Coronavirus Update

Dear Parents,

The Slovenian Government has decided to extend the strict regulations due to Covid-19. Therefore, we will continue with online learning for at least one more week. In case you would like to contact us, our office hours for the International Department are from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 and 11:00 am.

Secretary: Ms Brina Bizjak
Tel. Number: +386 (0)1 563 68 34

“We know what we are, but we know not what we may be” – William Shakespeare

In order words, we don’t know what the future holds or how long schools will stay closed. But, we can try to shape each day to be as positive and creative, as well as exciting and rewarding as possible. Our potential is infinite!  Combine this with regular self-care, exercise, a healthy diet and positive thoughts, and you’ll turn every day into a favourable day!

Stay safe!

Best wishes,

Klemen Strmljan
Head of International Department

The Slovenian traditional breakfast with a twist!

What do you do with food leftovers? Do you throw them away or do you reuse them in another dish? Our grandmothers knew how to do that!

So, if you have some old bread, eggs and butter left, you can always make šnite or French toast. This is what our students prepared on Friday, November 20th, for their traditional Slovenian breakfast, or better still, what was left of it.

And the French toast recipe 😉

Katarina Čepič

Active Break Invitation

Dear Students/Teachers,

During these times of sitting in front of the computer, we would like to invite you all to take a break and enjoy some exercises prepared by our PE Teachers.

Click here to join the meeting

The meeting takes place at 10:15 am every school day and lasts for 15 minutes, attendance is optional.

Kind Regards,

Benjamin Magnay


6M Slovenian breakfast

The 6m students celebrated the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast on Friday, November 20th.  Here are some photos of the breakfasts they prepared at home.
Anja Podreka

1M Traditional Slovenian Breakfast

​During our morning meeting on Teams, students mentioned that November 20th, is dedicated to the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast, and this is its 10th year. In honour, some of the students and teachers, prepared their breakfast comprising of delicious bread, butter and local honey, just as if they were in school. As part of their visual art, they created some art pieces representing the hardworking bees.
Klavdija Čuk


8I Film review

As part of their unit on Shakespeare, 8I students watched the film, Romeo and Juliet. After watching, they wrote a film review. If you are interested in seeing the film, perhaps these would be worth reading.
Tina Frelih

“Franček in razbiti globus”

​This week during Slovene lessons, 4m and 5m students were watching the story about Franček in razbiti globus. You can see they have created some delightful summaries of the story. The students reported that they enjoyed the lesson a lot.
Tina Frelih


7M Renaissance

Students of 7M, are learning about the Renaissance era through art history. During the lockdown, they are learning how to use one-point perspective drawing. With some guidance and help, they have drawn their rooms and streets.
Anja Podreka

6M Different “-isms”

​Students of 6M, have been exploring, studying and practising artistic knowledge and skills, of different “-isms”; Impressionism, Cubism and Surrealism.
They have been painting independently online, with the support of a teacher on the other end of the computer. These are their first, tryouts of practising the art skills of shading, colour transfer and creation of space on the painting. There is a lot to learn and practice; however, these are their first steps.
Anja Podreka

MYP – First Aid Plenary

The MYP students had several plenary lessons during which they have learned, as reported: Dr’s ABC, what to do in a crisis, what to do when someone is choking, what CPR stands for and how to administer it, how to help someone who’s had an (electric) shock, how to help someone who is wounded, how to measure a pulse, how to stop bleeding, not to panic, and, more generally, how to perform first aid. They found what they have learned and the different procedures, fascinating and still have some more questions for future exploration.
Tina Frelih

Office hours

Dear parents,
The Slovenian Government has decided to extend the strict regulations due to Covid-19. Therefore, we will continue with online learning for at least the next two weeks. In case you would like to contact us, our office hours for the International Department are from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 and 11:00.

Secretary: Ms Brina Bizjak
Tel. number: +386 (0)1 563 68 34

Best wishes,
Klemen Strmljan
Head of International Department

1M School life in the past

​On Tuesday, 20th October, before the autumn break, 1m students were supposed to have a cultural day at the School museum. Sadly, because of the Covid-19 restrictions in the country, this prevented them from having the trip to the city center, but they were still able to experience what school was like ‘in the old days.’ A teacher from the past came to visit them, the students had to sit apart from each other, and they had to follow different, stricter rules, and they couldn’t use pencils and notebooks.

Luckily they were able to come back from the past to report that they prefer school nowadays, notebooks and pencils and group work.

Klavdija Čuk

Possibility of a warm meal during online schooling

Dear students, respected parents,

The prolonged holidays are ending on Monday, 9th October 2020 and we will continue the school programmes online according to the instructions of your teachers.

Possibility of a warm meal during online schooling: The Ministry of Education sent a memo regarding free warm meals for students in times of harsh epidemiological circumstances. Students eligible for a free warm meal – lunch are the ones who have subsidised school meals and students in foster families.

Students must apply for the meals, by which students/legal guardians agree that their data is used to organise the preparation and manner of delivery of the warm meal. Apply via the online form (unfortunately it is in Slovene) by Monday till 12:00:

Students or their legal guardians will be able to pick up the meals at our school or another school, which will be announced later together with the time of the pick-up and other information. In case you have any questions, address them to: .

Please adhere to all safety and health measures in the hopes of returning to school as soon as possible.

Let’s be responsible and stay healthy!

Mojca Mihelič, headmistress


PYP – Online Learning

Dear students and parents,

According to last spring’s experience of online learning and teaching, feedback from students and some parents and some recommendations of the Ministry of Education, the PYP teachers agreed on the following format of online learning:

  • On Monday at 8:20, students (parents) will receive the instructions for the whole week’s work.
  • Every day, students and homeroom teachers will meet via Teams at the specified hour:

Kindergarten:  10:15 – 11:00
1m:  8:30 – 9:15
2m:  9:15 – 10:00
3m:  9:15 – 10:00
4m:  9:15 – 10:00
5m:  8:30 – 9:15

  • If students need additional help or advice from other PYP teachers, they are available via Teams.
  • Students can send their completed work via Seesaw during the week, but all the work has to be sent via Seesaw by Friday at 12:00.

The objectives of this week’s online learning are for students to:

  • Become more independent,
  • Meet daily with the homeroom teacher,
  • Organize time efficiently,
  • Hand in the completed work on time,
  • Get familiar with two learner profile attributes,
  • Practice certain ATL skills,
  • Practice math skills in Seesaw (instructions during the Teams time),
  • Reading for pleasure (English Reading Badge),
  • Reflect on their work.

The Ministry of Education currently predicts that online learning will last two weeks. As soon as we find out any further information, we will let you know.

Students, be sure to read the instructions carefully because we do not want you to do more work than needed.

Your PYP teachers


Halloween in 1M

Halloween was also celebrated in 1M on Thursday, October 22, during the afternoon programme.  The children were read a scary story, and afterwards, they enjoyed some papercraft activities. At the end of the event, they all received a bag of surprise treats! 


Dear students and respected parents,

The Slovenian government has decided to prolong the Autumn Break for one week. Hence, the school will be closed until November 8, 2020. During the next week, our government will decide what will follow. As soon as I receive more information, I will notify you.

I urge you to follow the measures and recommendations of the medical profession so that we can return to our normal routine as soon as possible.

I wish everyone a happy holiday season and a pleasant extended vacation, even without socializing. Let’s act responsibly and stay healthy!

Best wishes,

Klemen Strmljan
Head of School



5M Halloween Party

​On Thursday, October 22, 5M celebrated Halloween. Despite it being held during ‘tricky times’, and unusual circumstances, it was a great success.

Our students had lots of fun with decorating pumpkins, and the muffin icing activity went really well. The students remarked that the muffins were really delicious!

The time passed quickly and some of the Halloween activities were extended into the Afternoon programme. In the end, each student received a treat bag to take home!
All in all, it was a really enjoyable, fun day!


Mistress’ response to Sonnet 130

After Shakespeare’s mistress read Sonnet 130 which he wrote for her, she was justifiably upset. The following are some of her responses. We recommend the reading if you are up for a laugh.
Students from 8m and 8i

Halloween Party in the Kindergarten

On Thursday, October 22, the Kindergarten teachers organized a Halloween Party. The classroom was decorated days before the main event. Children enjoyed listening to spooky stories, dancing and drawing scary faces on pumpkins. As a surprise, they all received a treat bag to take home.