Kindergarten Science Day – Visit to the Zoo

On Wednesday, September 23rd the K1 and K2 group are going to Ljubljana Zoo. They will have breakfast at 08:00 and depart from school at 08:40. They will return to school around 13:30 when they will have lunch.

We will travel by city bus, so each child should bring a face mask. Teachers will make sure they are put on in a proper and safe manner.

The children should bring a small backpack with a bottle of water, snack will be provided at school. Please make sure children are wearing comfortable shoes and clothes and they are dressed according to the weather conditions.

School photographs – 2020

All our grades will be photographed on from Wednesday, 23rd September to Friday, 25th September. The expenses for the grade photos are covered by the tuition fee. If you do not want your child to be photographed for the group photos, you should inform the office.
There will also be the possibility to order individual photo for an extra fee. All parents will be offered this service by the photographer.

Generation photo – international department grade 8 and national department grade 9 – will be taken on Thursday, 24th September, during the main brake

Generation photo – grade 1 – will be taken on Friday, 25th September, during the main break.

Photograph schedule:
a student will come to collect your class as close to your schedule as possible.
Wednesday, September 23/9/20

Lesson 2 – 3. m
Lesson 3 – KG
Lesson 4 – 6. m
Lesson 6 – 8. m