Kindergarten December Activities

​Last week, Santa brought us an early present; he sent us an enormous package of snow. So naturally, we enjoyed playing with it outside.
This week we had a lot of fun dancing with our student-teacher, Maria. Then, on Wednesday, Santa visited us at school, and he brought presents, we were all very excited. On Thursday, we presented excellent cooking skills when we were making cookies. We ate them all up on Friday at our PYJAMA PARTY. We watched cartoons, drank tea with honey and sang Christmas carols.

3M – Sports Day

On Thursday, 9 December, 3m students had a Sports day connected to their Unit of Inquiry. The students showed their skills in orienteering by playing Maze, Minefield and Hot and Cold games.

Lampions 2021 – Exhibition

The ‘Extra Art’ students participated in the Lampions 2021 exhibition at Congress square, and as a kind gesture, they received an award from the Municipality of Ljubljana for their creation.
Ms Anja Podreka

MYP – Debate Competition – Application

Students who still wish to apply for the Debate competition held on Wednesday, 22 December, can email their applications to Mr Simon Zoretič, Ms Anja Dežman & Ms Tina Frelih. Remember, teams should consist of three members.
Debate motion: Christmas is the world’s greatest annual environmental disaster.