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International Basketball Tournament

In a recent regional basketball tournament, the students from Danila Kumar International school, alongside those from Carinthia International School, Udine International School, and LIS, demonstrated impressive skills and teamwork.

The boys’ basketball team from DKIS showcased resilience and sportsmanship, securing an impressive second-place finish among tough competition. At he other end of the court, the girls’ team dominated the tournament, securing first place with outstanding teamwork and individual brilliance.

Adding an exciting cultural element to the competition, the international mix of teams from different schools fostered companionship among students with diverse backgrounds.

Beyond victories, the tournament celebrated the spirit of sportsmanship and unity among schools, creating a memorable and spirited competition that showcased the positive energy and cheers from students, coaches, and supporters.

Congratulations to all teams for their success and contributions to an exciting basketball tournament!

Denis Divjak

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