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4M Cultural Day – Roman Emona 🗓

We will be taking our 4M students on a journey through the world of Emona on Wednesday, June 12th, 2024. In Ljubljana's city centre they will explore the remains of Roman Emona with a knowledgeable guide. Please ensure your child arrives at school as usual, at 08:20. We will depart from the school at 08:45, using public transport to reach the city centre. Your child will need a water bottle and a small backpack. Snacks will be provided. The cultural day will conclude at 12:05, followed by the start of the afternoon program. Anja Plut
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English Exchange 🗓

We are returning the visit to our partner school in the exchange programme with Wotton House International School in Gloucester, The United Kingdom.  We are spending the week of 19th to 26th May on the road exploring the beautiful English countryside and deepening the relationships that we forged here is Slovenia in February.
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Kindergarten Scavenger Hunt 🗓

On Wednesday 29th of May we are going to have a scavenger hunt in Tivoli park. We are going to leave school at 08:20, and use the city bus No. 8, so please be in school by 08:15. Make sure students the pupils have breakfast at home and are dressed appropriately. Everyone needs a small backpack with a water bottle in witchwhich they are going to carry the snack provided by school. Lunch is going to be served at 12:30. In case of bad weather, trip is going to bethe trip will be postponed.
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5M Field Trip – Kavka 🗓

Grade 5 studentsThe 5M Pupils will go on a 5-day field trip to Kobarid from Monday, 27 to Friday, 31 May 2024. On Monday we meet at the Tuš parking space at 9 amcarpark at 09:00, and on Friday we will be return there at around 15:00 pm. In Kavka students the pupils will be working on the PYP Exhibition, and some sports activities will be organised as well. Ms Tina
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1M – 4M Science Day – Ljubljana Marshes 🗓

On Monday, May 20, 2024, pupils from 1M to 4M  will visit the Ljubljansko Barje Landscape Park. 1M and 2M will explore six endangered animal species, learn about the human impact on the changes in the Ljubljansko Barje, and understand the challenges of preserving suitable habitats for endangered species. 3M and 4M will take a walk through the mosaic of the marshes into prehistory and the life of pile dwellers. The pupils should gather at 08:10 at the school, where they will receive snack; departure for the bus stop will follow at 08:20. We will return around 12:05. The students should bring a small backpack and a water bottle with them. In case of sunny weather and high temperatures, they should bring a hat and sunscreen, and it is also recommended they protect themselves from mosquitoes and horseflies. Anja Plut
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1M Cultural Day 🗓

On Wednesday, 8 May, 1M will have an in-school cultural day connected to their current Unit of Inquiry. We will meet at 08:10 in the classroom and focus on different text formats, their various parts and characteristics as well as different books. We will finish at 12:05. Afternoon Care and lunch will take place as usual.
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1M & 2M Swimming Course – Atlantis 🗓

We meet at 07:50 in your classroom. We will take school snack and board a bus at 08:00.   Do not be late! The swimming course will start at 08:30 and finish at 11:30. The pupils will be tested and then divided into groups according to their swimming skills. Each group will have their own swimming instructor. Things to bring: small backpack, swimming trunks, a towel, hair dryer. We should be back to school at around 12:10. Lunch and afternoon program will take place as usual.
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