8I & 8M – Preparing for the ‘Valeta’

8I and 8M students will have a special day on Friday, 10 June, which will be devoted to preparing for the ‘Valeta’. Therefore, the students will have the first two lessons of Art to create decorations, then after snack two lessons of Music, to practice their songs and finally, the PE lesson where they will practice their dancing skills for the final dance show at the ‘Valeta’. Students will have lunch at 1.00 pm at school.
Coordinators: Anja Podreka and Špela Pučko

3M – Cultural Day – CHILDREN’S RIGHTS

The Cultural Day will be held at school in our classroom on Friday, 10 June 2022, from 8.20 am to 12.05 pm. Students will apply their knowledge and understanding of children’s rights worldwide, practice open-mindedness and comprehend different perspectives; we will provide all the necessary materials, and afternoon care will be organised as usual.