A cloudy horizon greeted 5M today as they prepared for a full morning’s work on the PYP Exhibition with a quick warm up and some games on the playground. The pupils worked hard and made progress on their lines of inquiry, making the most of their classroom time. After lunch, the sun paid a visit as the students embarked on a stroll through the forest. The way was lined with many trees, plants and flowers, of which our guide, Ms Monika, shared some of their qualities. One in particular was the Spotted Dead-Nettle, without a sting, and having little flowers containing nectar, which the pupils lapped up. The stroll culminated in reaching a clearing in the woodland offering spectacular views of the Soča valley, which as one student, referring to the book by J.R. R. Tolkien, commented, “It looks like Hobbit land!” With a brief afternoon session of the PYP Exhibition, and some games in the evening, the day concluded quite contentedly.