SATURDAY, 28TH October

The marathon will be on Saturday 28th October 2017. The start will be at 12.50 (1. – 5. Grade) and at 13.45 (6. – 9. Grade).

Start – on Slovenska cesta ………………………………….. Finish – at Kongresni trg

 The race distances will be: 1800m for grades 6 to 8, 1350m for grades 3 to 5 and 600m for grades 1 and 2. For info, check:  www.ljubljanskimaraton.si

Students grades 1 to 5 will meet at 12:15, students grades 6 to 8 will meet at 13:15 in front of the entrance of Maximarket where you will get your race numbers and a chip. At the end we meet at the same place to gather chips which we have to return to the officials. Students run alone and parents are responsible for students at all times. The teachers at the meeting point will be Kaja Dereani and Luka Sterle.

STUDENTS NAME:_____________________                         CLASS:_________    PARENTS SIGNITURE:____________

Return by Monday 9th October to your teacher or send it by email to: inter.osljdk@guest.arnes.si