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MYP – Week of Slovenian Heritage & Culture 🗓


The students will visit various museums of Slovenian heritage and culture. There they will visit exhibitions with different Slovenian traditional arts & crafts, pottery, hats, baskets and other handmade traditional objects. All students will also take part in different workshops, guided by museum guides. Each MYP grade will visit a different place and museum. Therefore, please see the itineraries below:

  • 8M & 8I:

Ribnica Rokodelski Center (BUS): START: 07:30 (the bus leaves)

                                                     : beginning of workshops & museum: 09:00

                                                     : finishing of workshops & museum: 12.30

                                                     : back in school: 13:30 (approximately)

Students will take the snack in school and return for lunch at 13:45.

  • 7M and 7I:

Ethnographic Museum Ljubljana (LPP BUS) :START: 08:20 (homeroom classes)

                                                                            :  beginning of workshops & museum: 09.30

                                                                     : finishing of workshops&museum: 12.30

                                                                     : back in school: 13:00 (approximately)

Students will have snack and lunch in school.

  • 6m:

Domžale – Straw Museum/Slamnikarski muzej (Local train:  08.43 Ježica – 09:00 Domžale)

                                                            : START: 09:15

                                                            : beginning of workshops & museum: 09.30

                                                            : finishing of workshops & museum: 12:10

                                                             : train leaving Domžale: 12.40 – arriving back at Ježica: 13:05

                                                             : back in school: 13:15 (approximately)

Students will take snack from school and have lunch in school.

Students who miss the train can be  taken to the Domžale straw museum by parents.

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