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5M Kavka Field Trip – Day Three

So today, everybody was really tired when they woke up, but after a little morning PE we were all energetic. Afterward we had breakfast, but many people were sad because they replaced the chocolate spread with jam croissants. Then, everyone filled up their backpacks with food and water, because we were going on a 2-hour hike to Italy! When we came back, everybody was tired, and lucky for us we had a break. After that we had lunch, and everyone said it was the best meal yet! After that, we worked on our PYP exhibition for 3 more hours, and when we finished, we had time with our phones. Then, we had dinner, which was also delicious. After that, we were playing board games in the dining room for an hour and a half, and by then, the only thing everybody wanted was to go to sleep. So we prepared for bed and went to sleep. I hope tomorrow will be as exciting as today!

By Irena, 5m

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