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English Exchange – Day Five

We spent the last day as a full group of pupils, teachers, and parents at the Cotswolds Waterpark.  The students and those brave of heart suited up in wetsuits and declared war on an inflatable obstacle course. They had a brilliant time splashing around. Chapeau to those who refused to be skittish of the cold waters. After an active morning, Mr Nathan lit up the grill and gave us a barbecue feast. Most host families joined us and our host pupils prepared lovely goodbye gifts for everyone.  Tomorrow is a family day, so make sure you check on your children on the Padlet.  Sunday morning we head to London, where we will see the most notable sights before heading off to the airport and back to Slovenia. Ms Mateja & Ms Tina
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International Beach Volleyball Tournament – Velden am Wörthersee

On Friday, May 24, selected students from the MYP department went to Velden am Wörthersee to participate in an international Beach Volley Tournament. The students displayed sportsmanship and showcased their volleyball skills on the courts. It was a successful event and we hope the pupils will cherish the experience, make new friendships, and maintain healthy lifestyles. Although the boys' team fell just short of the finals, one of our girls' teams finished second. Congratulations to all the participants! Mitja Uršič
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English Exchange – Days Three & Four

On Wednesday we visited the Bard's hometown and, despite the rain, managed to complete a portion of the scavenger hunt, which led us past all the historically important landmarks of Stratford Upon Avon. The charming town is truly a gem, harboring history, idyllic streets offering a stroll down history lane.  The day was rounded up by a visit to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and we watched a play that will, to say the least, be memorable.  Today we explored Gloucester and its Quays as well as the Cathedral. We stopped by The New Inn, the oldest building, which is said to be haunted. Ms Frelih and I are staying here and we are sadly reporting that as of now no spirits have taken an interest in us and have not paid us a visit yet. Hope still remains.  After boarding our two minibuses we headed to the Slad Valley, home to a town of the famous writer Laurie Lee, who lived locally and vividly described his upbringing in this neck of the woods. We walked plenty and enjoyed the vista from the nearby hills and then headed to the cricket grounds even higher up, where the pupils enjoyed a sporty and cultural experience playing England's famous sport.  We can say that today we are all happy to rest in our beds as we released a lot of energy and have to ponder these experiences, either awake or in our dreams.  Ms Mateja Kores
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Portfolio Night

On Thursday, 23 May, the PYP and MYP pupils presented their portfolios to their parents, guardians and other family members.  While the PYP students presented their complete collection of work, the pupils in the MYP organised their assessments and assignments into 10 categories, each representing an ATL skills cluster. This means that they presented the work they believe best demonstrates the progress they have made throughout the year in their communication, organisation, critical thinking, creative thinking, and transfer skills, amongst others. Anja Dežman
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1M – 4M Science Day – Ljubljana Marshes

On Monday, May 20, 2024, the pupils from grades 1M to 4M enjoyed an educational field trip to the Ljubljana Marshes (Ljubljansko Barje), immersing themselves in nature and history. The youngest students, from grades 1M and 2M, focused on six endangered species native to the marshland. They learned about the impact of human activities on these species and the importance of preserving their habitats. Engaging activities helped the children understand the critical balance needed to maintain biodiversity. The older pupils, from grades 3M and 4M, explored the marsh's rich history, delving into the lives of prehistoric pile dwellers. They walked through the marshlands, visited reconstructed dwellings, and learned about the ancient techniques used by early inhabitants to adapt to their environment. This field trip provided a hands-on learning experience, deepening the students' appreciation for both the environment and local heritage. Anja Plut
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English Exchange – Day Two

Today we boarded two minibuses and headed to the picturesque city of Bath, the filming location of Bridgerton and parts of Downton Abbey. We, however, were not on a TV star hunt, but explored a self-guided tour of the Roman Baths. The incredibly well preserved and impressive spa built above a natural thermal spring dating back to 60–70 AD, gave us a good glimpse into the lavish Roman lifestyle of the time.  The afternoon was marked by an authentic English experience with afternoon tea - we had English tea, lovely sandwiches, scones and an assortment of desserts. Practicing the appropriate royal way of drinking tea, and the infamous little finger were an obligatory part of the ritual.  It was a lovely day and the city of Bath treated us extremely well.  Ms Mateja Kores and Ms Tina Frelih
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Athletics Competition

On Monday, May 20, 2024, a regional athletics competition took place at the Žak Stadium in Ljubljana. Several of our students participated and achieved very good results. Practically all the pupils from the international school were among the top 10 in their respective disciplines. They competed in the high jump, 60m run, 600m run, 300m run, and long jump. Congratulations to all competitors! Ms Jasna
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English Exchange – Day One

The first day after an eventful journey led us to the Wotton House International School. We experienced a typical Wotton school day.  The students participated in regular lessons and electives, and got the first taste of MYP 4 and 5.  They spent a lot of quality active and social time in the school's beautiful and spacious grounds. It seemed their nervous system adapted well to the strict no phone policy.  We are looking forward to reflecting on what they liked about the school curriculum and which aspects they found challenging.  On to day 2! We will be sending daily reports with some visual support, and in the meantime, you are welcome to browse the Padlet that Ms Ule kindly set up for us.  https://padlet.com/katarinaule/slovenia-uk-exchange-2024-oax0j5yxtwyq8cw2 Ms Mateja Kores and Ms Tina Frelih
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