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1M Anglo – Slovene Postcard/Letter Project

In the last month or so, the 1M pupils have been discovering various text formats, and two of them were postcards and letters. During the break, they sent postcards back from their holidays, and, when back in school, they also sent one to a school in England, Great Britain, talking about themselves and asking questions about school in England. The English pupils replied to the postcard with a letter describing their school day and the subjects they have, and also inquired about the languages 1M speak. 1M were delighted with their return letter, and think that Great Barford, the village where the school is, is very pretty, with its nice river and bridge. The 1M Pupils and Ms Klavdija would like to thank the Owls class and Ms Lauren at Great Barford Primary Academy for their lovely letter and correspondence, and we wish them fantastic summer holidays!

The 1M Pupils

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