we visited the Franciscan Catholic Church, where we also explored the children's chapel and the baptistery. Continuing our journey, we arrived at the Orthodox church, where we were impressed by the wall paintings and the burning candles. The last stop was the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Primož Trubar, where the priest conveyed a lot of information about the sanctuary itself, and the rituals, and answered many questions. We had a great time. Ms Anja Plut
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5M Science Day 🗓

Dear grade 5 parents,

We will have a science day on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. Activities will be organised in school as part of the students' work in the current Unit of Inquiry. We will start at 08:20 and finish at 12:05. The afternoon program will be take place as usual. Tina Fürst
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Slovenian National Skiing Championships (Primary Schools) – Rogla

March 6, 2024 saw the national skiing championships for primary schools taking place on Rogla mountain. Among the participants were some students from Danila Kumar International School, Taisiya Samokhina, Miha Posavec, and Neven Božović. Despite the challenging snow conditions and high starting numbers, they demonstrated excellent skiing skills and secured places among the top 40, out of a field comprising 280 competitors. Special thanks go to Mr Posavec, who lent us a helping hand and put us at ease during our participation in the competition with his skiing expertise and good spirits. Congratulations to the competitors! Ms Jasna Laverenčič
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Wotton School Exchange – Final Day

On our final day of the exchange we had a little get-together in which all of our students shared their experiences. They were enriched by the past 5 days and were gifted something invaluable - a meeting of cultures, personalities, habits, and ways of life. The most beautiful to observe is how differences become something we appreciate about each other, which in turn helps us grow and mature.  I would like to express gratitude to all host families, who graciously accepted a guest into your homes and gave them a proper welcome, not only to Slovenia, which for most of you is a second home, but to the true meaning of multiculturalism and diversity.  I am also expressing gratitude to Mr Klemen Strmljan, who supported this project from day 1 and provided me with all the help and support I needed, but gave me all the freedom to shape and form it together with Ms Katarina Ule and Mr Nathan Hutchings.  We are now looking forward to visiting England, and cannot wait to see each other again.  Ms Mateja Kores
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International Mother Language Day

To commemorate International Mother Language Day, which was on the 21 February, the students of the MYP participated in various activities during their English lessons. The activities were all connected to the units they are currently covering in the subject. The MYP 1 students created a language appreciation gallery in which they presented excerpts from autobiographies and biographies written in their mother tongue. The MYP 2 pupils explored and read myths from their countries and wrote short summaries of the myths in their mother tongues. And, lastly, the MYP 3 students, together with the visiting pupils from the Wotton House International School, wrote imaginative fiction stories in which their mother tongues had magical powers. We have learnt that we can all contribute to ensuring that our mother languages continue to thrive by using the languages through reading, writing and speaking. Tina Frelih
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Wotton School Exchange – Day 4

Today we had a great day in Bled. The castle and the printing press shop were a true attraction. The view from the castle was wonderful. We nearly, nearly saw some sun, too.  After the tour we could satisfy our sweet tooth with some original Bled cream cake and tea.  We took the 'pletne', the boats to the island on the famous lake and rang the wish bell in the church.  Now, keeping our fingers crossed that our wishes come true! Ms Mateja Kores
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Wotton School Exchange – Day 3

Day 3 was action packed! The City Museum of Ljubljana gave us a great insight into the development of Slovenia's capital and enriched our knowledge of the host city, which was complemented by a mini scavenger hunt around the city centre.  Woop! Arena saw near mortal combat in the laser tag operations, after which we saw some bravery and acrobatics on the climbing walls and trampolines. Ms Mateja Kores
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International Student Exchange 🗓

Dear parents,  Once again, students from 7th and 8th grade will get a glimpse of student life in the national department (and vice versa). The student exchange between the two departments of our school will take place between 4 and 6 March 2024.  The students who apply for this mini-exchange will spend Monday to Wednesday visiting a class in the national department, while their Slovenian counterparts will join lessons in the international department.  For more information, please contact Ms Tea Jelnikar (jelnikart@os-danilekumar.si)
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Wotton School Exchange – Day 2

Our second day was dedicated to a proper winter experience, which naturally means skiing the slopes of Vogel. The conditions were a little challenging, but our guests could feel the whole range of what winter has to offer: snow, wind, fog, even some rain. After the enjoyment of skiing, we had lunch, relaxed, and warmed ourselves with some hot tea, then we called it a day, as the conditions worsened, and headed back to Ljubljana.  Ms Mateja Kores
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Wotton School Exchange – Day 1

The arrival of school again after the holidays also saw the welcoming to Danila Kumar of Wotton House International School, based in Gloucester, the gateway to the Cotswolds, in England, Great Britain. The day kicked off with a tour of the world-famous Postojna caves – journeying down to the depths of the Karst region, witnessing the awe-inspiring beauty of the underground caverns, as well as glimpsing the prehistoric cave-dwellers, the human fish. Once lunch was enthusiastically consumed, the itinerary took the pupils to Piran, one of Slovenia's celebrated coastal towns, lying on the 47km that make up the Slovenian coastal section of the Istrian Peninsula, situated between the borders of Croatia and Italy. Once there, the pupils could relax, see the sights, take in the Adriatic and build on some burgeoning friendships. On the way back to school, the pupils looked forward to spending more time with their exchange partners at home, and preparing for day 2.
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MYP Winter Sports Day – Kranjska Gora & Jezersko

On Monday, 26th of February the MYP students went skiing in Kranjska Gora and had a variety of activities on the snow at Jezersko Park. Although this year the winter in Slovenia is lacking snow and all of us can see first hand how climate change is impacting us, we still had fun trying out some winter sports activities. The pupils enjoyed Jezersko – some cross-country skiing, sledding and snowshoeing. Furthermore, the students performed many well-executed turns on the well-groomed slopes in Kranjska Gora. We were fortunate to capture some fresh air there and have fun with our school friends, even if the winter fairy tale was a little warm. 
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The competition is for all students from grade 1 to grade 8 and will be held on Thursday, 21 March. The competition will take place in school starting at: 11:00 for grades 1, 2 and 3 and will last 45 minutes 13:00 for grade 4 will last 60 minutes 13:00 for grades 5 – 8 and will last 90 minutes. The application forms will be distributed for PYP classes by their homeroom teachers and for MYP classes by their maths teacher. The application due date is 6th March. Warmly welcoming all students to attend Ms Lojzka Lušin, Maths teacher


The competition is for all students from grade 1 to grade 8 and will be held on Thursday, 21 March. The competition will take place in school starting at: 11:00 for grades 1, 2 and 3 and will last 45 minutes 13:00 for grade 4 will last 60 minutes 13:00 for grades 5 – 8 and will last 90 minutes. The application forms will be distributed for PYP classes by their homeroom teachers and for MYP classes by their maths teacher. The application due date is 6th March. Warmly welcoming all students to attend Ms Lojzka Lušin, Maths teacher

International Mother Language Day

Dear school community, during the holidays, on 21 February, we will be celebrating International Mother Language Day. It was proclaimed by the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in November 1999 to preserve and protect the languages spoken in the world. The theme for 2024 is Multilingual education – a pillar of learning and intergenerational learning. Therefore, our MYP students will participate in activities during their English lessons after the holidays to commemorate the day. Furthermore, we also encourage the whole school community to celebrate their mother tongues. Read, write, listen and speak in your language to preserve your cultural heritage. Tina Frelih
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MYP 3 – Gimnazija BeŽžgrad Open Day 🗓

Dear Parents of MYP 3 students, We warmly welcome you to our Open Day, which will take place on Friday, 16th February 2024, at 10:00. During the Open Day, we will introduce you to how MYP 4 and 5 are taught in our school and you will have an opportunity to see the premises and talk to our current MYP students. We look forward to seeing you here at Gimnazija BeŽžgrad! Sincerely, Dr Mirko Mrčela Principal of International School
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Student Exchange with Wotton House International School 🗓

The school is pleased to announce that we are hosting 13 students from Wotton House International School, an IB School situated in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire in England. Between 26th February and 1st March we will enjoy a week packed with the exploration of our beautiful host country Slovenia, experience intercultural team building, and a day of DKIS lessons. Each of our guests has a host student from 8I or 8M with whom they have already forged a friendship through online meetings and messages. Our pupils will return the visit at the end of May.  We are looking forward to welcoming them to our school, our capital city, and our country.  Mateja Kores, Exchange coordinator
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Carnival – Pust

Tuesday February 13th saw the culmination of the Carnival period (Pust in Slovene), with most pupils donning a fresh array of masks for the annual celebration. There was dancing, singing and laughter to animate the various characters on display. Carnival is celebrated in many countries, and this specific day is also known as Mardi Gras and Shrove Tuesday, with the following day being Ash Wednesday, marking the start of Lent.
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Kindergarten Sports Day – Ice Skating

On Monday, 5 February, the kindergarteners tried their hand at, for many of which was a new sport – Ice Skating. Pogačarjev trg was the host for the children who impressed their teachers and many passers-by with their energy and moves. On the way back to the bus, they also took the opportunity to take a picture with Slovenia's most celebrated poet, France Prešernen, in honour of Prešen Day, Slovenia's cultural holiday on 8 February.
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PYP Sports Day – Bled

The sunlit lake invited the pupils to Bled for a short hike, and to take in the clamnessess of the water's edge and the vista of the clifftop castle, along with the surrounding mountainscape. Then, to Bled's Ice Hockey rink for some skating, where some of the PYP's Ice hockey players were passing on their expertise in sprinting on the ice.
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Prešernov dan Celebration 🗓

The 8th of February marks the Slovenian national holiday Prešernov dan (Prešeren Day). We celebrate Slovenia’s most notable poet, who is also the author of the Slovenian National Anthem. France Prešeren is now renowned as the greatest Slovenian poet of all time, but this was not always  the case. During his lifetime he wasn’t well known at all, although after his death he became famous and a real national hero, which is not an isolated case. We have seen this many times in the history of humankind. His thinking was way ahead of its time, so he often struggled with narrow-minded society. France Prešeren was a lawyer and poet who preferred to work independently, in the spirit of freedom. He worked in the 19th century, the time of Romanticism,  an era for expressing emotion, the glorification of beauty, imagination and abstract thinking, a movement wholly opposed to Realism. On Friday, 9th February, we will come back to school and enjoy a short celebratory performance in honour of Prešeren Day. The students will be invited to watch one of the three presentations in the School Auditorium during lessons 1 to 3.  Let it be a day for the celebration of culture, language and poetry! The Prešernov dan committee.
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The kindergarten children are going ice-skating on Monday 5th of February. Breakfast is going to be served at the usual time of 09:00. We will depart from school at 10:00. We will travel by bus. The price is 8€per child and it includes ice-skating, ice-skate hire and ice-skating instruction. Each child needs to bring a small backpack with a water bottle and a helmet. Please attach the helmet to the backpack! Dress your child appropriately! Snack will be provided at school. We will be back at around 13:15, so lunch is going to be served at 13:30. Helmets are obligatory, children cannot skate without them! Kindergarten teachers

5M – Newspaper Article Headlines & Leads

In the Unit of Inquiry SOS Students Under Stress, the 5M students are working on writing newspaper articles and they wrote 5 different headlines and leads about the events they participated in. Here is what they produced: 5M Classroom Falls Asleep by the Power of Pranayama! By: Pranov, Matic, Max In Danila Kumar International School, during the second lesson on the 25th of January, 2024, Mrs Pragna Shivamurthy introduced the 5M classroom to diverse Pranayama breathing techniques to calm down our bodies, mind and souls. 5M Buzzing with Breathing Techniques By: Luka, Nikita, Veronika, Tim, Journalists, Ljubljana Today on the 25th of January, 2024, in the 5M classroom during the 2nd lesson, Mrs Pragna Shivamurthy was teaching 5M students a breathing technique called Pranayama, because 5M students are learning how to deal with stress. Calm, Relaxing, Easy Breathing Methods By: Sofia Stetiukha, Haripriya Bhasin, Zar Skofic, Neza Logar, Ljubljana, Slovenia On the 25th of January at school during the second lesson, Mrs Pragna Shivamurthy was explaining the different breathing methods. She taught us Pranayama to teach us how to deal with stress. Instructor Teaches Breathing Techniques By: Sophie Gisch, Mateo Bozhinovski, Irena Braku, OŠ Danila Kumar International School, Ljubljana, Slovenia On the 25th of January, 2024, in the 5M classroom at Danila Kumar, Mrs Pragna Shivamurthy and the 5M students met at 09:15 to practice Pranayama breathing techniques, helping to deal with stress. Stress Relief - The Indian Way By: Sasha, Samarth, Gaya It’ll Make You Want To Do Yoga In the morning of January 25th, 2024, the yoga instructor, Mrs Pragna Shivamurthy came to the 5M classroom in Danila Kumar International School, which is on Gogalova Ulica 15. She visited the fifth graders to teach them more about deep breathing and relieving stress, the Indian way - Pranayama, because the fifth graders have a unit about stress.
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MYP 3 Winter Sports Day (Selected Pupils) – Kranjska Gora 🗓

On Monday 26th of February part of the MYP 3 community will have a Sports Day at Kranjska Gora. The pupils will have to come to school earlier at 07:30 in the morning. We will leave on the bus at 08:00 from the carpark at the back of Tuš. We arrive at Kranjska Gora at around 09:30. There we will ski and snowboard. At 13:15 we will leave the local premises there and should arrive in Ljubljana at around 14:30. We will take lunch boxes with us. Students should bring with them their own ski equipment (helmet, ski or snowboard, ski poles, ski boots, gloves, skiing googles)!!! In case of extremely bad weather or other issues we will cancel the Sports Day. Kind regards, Mitja Uršič and Jasna Lavrenčič
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MYP Winter Sports Day – Jezersko 🗓

On Monday 26th of February the MYP 1 and MYP 2, and part of the MYP 3 community will have a Sports Day at Jezersko Park. The students will have to come to school at 07:45 in the morning. The pupils need to come to the front of the school to take snack and come to the Tuš carpark. We will leave on the bus at 08:00. We arrive at Jezersko around 09:00. There we have planned three winter activities (sledding, cross-country skiing and ice skating) between which we will interchange. Each activity lasts approximately 45 min. At 12:30 we will leave the local premises there and should arrive in Ljubljana at around 13:50. Lunch will be held normally. Students should bring with them: warm, insulated and waterproof sports shoes with rubber soles warm and, if possible, waterproof sports clothes a winter cap skiing gloves a small hiking bag with an extra under shirt a water bottle Other specific sports equipment the students will get there. In case of extremely bad weather or other issues we will cancel the Sports Day. Kind regards, Mitja Uršič and Jasna Lavrenčič
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Portfolio Night

Thursday 18th January saw the hosting of parents and family members for Portfolio Night, an evening in which the pupils show the extent of their efforts in the first term thus far. Along with reporting their achievements, they also outline their goals for the coming year. Following this, the parents and family members were invited to write a reflection and self reflection of the event, which the pupils did also. The event is one of the ways for the school community to come together to celebrate learning and encourage the facilitation of it.
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FLL – Dominant Owls Success

With pride, we announce that our school's team, Dominant Owls, achieved remarkable success at the First Lego League qualifications. The students excelled in all four competition categories, securing first position among the four teams that qualified for the final state round. The team comprises three students from the national department (Lucas Zakrajšek, Živa Meža, and Julija Trkman) and five students from the international department (Maria Madeleine Svetlana Magnus, Eden Kismet Bahri, Alina Mia Vavpotič, Gala Vavpetič, and Egor Morozov). They demonstrated outstanding Lego core values, such as inclusion, teamwork, discovery, innovation, and respect. They were highly successful in the robot game, the technical aspects of the robot, and coding. Above all, they impressed the judges with their project presentation entitled "Are All Books Lost?" Congratulations to all involved! Ms Lojzka Lušin
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National Handwriting Day 🗓

On 23 January, countries around the world, including Slovenia, celebrate National Handwriting Day. It falls on the birthday of John Hancock, the first person who signed the Declaration of Independence, the document which ratified the USA’s independence from the UK. It has been celebrated since 1977, and came into being because many educators felt that  students were losing their penmanship skills. We encourage writing by hand at our school; therefore, the students will join some activities to celebrate the day. Everyone is welcome to celebrate by practising their signature, taking organised notes, learning a new writing system, researching the origin of writing, writing a handwritten letter or postcard, amongst many other things. Tina Frelih
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4M Science Day – 🗓

On Wednesday, January 24, 2024, the 4M students will visit the Coal Mining Museum in Velenje. During the trip we will experience a ride on a coal mining train and be guided through historical scenes with puppets, as well as audiovisual presentations depicting the life and work of miners. Additionally, a miner's snack will be provided. The students need to be at school by 07:30, as we will depart by bus at 07:45. The expected return will be at 12:00 noon. The pupils should bring their school backpacks, a water bottle, and wear warm clothing. After the excursion, AP will follow as usual. Ms Anja
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7M Science Day – Robotics

On Thursday, 11th January, grade 7 students visited Technopark Celje. They were playing with a humanoid robot called Pepper and producing some code using simple commands with text, images, sound, and animation. Later, they interacted with her. They also used BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) technology, sometimes called a brain-machine interface or smart brain. It is a direct communication pathway between the brain's electrical activity and an external device, most commonly a computer. In the end, they explored the Science and Entertainment Park, conducted experiments, used VR glasses, and played with optical illusion settings. They enjoyed it a lot. Ms Lojzka Lušin
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FRIDAY 2nd FEBRUARY 2024 The students who go to Jezersko must be in school by 07:30, because at 07:40 we will take the bus to Jezersko. We will be back at around 13:30 - 14:00. The students who go to Bled must be in school by 08:10, because at 08:20 we will take the bus to Bled. We will be back at around 13:30 - 14:00. All students on the snack list will get snack in the classroom. Lunch will take place in school. THINGS TO BRING: winter clothes - winter jacket, trousers, shoes, gloves, hat small backpack extra sandwich bottle of water Ice skates and helmet (those who choose ice skating) Kindergarten – will have sledging (you will get sledges on location) PYP 1 to PYP 5 students  choose the activities they will do. Please send the information by 12th January, otherwise the acivities will be chosen for them! ___________________________________________________________________ PYP 1 – PYP3 (Circle one option) Sledging and games on snow  (Jezersko)                                             (You will get sledges on location) Ice skating and Hiking (Bled)                                                  (Only for students who have ice skates and know how to ice skate!) PYP 4 – PYP 5 (Circle one option) Sledging and Cross-country skiing (Jezersko)                                          SHOE SIZE ________                                                                               (You will get all the equipment on location. Also appropriate for beginners) Ice skating and Hiking (Bled)                                                                                      (Only for students who have ice skates and know how to ice skate!) In case of bad weather, our sport day will be cancelled and organised another day!


Thursday, 18 January 2024 in homeroom classrooms 
16:00 – 17:30
Dear parents,
You are warmly invited to our first portfolio conference of the year, for which the students have selected pieces of work to share with you. You can expect your children to share their strengths, best work, the work they are most proud of, and their plans for the future. We ask you to provide encouragement and positive feedback as your child presents their work. As other students will be conducting conferences in the classroom at the same time, we are kindly asking you to refrain from bringing other children along and to switch mobile phones off during the conferences.   As the Portfolio Conferences replace the parent-teacher conferences this month, we strongly suggest you take the opportunity and contact the teachers during their weekly individual interviews or send them an email if you have any specific questions regarding the work in their portfolios.  We are looking forward to seeing you at the event!


Tuesday January 9th The 2M students will explore food chains and the interconnectedness of living organisms. All activities will be hands-on – they will create a food chain model, discuss to understand roles of producers and consumers, investigate the energy flow in the environment, and play games to deepen their understanding of food chains. The science day will take place on Tuesday, January 9th, at 08:20 in the 2M classroom. We will finish at 12:00, when the afternoon programme will take effect.

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