PYP Library Under the Treetops 

As part of the National Month of Shared Reading campaign, students of the PYP spent a lesson outside reading under the treetops. Reading in the fresh air has a positive effect on the development and formation of a healthy lifestyle and skills, quality leisure time, the formation of a creative personality and a positive attitude towards reading and the students enjoyed it a lot. Afterwards, they reflected on their learner profiles and discovered they were balanced, inquirers, thinkers, caring, communicators, principled, knowledgeable and risk-takers. We encourage both the parents and the students to spend the remaining sunny days enjoying a good book in nature. 

Tina Frelih

European Day of Languages

As part of the Council of Europe’s initiative, the European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year since 2001, on 26 September – together with the European Commission. On Tuesday, 27 September, during their Slovenian lesson, all MYP students enjoyed a joint lesson in honour of the European Day of Languages. The students competed in a quiz in which they had to identify a language. They also translated some school language into the various languages our MYP community speaks. Lastly, they were trying to pronounce some international tongue twisting sentences. 

Language acquisition team

PYP Hiking Sports Day

The PYP had 2 hiking trips: 1 and 2 ascended Rožnik, while 3,4 and 5 visited Rašnica. It was a perfect early autumn day for a hike with cool temperatures, a light breeze, warm sun, and tranquil blue skies.

MYP 3 Community Project Collapsed Day

On Tuesday, 20th September, MYP 3 students had a collapsed day. They were working on the initial stages of their Community Project. They worked well on the proposals, made connections with the chosen community and touched base with all the requirements that need to be met to successfully pass the Project, which is an MYP 3 requirement. 
We are looking forward to the steps that follow and are confident that their work will culminate in excellent presentations in December. 
Ms Mateja Kores
Community Project Coordinator