MYP – Sports Day – Sv. Jošt

On Thursday, 23 September, MYP students hiked their way up to ‘Sveti Jošt above Kranj’, and we were fortunate enough to have ideal weather. We had a beautiful day and returned to school happy and slightly tired.

A documentary featuring Covid-19 patients by Mitja Okorna

Dear DKIS community,
The Covid-19 epidemic has deeply touched the daily life of individuals and society and has directly affected us for the last year and a half.
With the desire to raise awareness about the disease, the world-renowned Slovenian director Mitja Okorn has produced a documentary film. He shows the characteristics of this viral disease through conversations with patients, their loved ones and medical staff.
You are kindly invited to view the trailer (click here).

PYP Cultural Day – Internationalism

On Friday, 17 September, the PYP students had a cultural day. The topic was ‘Internationalism’. Students were involved in various activities connected to different cultures and customs, food, games, clothes, music and literature. They especially enjoyed sharing the artefacts and other materials associated with their countries.

FREE – Russian Language Course

In gratitude for many years of support and cooperation, the ‘Zavod Vesela dRuščina’ Institute will be offering free Russian lessons to Danila Kumar Primary School students. Children from 5 to 7 years can attend the course held on Wednesdays from 5 to 6 pm.
The course is designed so that the child feels relaxed, and learning will seem effortless. They will learn Russian in a very natural manner, just like their mother tongue. Priority is given to communication without too much emphasis on grammar.
The introductory course consists of 15 lessons of 60 minutes each (20 school hours) and starts on 22 September at 5 pm.
For enrollments, please call 041 767 201 or write to
I look forward to meeting you.
Julija Mesarič

Reading Under The Treetops

As part of the project Library under the treetops, MYP students spent an English lesson reading outside in our school’s playground in September. They found the activity relaxing, calming and healthy since they could spend some time outdoors in the warm sun. Their reflections on ATL skills and Learning profiles are posted in the school hallway. We encourage the students as well as their parents to continue reading outside whenever they get a chance!

Tina Frelih