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5M Kavka Field Trip – Homeward Bound

Today is the last day of Kavka and the 5M students are leaving. Most of the pupils are really happy because they miss their parents. In the morning, all of the students started packing all their things and made sure not to forget anything. After that, everyone had breakfast, today we had bread with butter and honey and for our drink we had milk. Then, we had 40 minutes of free time, everyone had fun and enjoyed it. Then we had an hour and a half to work on our PYPX, where I am writing this article. Later, we will go to Kobarid to have ice cream and then we will eat our packed lunch in Most na Soči . We will then continue the journey back to Ljubljana. Overall, Kavka was a fun experience for the students and teachers and all of us will miss it.

By Timur, 5M

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