Kindergarten Cooking Day

On Wednesday, 12 January, the Kindergarten children were preparing zucchini soup in the kitchen classroom. First, they chopped the vegetables and then put them in a pot to boil. Next, they set the table and enjoyed its taste when the soup was ready. Nearly everybody had two bowls of the delicious soup. Finally, the children washed up the dishes and later created beautiful pictures.

Puzzle Endurance

At the beginning of December, 4m and 5m received an early present from the parents. A Christmas puzzle, but it was no ordinary puzzle. There were two puzzles in one box, each puzzle was 1000 pieces, and to make the situation even more complicated, only one puzzle came with a picture, and the other without!
Somehow these two puzzles got mixed up! It was a real brain teaser. So we were left with a pile of 2000 pieces and only one picture! There were no other clues and no other help, just endurance!
Nevertheless, we got stuck into it, and finally, on Thursday, 23 December at precisely 3.43 pm, we placed the last piece down!
It was a month-long adventure filled with fun, joy, desperation, hesitation, care, responsibility and everything else that makes quality time in the afternoon program!
Happy holidays from AP4 and AP5!

School Parliament

At the last school parliament meeting, the class representatives designed their ideal school. They used Lego bricks to demonstrate what they wished the school to look like. Some focused on specialised classrooms, others more on the school’s greenery, but all without fail included a swimming pool!
Ms Tatjana, Ms Mateja Kores & Ms Tamara Cunk

Autumn Cooking

During the last cooking sessions, our cooking team prepared a seasonal traditional as well a modern vegetarian dish; Apple fritters drizzled with honey and veggie lentil burgers made with vegetables from our school garden. We also managed to bake burger buns and they smelt delicious. Everybody enjoyed the dishes immensely.

PYP – Sports Day

On Friday, 29 September, our PYP and KG students had a sports day. They participated in various activities such as rollerblading, skikeing and roller skateing. They had lots of fun.

A documentary featuring Covid-19 patients by Mitja Okorna

Dear DKIS community,
The Covid-19 epidemic has deeply touched the daily life of individuals and society and has directly affected us for the last year and a half.
With the desire to raise awareness about the disease, the world-renowned Slovenian director Mitja Okorn has produced a documentary film. He shows the characteristics of this viral disease through conversations with patients, their loved ones and medical staff.
You are kindly invited to view the trailer (click here).