1M Science Day – Plants

After coming back to school, the first graders already spent the second day focusing on science concepts. The pupils were as busy as bees investigating and trying to find answers to questions like: Why are plants important? What are they used for? What is pollination? What is pollen? And who are pollinators? They created some posters in which they recorded their findings. They also learnt about World Bees Day and recreated some Slovenian traditional beehives.
Klavdija Čuk

Kindergarten Cultural Day

During their last week of online learning, the kindergarten pupils took part in a cultural day. They learnt a lot about theatre. They also watched the puppet show I Want my Hat Back and made puppets. Some of them also set up their own puppet shows.
Sonja Može

Enrolment – 2020/21 School Year

Dear parents,

I would like to remind those who have not already done so to send us the application/s for the next school year. You can download the application form from our webpage and send us the completed application forms by post, e-mail or you can leave them at reception.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Irena Šteblaj

Tuition Fees

Dear parents,

You have already received the tuition fee invoice this month, which was 80% of the regular tuition fee.

For the second part of May, the K1 to grade 3 students who returned to school yesterday will revert to paying the full tuition fee; the difference in the fee for March will cover the difference in the fee for May. In June, they will receive an invoice for the regular tuition fee.

Grade 8 students will receive a 10% reduction in fees for June, as they will return to school in the last week of May.

We will use the same system of payment for the Afternoon and Kindergarten programmes. Parents will also receive the invoice for these two programmes in June.

For the pupils who stay at home, there will not be a charge for the Kindregarten and Afternoon programmes, and the March difference of the fee will be returned at the end of the school year.

Any pupils who do not return to school will be charged 80% of the fee for the rest of the school year. The March difference, or the difference for the prepaid tuition fee, will be returned at the end of the school year.

Kind regards,

Irena Šteblaj

Absent Teachers

  • Mr Denis Divjak
  • Ms Tina Hauptman
  • Ms Saša Krapež
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