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MYP Cultural Day – Straw Museum

To commemorate the Cultural Heritage Week in Slovenia, the MYP students had a cultural day on 6 October. The theme of the week is Precious knowledge and skills; therefore, the 6M pupils visited the Straw museum in Domžale, which represents the traditional Slovenian craft of making hats out of straw. They had a tour of the museum and learned where the craft came from and when, as well as the process of how to make a hat out of wheat. They spent the second part of the day trying to make their own braids out of wheat straw. The visit was interesting and we all learned that making a straw hat is a lot more complicated than we thought at first! Tina Frelih & Kristina Štemberger
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MYP Cultural Day – European & Slovenian Cultural Heritage Week

In the frame of celebrating The week of European and Slovenian cultural heritage, the students of the MYP visited various towns and museums to get to know some of Slovenia's most known handicrafts. The pupils of 8M and 8I, went to Ribnica, a Slovenian town which is very known for pottery and woodcrafts. They visited the museum Rokodelski center of Ribnica/Handicraft Centre of Ribnica, and participated in workshops involving pottery and basket making. The students of 7M and 7I visited The Ethnographic Museum of Ljubljana and participated in a pottery workshop. The 6M pupils took the train to visit Domžale, which is known for straw hat making. They visited 'Slamnikarski muzej' or the Straw Museum and learnt how to make a simple braid, which, in large numbers is needed for one hat to be completed. Anja Podreka
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MYP Cultural Day – Community Project

On Wednesday, the students of MYP 3 had a collapsed day dedicated to the Community Project. They had different workshops where they could exchange views and give each other feedback on their plans and ideas. They learned to evaluate sources and identify reliable sources through a library lesson. Mostly, they worked hard on hashing out the details of their projects and catching up with work. The first stage of the project is thus coming to an end and we are embarking on the new chapter this coming Monday. The students will work on their planning and write a research paper. Exciting times!
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1M Cultural Day – Slovenian School Museum

This Wednesday, 27 September, Grade 1 students traveled into the past. They visited The Slovenian School Museum and experienced what school was like more than a hundred years ago. It was interesting to try to write on the little blackboards, to see the toys that children used to play with, and exciting to try some of the punishments in the old classrooms. At the end of the day, the students admitted that it was fun for a day; however, they prefer their own school, classroom, and toys. Klavdija Čuk
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MYP Language Acquisition Day

The MYP students enjoyed a diverse cultural day on 25th September, celebrating the Language Acquisition Day and the European Day of Languages. They circulated between five different workshops: Chinese writing system, French language workshop, sign language, language facts and proverbs. We hosted guests from Etnika in collaboration with Festival jezikov (Festival of Languages). The workshops were a great success! As we like to say in Slovenian: Več jezikov znaš, več veljaš! Can you find the equivalent phrase in your language? Try it! Mateja Kores
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Athletics Competition

On Monday, September 25 some students from the MYP department competed in an athletics competition held at the ŽAK stadium in Ljubljana. The conditions were perfect for performing in all athletic disciplines. I believe that all the competitors showed to be true risk takers in trying to compete with other schools in the area, and proved to be principled in giving their maximum effort. Sincere congratulations to all those who represented the school in the best way.  Mitja Uršič
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