MYP – Week of European Cultural Heritage

MYP students celebrated a Week of European Cultural Heritage in the frame of a Collapsed day. Students discussed Slovenian meals, under the general title of: ‘Dober tek’ – ‘Enjoy your meal’.
In addition, Danila Kumar, Elementary school is celebrating its 60th anniversary.
Parents and other visitors are invited to view our outdoor exhibition at the ENTRANCE of our school created by 8m students.
Other classes created classical motif paintings of still life in different styles of Modern Art.

4M – Herbariums of Leaves

On Monday, 20 September, 4M had a Science Day – Herbarium of leaves. First, students worked on research skills and tried using the identification Tree key. Then, based on their leaves, they found the names of the trees to which the leaves belong. For each leaf, they wrote the name of the leaf’s tree, location, date, and type. They also designed a table of contents and front page and developed their organization skills. All groups proved that they have good social skills and that they know how to divide work equally. Their results can be seen here.

PYP – Sports Day

On Friday, 29 September, our PYP and KG students had a sports day. They participated in various activities such as rollerblading, skikeing and roller skateing. They had lots of fun.

3M – Library Under the Trees

In the first couple of weeks of September, PYP 2, 3 and 4 students participated in the “Library Under the Trees” programme. They dedicated at least one lesson to individual or class reading in the playground.
They all had a lot of fun.