School menu/food applications?

food(1) Latest School menu/s: May 29 – 2 June
June 5 – 9



Meals for Grades 1 - 8

Snacks and hot lunches are available for grades 1 – 8 for a fee. Prices for September 2022, indicated in €s are shown below.

MEALS Morning snack Lunch Afternoon snack
Regular 0,90 2,90
Vegetarian/Diet 0,90 3,35

*Grade 1 **Diets

Cancellation of Meals
Meals can be cancelled (and will not be charged) by email to by 8.30 a.m.

Method of Payment
Parents will receive bills monthly by post (if the monthly method of payment is chosen). All bills can be paid directly at any of the Slovenian banks and post offices, or directly at the school accounting office located on the 1st floor in Building 2.