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PYP reading list


Ahlberg, Allan: Monkey do!

Alborough, Jez: Some dogs do

Amos, Janine: Thank you!                                                                  

Bright, R.: The lion inside

Andreae, Giles: The lion who wanted to love                                

Blabey, Aaron: Sunday Chutney

Cordell, Matthew: Wish                                                                     

Beaty, Andrea: Rosie Revere, engineer                                             

Arnold, Tedd: Prince Fly Guy                                                            

Berenstain S.: The Bear detectives

Berry, Joy: Feeling afraid

Blabey, Aaron: Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley

Bradman, Tony: Please, Miss Miller!                                                 

Donahue, Jill Urban: Ride right : bicycle safety

Foster, John: Houses around the world                                       

Falconer, Ian: Olivia saves the circus

Fox, Mem: Possum magic

Glover, David: Lights                                                                            

Helbrough, Emma: Dogs

Horsley, Lorraine: Dinosaurs

Inkpen, Mick: Rocket

Jeunesse, Gallimard: Under the ground

Lear, Edward: The owl and the pussycat                   

Llewellyn, Claire: Why do we have? Deserts and rainforests

McBratney, Sam: Guess how much I love you               

Medearis A. S.: The 100th Day of School

McKee, David: Elmer and Rose

Milbourne, Anna: Night time                                                              

Nelson, Kadir: If you plant a seed                              

Neitzel, Shirley: The jacket I wear in the snow

Parker, Victoria: In the street

Pryor, Kimberley Jane: Kindness

Reynolds, Peter: So few of me

Sims, Lesley: Stone soup                                                       

Smith, C.: The wonky donkey

Steig, William: Toby, where are you?                                 

Dr. Seuss: Dr. Seuss’s sleep book

Voake, Charlotte: Ginger

Ward, Nick: The terrible troublesome troll


ADAMS, R.: The adventures of egg box dragon        

ABE, M.: Avocado asks what am I?

BAUMGART, K.: Laura’s star                           

BEATY, A.: Ada Twist, scientist

BLABEY A.: Stanley Paste

BONE, E.: Owls

BRIAN, J.: Leaves for Mr Walter

CHOTTIN, A.: A home for little turtle

DODDS, D. A.: Henry’s amazing machine

DONALDSON, J.: The smartest giant in town

DYER, S.: Clementine and Mungo

DYER, W. W.: Incredible you! : 10 ways to let your greatness shine through

FERNANDES, E.: A difficult day

GALVIN, L. G.: Deer mouse at old farm road

HUTCHINGS, A.: Picking apples & pumpkins          

HODGKINSON, L.: Colin and the snoozebox

KING, D.: All pigs are beautiful                                    

HAUGHTON, C.: Shh! We have a plan

LEAF M.: The story of Ferdinand

LOBEL, A.: Fables

LOBEL, A.: Frog and toad are friends

LYWARD, J.: My dad is my uncle’s brother : who’s who in my family?

MCKEE, D.: Elmer and the hippos

MCKEE, D.: Melric and the Petnapping

MORPURGO, M.: Wombat goes walkabout

MUNSCH R. N.: The paper bag princess

MUNSCH, R. N.: The paper bag princess

PAGE, J.: Dog in a broomstick

RING, E.: Loon at Northwood lake

SUZUKI, D.: If we could see the air                             

SCHOTTER, R.: The boy who loved words

THOMAS, V.: Winnie’s midnight dragon

VELTHUIJS, M.: Frog and a very special day


1. BERTAGNA, J. : The ice-cream machine : totally fizzbombed

BEATY, A.: Ada Twist, scientist

BERTAGNA, J. : The ice-cream machine : totally fizzbombed

CHILDS, R. : Soccer showdowns

DADEY, D. : Leprechauns don’t play basketball

DAHL, R. : Danny and the champion of the world

DAHL, R. : Fantastic Mr. Fox

DAHL, R. : George’s marvellous medicine

DALTON, A. : Paradise High


DR. SEUSS : If I ran the circus

FINE, A. : Bill’s new frock

LACEY, M. : Christopher Columbus

LINDGREN, A. : Emil and the sneaky rat


MACDONALD, A. : The personality potion

MUNSCH, R. N. : Munschworks 4 : the fourth Munsch treasury

ORAM, H. : My unwilling witch skates on thin ice

OSBORNE, M. P. : Pirates past noon

SCHOTTER, R. : The boy who loved words


CLAYTON, D. : Sport is fun!

HANSEN, I. : Leonardo : pigeon of Siena

HOOPER, M. : Antarctic journal : the hidden worlds of Antarctica’s animals

LEVINSON, N. S. : North Pole South Pole

LLEWELLYN, C. : Towns and cities


Baglio, Ben M.: Into the blue

Bates, Michelle: Sandy Lane stables. Riding holiday

Bentley, Sue: A circus wish

Blyton, Enid: Five get into a fix

Burnett, Frances Hodgson: The secret garden

Chang, Heidi: Elaine and the flying frog

Costanza, Stephen: Mozart finds a melody                 

Colfer, Eoin: The legend of Spud Murphy            

Dahl, Roald: Charlie and the chocolate factory

Dahl, Roald: Danny the champion of the world

Dahl, Roald: The BFG                                                      

Davidson, Susanna: The story of Pegasus,,

Dobson, Mary: Smelly old history. Mouldy mummies

Ganeri, Anita: Bloomin’ rainforests                                      

Harrison, Troon: Wonderful junk

Hoffman, M.: A twist in the tail : animal stories from around the world

King-Smith, Dick: E.S.P.

Kipling, Rudyard: The jungle book : from the stories by Rudyard Kipling

Knister: Lilli the witch. At vampire castle

Leeson, Robert: Idle Jack

Lindgren, Astrid: Happy times in Noisy Village

Lindgren, Astrid: Karlson on the roof

Lindgren, Astrid: The children of Noisy Village

MacDonald, Betty: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Maclear, K.: Virginia Wolf

Magical tales of Ireland / compiled by Madeleine Nicklin

Makarovič, Svetlana: Cosies on the flying spoon

Old, Wendie C.: To fly : the story of the Wright brothers

Owen, Laura: Whizz-bang Winnie

Rinaldo, Denise: Hearts of gold : four true life stories about compassion

Slovene folk tales / collected and translated by Dušica Kunaver

Vidmar, Janja: Kekec from 2b

Waterton, Betty: The lighthouse dog Yamada, K.: What do you do with an idea?


Ballard, Carol: Food for feeling healthy

Blyton, Enid: Five have a wonderful time

Dahl, Roald: James and the giant peach

Dhami, Narinder: The jungle book

Dickens, Charles: Oliver Twist : from the story by Charles Dickens

Gerstein, Mordicai: Wild boy : based on the true story of the Wild Boy of Aveyron

Hamilton, Virginia: Freak the Mighty

Ibbotson, Eva: Journey to the River Sea

Jansson, Tove: Moominsummer madness

Kästner, Erich: Emil and the detectives

King-Smith, Dick: Lady Daisy

Lawson, Robert: Mr. Revere and I…

Levstik, Fran: Martin Krpan

Lowry, Lois: Number the stars

Mason, Paul J.: How big is your travel footprint?

Morpurgo, Michael: Born to run : [the many lives of one incredible dog]

Morpurgo, Michael: The butterfly lion

Parr, Maria: Adventures with waffles

Parr, Maria: Astrid the unstoppable

Parr, Maria: Lena, the sea and me

Pearce, Philippa: The way to Sattin Shore

Rawls, Wilson: Where the red fern grows

Sís, Peter: Starry messenger : a book depicting the life of a famous scientist, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, physicist Galileo Galilei

The Walker book of adventure stories

Walliams, David: Gangsta granny

Walliams, David: Ratburger

Weeks, Sarah: Save me a seat

Wilson, Jacqueline: Vicky Angel

Woodrow, Allan: Pet war Woodson, Jacqueline: Each kindness

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