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7M Science Day – Energy 🗓

5 April 2024: Science day – ENERGY

Coordinator: Saša Krapež, physics and design teacher

Meeting point: School, 8:00.

The pupils will take their snack and head towards the bus (Tuš carpark). The main goal of this science day is to become acquainted with energy sources, energy conversions, efficiency, and practical solutions for converting energy sources into electrical energy. The students will visit the hydro-power plant in Medvode. We will see a solar power plant and a hydro power plant in action. After the visit in Medvode there will be time for snack. Next on the agenda will be the TRIGA Nuclear reactor at Brinje, near Ljubljana. There we will have a presentation about Low carbon energy sources and climate change, a workshop about radioactivity and nuclear decay, and see an interactive exhibition about nuclear technology and energy.

The students need to be dressed and equipped according to the weather conditions on that day. They also need a small backpack, a pencil case and a small bottle of water. During the field trip the pupils will not be allowed to use their smart phones (it is best if they leave them at home). If your child will be excused from the field trip please inform the homeroom teacher in advance.

The return to school will be at around 13:30.

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