MYP Art Workshop

Students of MYP had an art workshop, in preparation for Pionirski Dom’s competition. LIKFest is held every year amongst all the primary schools of Ljubljana. This year, the art motive was: a landscape. Our students had to create a three-dimensional imaginary landscape. Here are the artworks, which are well done and will be entered into the competition!
All students were working well, and it was an active artistic day online.

Online Sports Activities

During online lessons, students participated in various activities connected to health and movement. The activities were dancing, skiing, exercising for cardio endurance, strength, flexibility, rhythm and hand and leg coordination skills. Students were very active and engaged.
Denis Dvjak

MYP Dance Sports Day

On December 21, we had a dance-sports day for MYP. Dance trainers from The Artifex dance studio prepared lots of fun and interesting activities for the students. It was divided into two main parts. We started with a complete body warm-up, followed by a lesson dedicated to feeling the rhythm. In the second part, students practised dance routines, which they presented at the end of the sports day. There were five routines – one for each grade, a slightly easier one and another for experienced dancers. We gave our performances at the end of the sports day where the students presented some really great dancing skills.

K1 & K2 Christmas Party

We organized a very nice online Christmas Party for the kindergarten students and their families on Tuesday morning, December 22nd. There were a lot of funny games going on and singing Christmas songs. Everybody enjoyed it very much!