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English Exchange – Days Three & Four

We had two eventful days in a row. 

On Wednesday we visited the Bard’s hometown and, despite the rain, managed to complete a portion of the scavenger hunt, which led us past all the historically important landmarks of Stratford Upon Avon. The charming town is truly a gem, harboring history, idyllic streets offering a stroll down history lane. 

The day was rounded up by a visit to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and we watched a play that will, to say the least, be memorable. 

Today we explored Gloucester and its Quays as well as the Cathedral. We stopped by The New Inn, the oldest building, which is said to be haunted. Ms Frelih and I are staying here and we are sadly reporting that as of now no spirits have taken an interest in us and have not paid us a visit yet. Hope still remains. 

After boarding our two minibuses we headed to the Slad Valley, home to a town of the famous writer Laurie Lee, who lived locally and vividly described his upbringing in this neck of the woods. We walked plenty and enjoyed the vista from the nearby hills and then headed to the cricket grounds even higher up, where the pupils enjoyed a sporty and cultural experience playing England’s famous sport. 

We can say that today we are all happy to rest in our beds as we released a lot of energy and have to ponder these experiences, either awake or in our dreams. 

Ms Mateja Kores

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