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PYP Sports Day – St Ana & St Primož Hikes

On a cloudy Monday, 9th of October, our fearless Students form grades 1M, 2M, 3M and 4M went hiking on St. Primož, near Kamnik, and St. Ana, on which you can ascend from Podpeč lake. There was a cheerful mood during the ascent and although the way was, at times, quite steep all of our pupils made it to the top. On the top we had snack. Some played around spontaneously, while others just enjoyed the nice view. Some of the Students were really true inquirers and found many Knafelc blazes on the trees which helped us to find our way up and down the hill. We were greeted on the way by some goats and cows. It was really fun to test our stamina and endurance, and I believe all of us are looking forward to refilling our batteries again in nature soon. 

Mitja Uršič

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