The final day arrived tinged with sadness, as the pupils were aware they had to say goodby to Kavka, for which there will be fond experiences etched in their memories. On the descent down into the Soča valley, Kobarid was the next stop on the way back to Ljubljana. Our guide Ms Mojca first took us to visit a statue of Simon Gregorič which dominates the town square, a priest and poet known for his lyrical poetry, in particular his ode Soči dedicated to the river Soča, who hails from the area. Ensuing then, a walk up to The Italian Charnel House, an Italian military shrine which contains the remains of over 7,000 Italian soldiers who lost their lives in the battles of the Isonzo, with, at the summit, a church dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua. After the sightseeing a farewell ice cream was sought before the scenic journey home, and a return to some delighted parents.

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