MYP Science Day – Bee Day

The MYP students will be visited by the leaders of ‘the Forest institute of Slovenia’, to discuss the problems with the Eco system in Slovenia.

This day will be devoted to spreading awareness about fires in the wilderness, especially the fire which happened in Kras in 2022. The main topic will be empowering citizens to help nature recover from the impact of climate change.

The students will create ‘seed balls’, made from the natural materials from Kras. These balls will be planted by the Institute in Autumn in the most affected areas of Kras.

The day will start at 08:20, then, after a debate, the students will have snack in school, a workshop and a reflection lesson.  

The students will also have lunch in school and complete the day at 13:00.

Anja Podreka and Katarina Čepič