MYP Sports Day at BIT Centre & Squashland                                 

Our next MYP sports day will be held on Monday, May 15. MYP 1 and 2 will go to the BIT centre and will try badminton, climbing, floorball, and dance. MYP 3 will go to Squashland, where they will be able to play squash, a different variety of volleyball, and experience fitness training.

We meet on Monday, May 15 at 08:00 in front of our school (be punctual). The bus leaves at 08:20. You will get the school snack in the morning. We will come back at around 12:30. Lunch will take place as usual.

You will need to have a T-shirt, shorts, water bottle and indoor SPORTS SHOES!

Kind regards,

Ms Jasna and Mr Mitja


1M Science Day – Plants

On Monday, 15 May, the 1M students will have an in-school Science Day. The students will focus on their current Unit – plants, parts of plants and their contribution to life on Earth. The pupils will also spend some time on our patch of garden and help take care of it. We will meet in the classroom at 08:20 and finish by 12:05. Snack, lunch and afternoon programme will be organised in school as usual. The students should wear clothes and footwear appropriate for the weather and occasion.