MYP – Winter Sports Day

Today, the MYP students had an enjoyable day at Park Jezersko, experiencing different winter sports. They enjoyed ice skating, cross-country skiing and sledding. Despite being reasonably cold at Jezersko, the instructors’ sports activities warmed everybody up.

7M – Winter Field Trip – Day 3

Students of 7m had a wonderful and sunny last day at Pohorje. After a lucky morning, all the students tested negative for Covid-19, we were able to relax and enjoy the last day of our trip. After skiing, the last delicious lunch and packing, it was time to go home. The students had a lot of fun, and they are still full of energy!
Ms Anja Podreka
Ms Jasna Lavrenčič
Ms Saša Krapež

7M – Winter Field Trip – Day 2

7m students had a very active today at Pohorje. They woke up at 7.45 am to a sunny and warm morning. After a delicious breakfast, they started skiing and continued into the evening! Of course, they had a few breaks along the way and an afternoon ‘siesta’. The students actively participated in all the activities, which proved that teenagers are always full of energy! Tomorrow is the last day here and hopefully equally enjoyable.
Ms Anja Podreka
Ms Jasna Lavrenčič
Mr Saša  Krapež

Kindergarten Cooking Day

On Wednesday, 12 January, the Kindergarten children were preparing zucchini soup in the kitchen classroom. First, they chopped the vegetables and then put them in a pot to boil. Next, they set the table and enjoyed its taste when the soup was ready. Nearly everybody had two bowls of the delicious soup. Finally, the children washed up the dishes and later created beautiful pictures.

7M – Winter Field Trip – Day 1

After arriving safely in Pohorje, we were greeted with a pleasant welcome at Hotel Videc. Once we settled into our accommodation, we had lunch. Then the students were placed in groups, and proceeded for the slopes and tried their hand at skiing. After dinner, we introduced the students to FIS rules, and we also went for an evening walk.
Ms Anja Podreka
Ms Jasna Lavrenčič
Mr Saša Krapež

Puzzle Endurance

At the beginning of December, 4m and 5m received an early present from the parents. A Christmas puzzle, but it was no ordinary puzzle. There were two puzzles in one box, each puzzle was 1000 pieces, and to make the situation even more complicated, only one puzzle came with a picture, and the other without!
Somehow these two puzzles got mixed up! It was a real brain teaser. So we were left with a pile of 2000 pieces and only one picture! There were no other clues and no other help, just endurance!
Nevertheless, we got stuck into it, and finally, on Thursday, 23 December at precisely 3.43 pm, we placed the last piece down!
It was a month-long adventure filled with fun, joy, desperation, hesitation, care, responsibility and everything else that makes quality time in the afternoon program!
Happy holidays from AP4 and AP5!

Debate Competition

On Wednesday, 22 December, we organized a debate competition. Four teams from both the international and national departments clashed over a pre-set and impromptu motion. Again, students showed their knowledge, enthusiasm and impressive debating skills.
All teams did an excellent job, and the final results showed just how close the teams were according to their scores. The winning team of this year’s Christmas themed debate was team 1: Maria Safro, Polina Abramenkova and Sofiia Myroniuk.
After the competition, we gathered for a cup of warm cocoa and some treats.
Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser, Ms Anja Dežman and Ms Tina Frelih

1M – Sports Day

On Wednesday, 22 December, Grade 1 students had a Sports Day. They enjoyed various games where they had to work together and communicate properly. All the students said they had a great time.
Mr Denis Divjak 

Kindergarten December Activities

​Last week, Santa brought us an early present; he sent us an enormous package of snow. So naturally, we enjoyed playing with it outside.
This week we had a lot of fun dancing with our student-teacher, Maria. Then, on Wednesday, Santa visited us at school, and he brought presents, we were all very excited. On Thursday, we presented excellent cooking skills when we were making cookies. We ate them all up on Friday at our PYJAMA PARTY. We watched cartoons, drank tea with honey and sang Christmas carols.

3M – Sports Day

On Thursday, 9 December, 3m students had a Sports day connected to their Unit of Inquiry. The students showed their skills in orienteering by playing Maze, Minefield and Hot and Cold games.

Lampions 2021 – Exhibition

The ‘Extra Art’ students participated in the Lampions 2021 exhibition at Congress square, and as a kind gesture, they received an award from the Municipality of Ljubljana for their creation.
Ms Anja Podreka

Santa Claus’s Surprise Visit

The PYP students had a surprise visit from Santa Claus and one of his helpers. All the children were very excited especially after receiving a special present.

6M – Skiing Trip – Day 3

Today, students continued with their skiing activities. They tried their newly gained knowledge on more challenging slopes or continued on building their skiing skills. After lunch and some free time, students had some activities in the snow, from playing social games, building a snowman or just having a good old ”snow fight”. In the evening, we focused on some arts and crafts and board games. Before bedtime, we watched a Christmas movie.
Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser & Ms Mitja Uršič



6M – Skiing Trip – Day 2

Today, we were lucky enough to have an extremely sunny day, perfect for fun on the ski slopes. In the afternoon, students also tried out some cross-country skiing. Finally, we finished the day with a quiz where students could express their knowledge as well as their competitive side.
Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser & Mr Mitja Uršič


6M – Skiing Trip – Day 1

Dear parents,
We arrived safely at Kranjska Gora. Then we unpacked and got comfortable in our hotel rooms and had lunch. After lunch, we prepared our equipment and headed to the slopes. In the evening, we had a delightful dinner and then went for an evening walk to lake Jasna nearby.
Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser & Mr Mitja Uršič

8M & 8I – Poetry Recital

On Monday, 29 November, both 8m and 8i celebrated the completion of their unit about Shakespeare and the English renaissance at a Sonnet and poetry recital, accompanied with tea and biscuits, for an added flavour of Englishness. Despite being a technically challenging task, the students showed emotional depth and skill in producing their works, encompassing iambic pentameter, profound imagery, and several literary techniques, which they should be extremely proud of.
Andrew Tomlin



Dear DKIS community!
Danila Kumar Elementary School is organizing a Christmas Fair. Our students will set up a stand with handmade Christmas cards in the entrance hall, and you can secure your very own set of unique cards with an exchange of a donation. The festivities will take place from Monday, 6 December till Thursday, 9 December between 2 pm and 4 pm, and on Friday, 10 December, from 2 pm to 3.30 pm. All proceeds will go towards charity work through the School’s Fund.
We are looking forward to you stopping by!
School Counsellors