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5M Cultural Day – Puppet Theatre 🗓

The 5M pupils will have a cultural day on Tuesday, 18 June. We will gather at the school at 08:00 a.m., and from there, we will proceed to Lutkovno gledališče, Ljubljana, where we will have the opportunity to explore the hidden places at the backstage of the puppet theatre. We anticipate returning around 12:00, followed by a reflection session and a brief workshop on creating simple puppets in the art classroom.
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5M Sports Day – Athletics 🗓

On Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 5M will have a sports day focused on athletics. We will go to the ŽAK stadium, where coaches from AD MASS will be waiting for us. We will try out five athletic disciplines. All disciplines will also be measured so that we can see everyone's results at the end. We will meet at 08:20 in front of the school, where we will pick up our snacks, and then we will take the city bus to the stadium. We expect to return around 12:15. See you soon. MS Jasna
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8M & 8I Sports Day – Bohinj Adventure 🗓

On Wednesday, June 12, 2024, there will be a sports day (volleyball, rowing on Lake Bohinj, climbing, and cycling). We will gather at 07:45 at the carpark behind TUŠ supermarket. The bus will depart at 08:00 and we will return at around 17:00 to the same location. Please bring two swimsuits, a towel, sports clothes and shoes, and in case of bad weather, additional spare clothes. Pac Sports will provide the rest of the necessary equipment (wetsuits and boots, safety harnesses, etc.). The pupils are required to follow the instructions of the instructors and accompanying teachers. In case of inappropriate behaviour or the endangering of oneself or others, parents will be notified and will have to come to pick up their child in Bohinj. Luka Sterle, PE teachers and 8I/M and 9th graders homeroom teachers
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2M Science Day – Ecosystems 🗓

The 2M pupils will have a science day on June 7th. The day will focus on the world of ecosystems. The students will learn about different ecosystems and enjoy hands-on experience by exploring the school garden as well as creating their own miniature ecosystem. The day will start at 08:10 and finish at Midday, with Afternoon programme and lunch continuing afterwards. Please start gathering various natural elements to be used for building ecosystems – collect small pebbles, stones, twigs, small branches, shells, amongst other things. Teja Klavs, 2M Homeroom Teacher
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7M & 7I Cultural Day – Song of the Sea 🗓

In connection with their unit on World Mythology in English and their unit on Storytelling in Theatre, The 7M pupils will visit the cinema on Tuesday, 11 June. We will meet at school where the students will spend their first two lessons participating in workshops. After snack, we will take the bus to Kinodvor where they will watch an animated film based on the Irish legend of the selkies Song of the Sea (2014). We will be back in school by 13:00. Tina Frelih
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MYP Science Day – Škofija Loka 🗓

Meeting point: Tuš carpark, 08:00. The snack monitors will bring snack from school to the departure point. The students will visit Škofja Loka and the Slovenian Alpine Museum. The trip aims to provide pupils with a hands-on learning experience, exploring the rich history and science behind mountaineering as well as the cultural heritage of Škofja Loka. The students need to be dressed and equipped according to the weather conditions on that day. They also need a small backpack, a pencil case and a small bottle of water. During the fieldtrip, smart phones will not be allowed. The return to school will be at around 13:00.
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1M – 5M Sports Day – Atlantis 🗓

We meet at 08:10 in the classrooms. We will take snack with us and leave the school at 08:20. We will travel by bus. Activities will start at 09:00 and finish at 11:30. Sports day will finish at around 12:15. Lunch and AP will take place as usual. The pupils that have lunch at school will take the school packed lunch to Atlantis and eat it there. Things to bring: sports clothes, small backpack, swimming trunks, a towel, hair dryer, and bottle of water.
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