‘Lik-Fest’ Exhibition – Pionirski Dom

Students from Danila Kumar International School and the national department will be exhibiting their artworks at the ‘Lik-Fest’ festival held at Pionirski Dom.
Our students will be competing among students from some other Ljubljana Primary Schools.
You are all kindly invited to view the exhibition, from Friday, 18 March 2022 until Thursday, 31 March 2022. (View Invitation)

Congratulation to the selected students!
Logan Yildirim 2m
Lachezar Georgiev 4m
Raya Mincheva 4m
Alexandra Kurakina 7m
Sofia Chernaia 7m
Polina Abramenkova 8i
Ekaterina Kostelyeva 8m

International Women’s Day

​Connected to their new unit, Women in Literature, 8I and 8M students had a lesson on Tuesday International Women’s Day. They discussed different topics connected to gender equality, for example, “Do men and women have equal rights in your country?” or “What stereotypes exist regarding women?”. Furthermore, they learned some new vocabulary, such as the meanings of words like suffrage, feminist, glass ceiling, etc. Finally, they rounded up the lesson by doing various activities, to sum up, the day. The lesson stimulated discussion and was very interesting.
Ms Tina Frelih and Ms Anja Dežman


PYP 1-3 Cultural Day

Students from PYP 1 – 3 visited the Slovenian Bienalle of illustration in Cankarjev Dom. The students enjoyed the guided tour of the exhibition and learned about different types of illustrations and their authors. They also created their own illustration on a postcard from the exhibition and then they sent it to their family and friends!
Ms Anja Podreka

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