Debate Competition

​On Friday, 3 June, Danila Kumar Elementary School organized a debate competition for our students. Ten teams and more than thirty students participated in the event. All teams displayed a high level of enthusiasm and drive to show their knowledge and debating skills.
Thanks to all the mentor teachers and students for their participation.
Congratulations to the first three teams:
1st place: Maria Mijanović, Neva Lukan, Lucija Erjavec
2nd place: Živa Pilgram, Isabella Williams
3rd place: Achyuth Rajesh, Eren Tulgar, Maks Pilgram

MYP – Sports Day – St Primož above Kamnik

On Thursday, 3 June, the MYP students went on a hike to St Primož, a hill above the city of Kamnik. We took the bus from school to the foot of the mountain and started our ascend from Strahovica, where a wide macadam road led us towards St Primož. The climb was slightly challenging for some, and it took us approximately 1½ hours to reach the top of the hill. There we found the old church of St Primus and Felician, built in the 12th century and rebuilt to its present appearance in the 15th and 16th centuries. The church is decorated with well-preserved medieval murals. We rested, had our snack enjoying the sunny day and marvellous view.

K1 & K2 – Sports Day – Rožnik

On Wednesday, 2 June, the Kindergarten students took a trip to Rožnik. The weather was perfect, and the students were in a good mood.
We all enjoyed hiking and observing nature. We saw many different animals, even deers, squirrels and a lizard. When we reached the top, we had a lovely snack – we even managed to fill in a scavenger hunt worksheet and exercise in the small playground. We were extremely fast going back, running almost all the way downhill. When we came back to school we were hungry, a little bit tired and happy.

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