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6M & 7M Retirement Home & Kindergarten Visit

Grade 6 students have been visiting the Retirement Home in Bežigrad this year as part of their Service as Action project. The Students and residents baked cookies and participated in sport activities. They had to think and communicate while playing various mental games board games and participating in a quiz. Before the Christmas holidays, they also made holiday decorations together. Both the pupils and the residents had fun and enjoyed each other’s company and the project was a great success for the second year running.

Furthermore, pupils from grade 7 participated in a similar intergenerational service project with our international kindergarten that started this year. The students prepared some fun activities for the children such as dancing, board games, decorating cookies, a treasure hunt, puzzles, sport activities, origami, creating autumn booklets and sock puppets and more. The grade 7 students enjoyed teaching the younger pupils and they had fun learning from the older pupils. This project was also a great success and we hope to continue with it next year.

Tina Frelih

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