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Culture Fair

In light of the holiday of St. Gregory, the beginning of spring in the old calendar and the Slovenian version of Valentine’s day, and its accompanying tradition of setting small handcrafted boats with lights inside so-called ‘barčice’ or ‘gregorčki’ into the water and burning them, the 6M students spent their homeroom lesson sharing their own family or national cultural traditions and celebrations. The pupils presented many different things. We learned about the Hungarian tradition of sprinkling water on maidens for good luck, making your own pencil and ensuring you use it until the end for good luck, traditional Slovenian handcrafting of lace, how to celebrate The Chinese New Year, Ukrainian traditional clothes, its money and flag, the Turkish symbol of good luck and about the Russian matryoshka,the Olympic games in Sochi and also about its traditional sweets. The students were excited about sharing their cultures with the class and we have all learned something new.

Tina Frelih

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