MYP 3 – TED Talk Event at DKIS

On Wednesday, 19 January, we will host the finale of the Community Project, which will culminate in students’ presentations in the school auditorium. MYP 3 students will showcase the fruit of their hard labour of the past months and present their projects which range in topics, from the environment to mental health, to teenage issues.
We are going to make sure that parents can participate; if not in person, we will organise online viewing. The format is yet to be determined based on the guidelines from the Ministry and the National Health Institute that will be in place at that time.
We will inform you as soon as possible.
Students will have snack in their classrooms, and lunch will be provided at 1.00 pm.
Ms Mateja Kores
Community Project Coordinator


On Wednesday, 19 January, grade 5 students will have a cultural day. The day will consist of workshops organised in school connected to their current Unit of Inquiry. We will start at 8.20 am and finish all the activities by 12.05 pm and the afternoon program will be scheduled as usual.
Ms Tina Fürst

MYP – Winter Sports Day at Jezersko

On Monday, 24 January, the MYP will have a Sports Day at Park Jezersko. Students will have to come to school at 7.30 am -because of Covid-19 self-testing and to collect the snack. We will leave at 8.10 am by bus from the nearby bus station, and we will arrive at Park Jezersko at around 9.30 am. There will be 3 interchangeable activities (sledding, cross-country skiing and ice skating). Each activity lasts approximately 45 mins. We will leave at 12.30 pm, and arrive at about 1.50 pm. Lunch is scheduled as usual.
Students should bring with them:
– warm, insulated and waterproof sports shoes with rubber soles
– warm and, if possible waterproof sports clothes
– a winter cap
– skiing gloves
– a small hiking bag with an extra undershirt
– a water bottle
Other specific sports equipment will be provided at the park.
We will cancel Sports Day if the weather is terrible.
Mitja Uršič and Jasna Lavrenčič