Nina Koželj and I cordially invite you all to join us for the Summer Museum Night – an (inter) event of the LIKfest Art Festival.

“We are all in the same boat.”
in front of the Pionirski Dom building on Vilharjeva cesta 11, Ljubljana
OPENING: Saturday, 19 June, at 9.30 pm [until 5 July]

The past year’s reality has profoundly interrupted the continuous exhibition production of the art festival LIKfest. It also made it impossible to present children’s works on the theme of landscape in the gallery of Pionirski Dom. The natural landscape has therefore been replaced by a virtual one this year. The spatial installation in the garden of Pionirski Dom interrogates contact and touch with the help of a virtual language, more precisely a video documentary, where its primary linear narrative, the artistic element of the line resides and settles through the hologram. The light line is subjective and elusive, but above all, difficult to repeat and manifests itself in the installation as a light record. It forms a hologram in the form of a juxtaposition of the work of several cartoonists. The project’s production took place in school environments and continued as group work, hence the installation title.
PARTICIPANTS: Primary school students of the City of Ljubljana
Nina Kozelj, Boris Beja
Video: Blaz Bergant
Thank you to everyone who will participate and help us with the project!
Ms Anja Podreka