MYP Plenary – Dance

Last week, MYP students concluded a 3-week long Plenary unit on Dance. They investigated the history of Dance and its different purposes, researched and presented traditional dances from their home countries and created a dance of their own or danced to a traditional song of their choice. We used different web platforms to engage them, namely Teams, Prezi, Edpuzzle and Padlet and promoted peer-comment and assessment in this way, as well.
They had a lot of fun, it seemed, so we hope to do a similar activity soon, but this time preferably in person.

Kindergarten Science Day

​On Monday, December 7th, the Kindergarten students experienced a virtual visit of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. They “went” on a Scavenger hunt and looked for different animals and other artifacts. They also learned about fossils and the pre-historic man.
The most interesting task was probably making their own natural history museum by using their toys at home. They accomplished this exceptionally well, and the teachers are very proud of them!

PYP Curriculum Night

Dear Parents,
We are inviting you to the PYP Curriculum Night held on Thursday, December 17, at 4:00 pm. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the IB elements and philosophy.
The meeting will be conducted via MS Teams, and the home-room teachers will add your email addresses to their MS Teams, then you will be able to join.
Your participation is warmly welcome.

7M & 8M Design

At design lessons, students of 7m and 8m, were instructed to design the school’s Design and Art classroom, including a workshop. For the task, they used SweetHome3D free open source app. Here are some of their designs.
Saša Krapež

Absent Teachers

  • Ms Marjetka Brenčič
  • Mr Denis Divjak
  • Ms Tanja Fajmut
  • Ms Tjaša Fritsch Križaj
  • Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser
  • Ms Ajda Žagar
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