Summer Holidays – Office Hours

From Monday, June 27 to Wednesday, August 31, 2022, office hours are from 11.00 am to 12.00 noon.
Secretariat: 01 56 36 820 (11.00 – 12.00)
Accounting: 01 56 36 842 (by prior arrangement)
Caretaker on duty: 031 333 617

MYP – Reading in our Mother Tongues

During the last days of school, MYP students have spent an English lesson reading outside in their mother tongues to celebrate international mindedness at our school. As the students have reflected, reading in our mother tongues is important because:
• the language represents who we are and where we come from
• the language makes our cultural heritage strong
• when we return to our home country, we will be able to speak our language
• the language represents our culture
• it helps us remember our mother tongue and learn how to read it
• it helps us stay in touch with our country, language and culture
• it improves our vocabulary
• it helps us practice our mother tongue so we don’t forget it
… and more.
Ms Tina Frelih

Kindergarten – Laguna swimming pools

Our Kindergarten students visited the Laguna swimming pools on Wednesday, 22 June. They enjoyed jumping, swimming and playing in the water. There was also a playground where they had fun exercising. In the end, they got an ice cream, which was the perfect ending to the day.

K1 & 2 – Slovenian Philharmonic

The Kindergarten children thoroughly enjoyed the visit of the Slovenian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. After the rehearsal, they were presented with interesting musical instruments.

5M Sports Day – Physical Mobility Test

Today the 5M students had the chance to test themselves in a physical ability test, as well as practice their communication skills learnt in their PYP Exhibition, in guiding the rest of the PYP classes around the many varied activities, including Rapid hand movement, an obstacle course performed backwards, bar hold and broad jump, amongst others.  The students compared their results to previous years and many were delighted with the progress they had made. 5M also proved to be adept at handling their responsible roles with the younger PYP students.

PYP – Active Days

On Friday, 17 June, the PYP students that completed the ‘Active Days’ chart and handed it in were rewarded with a visit to WOOP Arena! They all enjoyed themselves immensely. Here are some photos of their visit.


PYP – Atlantis Water Park

On Tuesday, 14 June, our PYP students enjoyed a sports day at Atlantis Water Park. They had fun experiencing various water activities.

Valeta 2022

Valeta was held on Tuesday, 14 June, which marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one for the grade 8 students. We wish them all the very best in their future endeavours. May they strive for their dreams!
Here are some pictures from the event.

French Exchange 2022 – Weekend

The students spent active and interesting days with the French families during the weekend. Hence, it was difficult to say goodbye after all the beautiful and heartfelt moments. But, the way back was quick and easy; we got this😉.
Thanks to all who enabled us to travel and have this wonderful experience. Merci!

French Exchange 2022 – Day 2

We finally got some proper sleep and saw new friendships forming!
Today we visited Ile de Noirmoutier, played scavenger hunt in the city, tried oysters, played on a beautiful beach. What a day! And in the evening the prom dance!

International Day 2021-2022

The International Day wasn’t only special this year, because we couldn’t gather for two years, but we made it special because WE WERE THERE.
A BIG THANKS TO THE PTA MEMBERS, PARENTS AND TEACHERS for helping organise the International day; STUDENTS for preparing such a lovely program; PARENTS for bringing so many different dishes; and the Kiliçaslan family for the KEBABS.


  • Moro Foundation for covering the rafting costs
  • Alma Dom Nekretnine Pula, Croatia, for donating the main prizes
  • E.Leclerc for such lovely raffle prizes
  • Kebabči Aga for the delicious kebab

Vesna Hribar Pilgram
Chair of PTA                                                            


Kindergarten – Spring Camp, Last Day

We woke up very excited this morning because we knew that we would be reunited with our mums and dads again. The weather was perfect, so we took a longer hike observing farm animals, fields, meadows and some tractors. When reaching the edge of the forest, we stopped for a snack and started gathering some sticks and branches. We made a real fire, and it was fun, but naturally, we extinguished it before leaving. We received diplomas for courage and participation after lunch and then returned to Ljubljana. We had an amazing time over the past three days, but we were also very happy to return home. We hope to repeat this wonderful experience next year!!!


Kindergarten – Spring Camp, Day 2

After a long sleep, we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. We went to explore the nearby forest and found many fun obstacle courses there by walking between trees, walking on rocks and crawling under fallen trunks. Then we observed little creatures with a unique magnifying “magic eye”. When we returned, we went climbing. The climbing wall was very challenging, but we were all fearless. In the afternoon, we were told a local folktale about a forest gnome Čatež. We returned to the forest and built many different houses for him using only natural materials. In the evening, we had a dance and performance party with the school children from Stara cerkev who are also staying here at CŠOD  Čebelica. Today was awesome but also very tIring, so we are more than ready for bed.

Kindergarten – Spring Camp, Day 1

After a short journey by bus, we arrived at CŠOD Čebelica. First, we made our bed and unpacked our luggage. We are all sleeping in one room, so this will be a lot of fun. We spent our morning playing football and other sports in the playground. After lunch, we went for a walk in a nearby meadow, where we discovered how to use natural colours for colouring. Then, we enjoyed catching and observing little animals in a stream. Finally, our day ended with a short walk with torches around our house. 


6th LIKfest – Final Exhibition

All the students whose artworks were chosen for the final exhibition of the 6th LIKfest at Pionirski Dom were invited to attend the event. In addition, they each received a certificate of merit and participated in an art workshop led by artists and art teachers at Pionirski Dom.
Congratulations to you all!
Anja Podreka & Anamarija Cvelbar 


8M – Drama Spectacle

It was a Drama spectacle for 8m on Wednesday, 25 May. They performed three myths/legends from different cultural backgrounds. Their interpretation was up to their imagination and artistic expression. We saw different styles and genres.
Students were applauded by an enthusiastic and utterly entertained audience. The room was packed, and we were delighted so many showed up. Well done, 8m!
Ms Mateja Kores