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The Halloween Party

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Greetings, my fellow mischief-makers and party enthusiasts,

I trust you’re all still recovering from the mind-boggling spectacle that was yesterday’s Halloween extravaganza at DKIS, orchestrated by our extraordinary PTA. What a day of chaos, laughter, and spine-tingling surprises it was!

As your very own Joker, I must express my gratitude to the PTA for the relentless effort, dedication, and masterful planning that went into crafting such a fiendishly fun and unforgettable event. Your commitment to creating an atmosphere of mayhem and joy is nothing short of commendable.

But let’s not forget the parents and teachers who joined in the carnival of craziness. Your enthusiasm and participation took our Halloween party to new heights.

The students had a positively insane time, and it’s clear that, once again, we’ve demonstrated the astonishing power of our community when we come together for a cause. Your support is the Joker up our sleeves, and with it, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

So, to the PTA, parents, and teachers, I say, “You’re all a bunch of jokers!” But the best kind, the ones who make life in Gotham DKIS truly extraordinary.

Your Joker for the day,
Klemen Strmljan

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