Thrift Shop & Clothes Collection

For this year’s community project, our pair is researching Fast fashion and we were thinking of having a thrift or swap shop where we will sell second-hand clothes.

To fulfill our action, we would kindly ask you to bring clothes that are not used anymore by you or your children to school and give them to us during breaks or to our mentor Ms Katarina Čepič. If some of the clothes you don’t need anymore are ripped, you can still bring them since we can use them to make new clothes.

We will be collecting clothes until the 18th of November.

Catarina and Kata 8.I


Dear DKIS community, 

You are kindly invited to this year’s Curriculum Night on Thursday, 17 November 2022, which will finally take place in person after a few years of online events. Our students have been working hard to prepare short presentations about the most important elements of our IB programme.  

  • PYP

The presentations will take place in building 2, starting at 16:00 and lasting until 16:45. The students (with some teacher assistance) will prepare information about our engaging, relevant, challenging and significant curriculum. Which is achieved through inquiry-based learning and the development of the 5 essential elements of the PYP: knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action.

  • MYP

The presentations will take place in building 3, starting at 16:45 and lasting until 17:30. The students will prepare stands with 12 different topics, covering everything from ATL skills, assessment, differentiation, learner profile attributes, inquiry cycle, etc.

You will be able to walk freely from one classroom to the other and visit all the stands in no particular order. You are kindly invited to attend as many stands as possible, especially the ones connected to the topics which you might not know much about.

We encourage you to ask the students all the questions you might have, and our teachers will be able to answer potentially more complex questions. 

We are looking forward to your visit and we hope you will learn some interesting facts about our programme. 

Best regards, 

PYP & MYP team

Meeting about Winter Field Trip – Kranjska Gora 2022 – MYP 1 (6M)

Dear Parents of 6M!

I would like to invite parents of 6M to a meeting that will be held on 17. 11. 2022 at 17.30 in classroom 358, where we will give you some more details about our Winter Field Trip in December.

There you will be able to ask questions regarding the trip.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind regards,

Mitja Uršič