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Prešernov dan Celebration 🗓

The 8th of February marks the Slovenian national holiday Prešernov dan (Prešeren Day). We celebrate Slovenia’s most notable poet, who is also the author of the Slovenian National Anthem.

France Prešeren is now renowned as the greatest Slovenian poet of all time, but this was not always  the case. During his lifetime he wasn’t well known at all, although after his death he became famous and a real national hero, which is not an isolated case. We have seen this many times in the history of humankind.

His thinking was way ahead of its time, so he often struggled with narrow-minded society. France Prešeren was a lawyer and poet who preferred to work independently, in the spirit of freedom. He worked in the 19th century, the time of Romanticism,  an era for expressing emotion, the glorification of beauty, imagination and abstract thinking, a movement wholly opposed to Realism.

On Friday, 9th February, we will come back to school and enjoy a short celebratory performance in honour of Prešeren Day. The students will be invited to watch one of the three presentations in the School Auditorium during lessons 1 to 3. 

Let it be a day for the celebration of culture, language and poetry!

The Prešernov dan committee.

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