Last Saturday, February 18th, some of our students attended the Dragon Carnival (Zmajev karneval) in Ljubljana city centre. They presented our school adorning the group mask of Snow White and the dwarfs.

Congratulations to all of the students for their attendance and a lovely performance at the Carnival! 

Živa Skornšek

Talent Show

As part of his Service as Action project, one of our students, Andras from 7M, successfully organised a talent show. Students from both departments were able to apply and join the auditions. The final event took place on 25 January, where a number of students showed off their talents, which included singing, playing instruments, karate, breakdancing and drama. The audience was thrilled and supportive and everyone involved had a lot of fun. Congratulations to all the winners and participants and kudos to the organiser and his mentor for preparing such an enjoyable event.
Tina Frelih

Visit to the Home for the Elderly

The 6M students took a visit to the Home for the Elderly in Bežigrad once more. The students again showed that they were excellent communicators, coming prepared with various board games, explaining the instructions and competing in the games with the residents. Both the students and the residents had fun and enjoyed each other’s company. 

Tina Frelih 


Dear DKIS community,

Additional information from the Turkish Embassy:
“Please be advised that our Embassy managed to collect enough clothes, footwear and food.”

 Currently due to logistical reasons we are only able to accept the following priority materials:

-sleeping bags,
-tent mats
-Portable gas heaters
-power bank.

 We kindly ask that you please inform donators to make donations consisting only of these priority aid materials.

Thank you very much and
Kind regards,

Klemen Strmljan