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2M Sports Day – Mind & Body Activities 🗓

The pupils will embark on a journey of physical and mental prowess. They will participate in an array of activities designed to explore the body and mind. Our sports day will focus on the exploration of stability, stamina, heart rate, mindfulness and the fascinating realm of brain rules. We will start activities, on Thursday, April 18th, at 08:20 and finish at 12:05. Snack and afternoon programme will take place as usual. Teja Klavs & Denis Divjak Location]We will start with activities, on Thursday, April 18th, at 08:20 and complete finish at 12:.05. Snack and afternoon programme will take place as usualare organized as usually. Teja Klavs and & Denis Divjak Location]
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KIndergarten Science Day – Visit to the ZOO 🗓

On Wednesday 24th of April our pupils will visit Ljubljana ZOO. Make sure the students have their breakfast at home as they need to be at school at 08:00, as we have an early bus departure to our destination. We will take the city bus number 18. Snack will be provided by school, so the pupils need a small backpack with a water bottle, in which they will carry the provided food. The students need to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the trip. Ticket price is 7,50€. Lunch will be served at 12:45 at school. In case of bad weather the trip will be postponed.
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PYP Science Day – Earth Day, Ljubljana Botanical Gardens 🗓

On Monday, 22 April, all the PYP pupils (1M to 5M) will spend the day at the Botanical Gardens. There they will explore the gardens, learn about the different plants and ecosystems and take part in some workshops. The pupils need to be equipped with a small backpack and pencil case and have weather appropriate clothes. At 07:50 gather at school and take snack At 08:00 leave the school by bus From 09:00 to 11:30 workshops at the Botanical Gardens 12:45-13:00 return to school Lunch and Afternoon program will be provided as usual. Organised by Ms Maja Kastelic
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4M Sports Day – Cycling Obstacle Course 🗓

On Monday, April 15, 2024, the 4M pupils and others that are part of this year’s cycling course will have a sports day connected to cycling skills. This means they need to come to school as usual, and we will start the sports day at 08:30 on facilities in the nearby vicinity. The instructors will prepare two obstacle courses and four stations where all will be able to test their skills and develop proper safe cycling techniques. Snack will be provided as usual from 10:10 until 10:30 in the dining room. We will finish the activities at 12:00. Lunch and afternoon program will follow. The pupils who are yet to bring their bicycles to school need to bring one along with a helmet and a positive attitude. We have five bicycles and a few helmets that you can borrow from school. During the activities, I will be assessing the student’s skills and proficiency. If they pass, they will be able to move on with our yearly course and test themselves in traffic in the upcoming weeks in our weekly Thursday lessons. Kind regards, Mitja Uršič
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7M Science Day – Energy 🗓

The pupils will take their snack and head towards the bus (Tuš carpark). The main goal of this science day is to become acquainted with energy sources, energy conversions, efficiency, and practical solutions for converting energy sources into electrical energy. The students will visit the hydro-power plant in Medvode. We will see a solar power plant and a hydro power plant in action. After the visit in Medvode there will be time for snack. Next on the agenda will be the TRIGO Nuclear reactor at Brinje, near Ljubljana. There we will have a presentation about Low carbon energy sources and climate change, a workshop about radioactivity and nuclear decay, and see an interactive exhibition about nuclear technology and energy. The students need to be dressed and equipped according to the weather conditions on that day. They also need a small backpack, a pencil case and a small bottle of water. During the field trip the pupils will not be allowed to use their smart phones (it is best if they leave them at home). If your child will be excused from the field trip please inform the homeroom teacher in advance. The return to school will be at around 13:30.
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1M – 4M Cultural Day – Musical Animal Kingdom 🗓

On Tuesday, 9 April, grades 1M to 4M are going to see a symphony orchestra matinee at Cankarjev dom. The concert will be performed by The Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, the dance group Harlekin and the narrator and actor Andrej Rozman Roza. With music, movement and most importantly, specific orchestra instruments they will present different animals which inspired composers in the 19th and 20th centuries. As this is a classical music event at a cultural institution, the students should dress nicely for the occasion. The timetable for the day is: 07:50 – gathering at school and picking up school snack 08:00 – leaving school for Cankarjev dom by bus 09:00 – performance 09:45 – snack at Cankarjev dom 10:05 – return to school by bus 11:05 – 12:05 – lesson for reflection 12:05 – end of cultural day / lunch, AP If you have any questions, please get in touch with your homeroom teacher or send an email to strancars@os-danilekumar.si. Sara Štrancar
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MYP Sports Day – Mindfulness      🗓

On Wednesday, April 10, 2024, the entire MYP department will have a sports day. We will be going to the BIT Sports Centre, where we will be introduced to MINDFULNESS through various sports activities. The pupils should arrive at school by 08:00 to allow a departure time of 08:20 from the bus stop 7. Septembra. The sports day will last until 12:00, at which time we will begin the journey back to school, and expect to arrive at around 12:30. Lunch will take place as usual. The students should bring sports equipment, a water bottle, sports shoes (especially for indoor use), and a pen. Best regards, Jasna Lavrenčič and Mitja Uršič
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French Exchange 🗓

From the 20th to 27th March 2024, 12 international and 18 national students will finally visit the 30 French exchange students and families from St. Joseph College, Challans, France, who visited us in October, earlier this year.   The students will take part in daily school life, visit many places like Nantes, and Ile de Noirmoutier, and learn about French food, culture, language and habits. We are really looking forward to meeting them again! Mmes Katarina, Nataša & Irena
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