8M – Community Project Presentation

I’m Hanna Sarossy from 8M, and my topic for the community project was “Relationships and suicides”. My goal was to raise awareness about teenage suicide attempts caused due to relationship problems. With my partner, Nihed, we created a YouTube video ← click to view, where we gave advice, asked passers-by for their opinion, and presented an expert’s perspective.



“Anyone who is involved in photography sees more.”

During March, we are holding a photography competition, and anybody is welcome to present their photo. The theme is – THE POWER OF THE MOMENT.

Try to capture a moment where you feel some power within yourself or the environment, in nature, family, friends, and where you want to express your feelings while taking the photo. Label your photo with either a word, a phrase or a sentence.

The submission deadline is March 26th. The announcement of the best photos is on March 31st. read more…

‘Pust’ – Carnival Celebrations

On Tuesday, 16th February, PYP students enjoyed ‘Pust’ Carnival celebrations, and the events took place in their homeroom classrooms. Kindergarten festivities lasted from morning till afternoon. The children presented their costumes, danced in the gym, crafted masks out of paper and ate doughnuts. All the other students’ (1M – 5M) their parties went on during the afternoon care programme. Children dressed up, played different games, presented their costumes and crafted masks out of various materials.

Community Project Presentations

The final event of the Community Project process on Tuesday, 16th February, saw a plethora of high-quality presentations from our MYP 3 students, who shared their work through their multimedia supported talks on their chosen Community Projects. Students of 8i and 8m showcased their skills ranging from research skills to self-management, culminating in communication skills, which were seen in their confident and engaging performances. We had some tune-ins from students via Teams, as well. The collapsed day was a lively and inspiring event. Questions from the audience showed that our students acquired critical thinking, and it was heart-warming to see their peer-support for their classmates.

Congratulations to all the presenters, and well done for completing this important step on their journey in the IB education.

Ms Mateja Kores
Community Project Coordinator

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