8I Shakespeare’s plays

Students of 8i have been working on different tasks connected to Shakespeare’s plays. Read the texts between Romeo and Juliet, or try to guess the plays’ titles from the emoticons.
Tina Frelih

6M Tips for newcomers

In connection with their unit, 6m students prepared some tips for people coming to Slovenia for the very first time. We hope you find them useful.
Tina Frelih

Library Hours

Dear Students and Parents,
We are happy to inform you that you will be able to borrow books from the school library every Tuesday and Thursday between 8 am and 3 pm. You need to make an appointment first, and then you will receive a time slot for the pickup.
Please use the following link to check if your desired books are available:
Send the titles of the books you would like to borrow, to
The school will notify you about the day and time of collection. Your chosen books will be waiting for you at the reception desk. To enter the school premises, please call this number: +386 1 563 68 37.

Fairy Tales

​Last week, during Slovenian lessons, students of 4m and 5m had to create wanted posters for their favourite fairy tale characters. While, the students who are already familiar with Slovenian a little more, wrote the story of The Three Little Pigs in their own words. They reported that they enjoyed completing the tasks. Here is some of their work.
Tina Frelih

Absent Teachers

  • Ms Marjetka Brenčič
  • Mr Denis Divjak
  • Ms Tanja Fajmut
  • Ms Teja Klavs
  • Mr Alen Kovačič
  • Ms Sonja Može
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