Kindergarten Science day – House of Illusions

“Today was a really an amazing and fun day. 
We went to the House of illusions, where we tried out the bed of nails, saw holograms, tried different interesting games, and ran through a vortex tunnel.
After all the fun we went back to school with the city bus. 

Some of us used the trip to have a short nap before lunch time.” 

Kindergarten Students

2M Sports Day

Today, our grade 2 students were inquiring through different activities about their heart and components of health. They measured their heart beats and found out how the heart beat changes in different activities and which exercises can help to improve the various components of health (cardio, muscle strength, muscle endurance and flexibility). 

Denis Divjak

MYP Cultural Day – Cultural Fair

On Friday 24 March, the students of the MYP participated in various activities prepared by our Language acquisition department. All of the activities were, of course, connected to the languages taught at our school – Slovenian, German, French and Spanish. Students were creating famous world monuments – The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Colosseum, The Mayan pyramids, to name but a few. They also created games and activities, which they will be able to use in lessons to practice these languages. They prepared delicious food from the countries – fajitas, quiche… During the final lesson, the students had a tour of the cultural fair in which they got to admire and taste what they had created during the day, while some students also presented their work in different languages. All in all, it was a productive and enjoyable day!

Language acquisition team

International Mathematical Kangaroo

School Competition – Bronze Awards:

Youran Zhang
Isabel Frances Burstin
Stefaniia Ivanova
Arina Kovalevska
Viktoriia Tarasenko

Lucius Škrlj
Thomas Zamberlan
Vid Kolenc
Đorđe Premeru

André Pedro Fernandes Moras
Marcus Ferk
Ina Repnik Stadler

Irena Brakus
Pranav Prasad

Aleksei Akatkin
Alessia Ottino
Karin Isabel Vavpotič

Alina Mia Vavpotič

Sonja Brakus
András Pártos

Alesia Sotnikova
Kristjan Škorjanc
Sofia Chernaia

Students invited to participate at the Regional Kangaroo Competition:
Aleksei Akatkin, Alessia Ottino, Alina Mia Vavpotič, Sonja Brakus and András Pártos

Regional Kangaroo Competition

When: on 5th April, starting at 14:00
Where: OŠ Ketteja in Murna, Koširjeva ulica 2, Ljubljana


Absent Teachers

Mr Benjamin Magnay