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5M Kavka Field Trip – Day Two

Today, we woke up with a beautiful sunrise but nobody knew what weather we would have to go through. After we woke up everyone went to the dining room to have a peaceful breakfast. Surprisingly we had a full buffet with various food choices. My personal favourite was the bread with chocolate spread. After the breakfast, we were called into the blue room for Danile Kumar to continue with our PYPX and we thought it would be short and sweet, but we were wrong. We did the PYPX for 6 hours straight. Of course, we had 10-30 min breaks. Lunch was very loud but all the people in our class decided that it was THE BEST. After lunch, we did PYPX for 1 hour and we finally finished. After PYPX, we finally relaxed, freshened up, had dinner, and got ready for bed. I hope that everyone will sleep tight and stay tuned to our website to get updated on tomorrow. Bye-Bye :).

Written by Pranav 5m.

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